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Sclerostin Serum Concentration in Patients with Predialysis Ckd Stage 3-5 Pura, Lukman; Bandiara, Ria; Gondodiputro, Rubin S
Indonesian Journal of Kidney and Hypertension Vol 1 No 1 (2018): September - December 2018

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Sclerostin is a glycoprotein expressed by osteocytes and plays a role in bone turnover in themetabolism of the bone. Sclerostin blocks the formation of a ligand with its receptor on theWnt/β-catenin pathway, and influences the activity of osteoblasts. Sclerostin also influencesmineral and bone disturbances in CKD via the interaction between kidney, bone and vascularaxis. The concentration of sclerostin will rise especially in patients with ESRD undergoingdialysis. Concentration of sclerostin has not been reported yet in non-dialysis CKD patientstage 3-5 and the aim of this study is to see sclerostin concentration on those population. Methods This is a descriptive and cross-sectional study designed to measure sclerostinconcentration in non dialysis patients with CKD stage 3-5. The sclerostin concentration ismeasured using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kit. CKD stages are diagnosed usingthe KDIGO-2012 criteria which measures the estimated GFR (eGFR) with the formulation of EPICKD. Fifty six patients with CKD stage 3-5 were enrolled in this study and one way ANOVA comparative test followed with a post hoc analysis using Benferroni test to analysethe data. Results The mean concentration level of serum sclerostin in this population is (79.7+ 41.2) pmol/L, and in patients with CKD stage 3, CKD stage 4, and CKD stage 5 are (59.6 +28.5) pmol/L, (71.9 + 42.2) pmol/L and (96.7 + 39.8) pmol/L respectively. The comparativetest of mean concentrations of the serum sclerostin between stages of CKD are statisticallysignificant with a p=0.022. The post hoc analysis of serum sclerostin concentration betweenCKD stage 3 and CKD stage 5 have a significant difference with a mean of 37 pmol/L andp=0.037. Conclusion, The serum sclerostin concentration rise in accordance with the declineof kidney function in patients with pre-dialysis CKD stage 3-5.