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DESIGN WEB-BASED ELECTRICAL CONTROL SYSTEM USING RASPBERRY PI Indra, Dolly; Tasmil, Tasmil; Herman, Herman; Mansyur, St. Hajrah; Alwi, Erick Irawadi
Journal of Information Technology and Its Utilization Vol 2, No 1 (2019)
Publisher : Balai Besar Pengembangan SDM dan Penelitian Komunikasi dan Informatika Makassar

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The use of current website technology can be applied as a control and monitoring system, which is used to control electrical devices, so that the user can only control the PC or smartphone that has been connected to Wi-Fi or the Internet. In this case the control uses the Raspberry Pi Mini PC which has several advantages such as low power and is relatively easy when connected with a web server compared to a microcontroller. By utilizing the Raspberry Pi Mini PC as a web server, it can replace PC functions in general. The results in this study are the Electric Control System that has been made capable of controlling 4 AC voltage electronics as well as 4 relays with each relay capable of bearing a maximum load of 2200 watts using a power supply on the Raspberry Pi which has a minimum of 0.7 amperes and Control of electrical load can be done within a distance of 0 meters - 15 meters from the wireless router