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PEMBASIINDO (PEMBELAJARAN BAHASA ISYARAT INDONESIA) BESBASIS ANDROID DI SEKOLAH LUAR BIASA NEGERI 02 MAKASSAR Umar, Andi Achmad Zufadly; Satma, Satma; Mukarramah, Rifqatul; Agung, Riski Dewa; Amir, Nur Hikmah; Indra, Dolly; Hayati, Lilis Nur
Jurnal Balireso: Jurnal Pengabdian pada Masyarakat Vol 4, No 2 (2019)
Publisher : Jurnal Balireso: Jurnal Pengabdian pada Masyarakat

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Many inhabitants of Indonesia, including individuals who have physical characteristics, thecharacters are different traits supplied by heredity and the formation of characteristics related tothe physical environment and social environment. Based on these factors, humans are classified asnormal people and those with special needs such as deaf. At Sekolah Luar Biasa Negeri 02Makassar the sign language learning process still considered less effective because of the limitedteaching team. In the PKM-M activities, it aims to introduce the features that provide in AndroidbasedPEMBASIINDO consisting of video tutorials. The benefit of this activity is the teachingteam can carry out an effective learning process and the program can be useful as a learning mediathat can be used by the deaf and the general society. The Implementation method of these activitiescarried out at SLBN starts from observation, design activities, coordination with partner related tothe activities, socialization, and training PEMBASIINDO application. The results of theseactivities are related to increasing knowledge about Indonesian sign language by PEMBASIINDOapplication media, helping teachers to the learning process and students with hearing impairmentto communicating with their friends and the environment related to support the learning process.
PENERAPAN APFIQRO (AKTIVITAS PEMELAJARAN FIQIH DAN IQRO) BERBASIS EDUKASI PADA TPA AL-MUTTAQIN Abdi, Muhammad Alim; Aji, Fery Setyo; A?ayunnisa, Nurul; Ulhaq, Muhammad Dhiya; Hayati, Lilis Nur; Irawati, Irawati; Herman, Herman
Jurnal Balireso: Jurnal Pengabdian pada Masyarakat Vol 4, No 2 (2019)
Publisher : Jurnal Balireso: Jurnal Pengabdian pada Masyarakat

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Al-Quran education is a non-formal educational institution with a type of Islamic religionaimed at providing teaching reading the Al-Quran, understanding the basic knowledge of Islamin early childhood. TPA Al-Muttaqin as a PKM-M activity partner has quite a lot of studentsfrom early childhood. The lack of teaching staff and the methods used in teaching santri weremonotonous by confronting the students one by one to justify their reading, so there were onlya few students when they were studying and more students played due to lack of supervision.The aim of PKM-M is to increase the understanding of santri regarding the learning ofjurisprudence and iqro, to give understanding and knowledge to teachers and parents of santriby conducting counseling and socialization as well as mentoring technological knowledge inlearning. The PKM-M team uses a learning by doing system method with educational-basedteaching media. First, counseling activities for giving material. Second, training activities toteach coaches and instructors in implementing educational media in learning. Third, evaluationmonitoring activities. So the results increase the understanding of santri regarding fiqh and iqrolearning, add insight and knowledge to teachers and santri parents related to the application ofeducational media.
GELANG PENDETEKSI KEBERADAAN ANAK DAN MENGGUNAKAN TOMBOL DARURAT Aji, Fery Setyo; Amrin, Fery Andriawan; Wal Ikram, Muhammad Dzuljalali; Hayati, Lilis Nur
ILKOM Jurnal Ilmiah Vol 11, No 2 (2019)
Publisher : Teknik Informatika Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Univeristas Muslim Indonesia

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In everyday life, humans often encounter problems in decision making, where problems that arise can be large or small, which are very influential in the results of decisions. Now humans are developing systems that can help determine the best alternative in a problem, namely the decision support system (DSS) in the decision support system there are alternatives, criteria and weights used to determine the best solution. The quality of human resources is one of the supporting factors to improve the performance productivity of an agency. So, from that competent human resources can support the level of performance, with performance appraisal, it will be known the achievements of each employee, this can be used by agencies as a consideration in determining the best employees. The purpose of this study is to create a good decision support system that can assist managers in evaluating the performance of an employee in an agency. Judging from the problem of the performance appraisal of an employee at PT. Cahaya iqra Mandiri is the object of research that produces the desired answer, the Admin section is a priority and can be implemented to determine neat administration and have important responsibilities in PT. cahaya iqra Mandiri.
Journal of Information Technology and Its Utilization Vol 2, No 1 (2019)
Publisher : Balai Besar Pengembangan SDM dan Penelitian Komunikasi dan Informatika Makassar

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Scheduling lectures is not something easy, considering many factors that must be considered. The factors that must be considered are the courses that will be held, the space available, the lecturers, the suitability of the credits with the duration of courses, the availability of lecturers' time, and so on. One algorithm in the field of computer science that can be used in lecture scheduling automation is Genetic Algorithms. Genetic Algorithms can provide the best solution from several solutions in handling scheduling problems and the selksi method used is roulette wheel. This study produces a scheduling system that can work automatically or independently which can produce optimal lecture schedules by applying Genetic Algorithms. Based on the results of testing, the resulting system can schedule lectures correctly and consider the time of lecturers. In this study, the roulette wheel selection method was more effective in producing the best individuals than the rank selection method.