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Kongruensi Unsur Idempoten Ortogonal dalam Aljabar Insidensi Finitary Carnia, Ema; Wahyuni, Sri; Irawati, Irawati; Setiadji, Setiadji
Jurnal Natur Indonesia Vol 13, No 2 (2011)
Publisher : Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Universitas Riau

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Let X be a partially ordered set, R is a commutative ring with identity and FININC (X, R) denote finitary incidencealgebra of poset X over R. In this paper it will be seen congruence of two elements that are idempotent orthogonalin FININC (X, R) relative to the modulo Radical Jacobson of algebra. Review of this topic would be useful to examineisomorphism problems of the finitary incidence Algebra.
THE STUDY OF THE CAUSES OF IRREGULARITY OF CRACKERS QUALITY IN THE CRACKERS INDUSTRY IN JEMBER (Case Study in Crackers Industry in Mangli, Kalisat and Arjasa, Jember) Balya, Elok Sayyidah; Moen?im, Achmad Marzuki; Setiadji, Setiadji
UNEJ e-Proceeding International Conference on Agribusiness Marketing (ICAM) 2012, Faculty of Agriculture, University o
Publisher : UPT Penerbitan Universitas Jember

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Crackers is one of food product which is known for centuries in many forms. Thisis caused by the variety of flavors, and its simple processing. Generally, crackers isprocessed traditionally, so it is not surprising that some crackers producers simply processthem. Crackers is a famous and popular snack for Indonesian. The purpose of this researchis to know the most critical steps during the production and distribution process,identifying the factors that affecting product quality, and to know the best physical andchemical characteristic. The data of this research comes from questionnaire data and checklists of three crackers industry In three residents (Mangli, Kalisat, and Arjasa) in Jember.Organolepticness data and the chemical characteristic data come from the product of thoseregencies. The criterion of product flaw widely spread from the smallest to the biggest.They are thickness, crack, the ripeness and the color. The factors that affect the quality areraw materials, weather, employers, the engine, drying process, and cooking process. Basedon the analysis of organolepticness, it shows that based on the flavor of the crackers, themost favorable crackers is produced in Mangli. Based on the color, the most favorablecrackers is produced in Arjasa. Based on the crispness of the crackers, the most favorablecrackers is produced in Mangli. While the chemical analysis shows the highest watercontent of the crackers is produced in Mangli because the high content of fiber, while thehighest crackers ash content is produced in Arjasa.