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Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Rattan Woven Crafts in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia Nurbudiyani, Iin; Sonedi, Sonedi; Suyati, Endang Sri; Pratama, Mohammad Rizki Fadhil
Anterior Jurnal Vol 18 No 2 (2019): Anterior Jurnal
Publisher : ?Institute for Researches and Community Services Universitas Muhammadiyah Palangkaraya

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This study discusses the development of small and medium micro enterprises (MSMEs) in Central Kalimantan with rattan woven craft industries being used as samples to represent other MSME sectors. The purpose of this study is to describe the improvement in the performance and strategy of the MSME group covering various aspects such as job training, capital support, equipment/technology assistance, and access to information and communication. The findings of this study indicate that the development of MSMEs carried out by regional governments in Central Kalimantan has gone in the right direction, with several factors still making improvements possible. Support in the form of training should be conducted regularly and scheduled with the topic of continuous training and productive participants. Aid in the form of equipment requires periodic evaluations, such as a reward-punishment system for business groups that have received various support to ensure the support provided is on target. Another strategy is to form the centre of the MSME industry in the Capital of the Province, to facilitate the access of tourists who just want to visit looking for typical Central Kalimantan souvenirs. The easiest way to do this now is to implement a movement of love for standard Central Kalimantan handicraft products to be displayed in various offices, offices, and government agencies as well as different infrastructure and public facilities.
Pelaksanaan Pembelajaran Akuntansi Kelas XI A1 Pada SMKN-1 Katingan Hilir Sundari, Siti; Suyati, Endang Sri
Neraca: Jurnal Pendidikan Ekonomi Vol 3 No 1 (2017): Neraca: Jurnal Pendidikan Ekonomi
Publisher : Institute for Research and Community Services Universitas Muhammadiyah Palangkaraya

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This study aims to find out how the implementation of accounting learning, the subject under study is Vocational High School 1 Katingan Hilir. This study uses qualitative methods with descriptive research types, which are the subjects of this study are principals, accounting teachers, and students. Accounting class XI and Class XII are still referring to the KTSP curriculum, some important points obtained are: 1) the teacher prepares lesson plans as direction in the implementation of accounting learning activities, 2) pray before starting the lesson, 3) attend students, 4) identification of learners 'needs, 5) material delivered by using methods in carrying out competency examination assignments in each student's accounting book, 6) evaluating the achievement of students' learning goals consisting of skills in working on problems, neatness and accuracy. Based on the results of research found in the field that the implementation of accounting learning has not been maximal and the applied accounting subjects have not run optimally.
PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Vol 5 No 2 (2020): PengabdianMu: Jurnal Ilmiah Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat
Publisher : ?Institute for Researches and Community Services Universitas Muhammadiyah Palangkaraya

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When you hear the term Street Vendors (PKL), it comes to mind that conditions are slum, dirty, irregular, black, dirty, unhealthy, without tariffs on the price of food or drink menus. Then its existence disturbed the view, seized the sidewalks of the road so that it became the target and object of the order officers because it was selling on the side of the road which was not an area for sale. The police pursued to be disciplined, disappeared briefly appeared again, cat and mouse with trantib officers. Especially in the middle of the city, the protocol road, which is often for officials to pass guests or state guests. Street vendors on one side disturb the eyes, with carts that are worn, dirty, but their existence is needed by the community. They are often referred to as informal sector actors who remain vulnerable to the fluctuation of the dollar. The proof at the time of the company's financial crisis went bankrupt, but street vendors still exist to sell. Even employees who are laid off and laid off become street vendors. In Palangkaraya Street Vendors are almost biased to be found on every street corner, Perda No. 13 of 2009 which regulates the Arrangement, Ordering, and Supervision of Street Vendors seems to have not run optimally. Through this community service, we would like to participate in providing counseling on how beneficial it is to maintain and regulate the street vendors' environment as an effort to improve the economy and public health.