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VAKSIN POLIVALEN UNTUK MENCEGAH PENYAKIT FLU BURUNG (POLIVALEN VACCINE TO PREVENT BIRD FLU DISEASES) Suartha, I Nyoman; Wirata, I Wayan; Putra, I Gusti Ngurah Narendra; Dewi, Ni Made Ritha Krisna; Anthara, I Made Suma; Wibawan, I Wayan Teguh; Mahardika, I Gusti Ngurah Kade
Jurnal Veteriner Vol 13 No 2 (2012)
Publisher : Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Udayana University and Published in collaboration with the Indonesia Veterinarian Association

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This study was carried out to determine the use of bird flu polyvalent vaccines containing two or threeor more virus isolates representating of circulating viruses in the region. Three seed isolates of avianinfluenza H5N1 virus were used in this experiment. The isolates were Chicken/Denpasar/Unud-01/2004,Chicken/Klungkung/Unud-12/2006, and Chicken/Jembrana/Unud-17/2006. The seeds were inactivatedusing 0.01% formaldehide than mixed (AI3G) alumunium hidroxide adjuvant and then injectedintramuscularly to Isa Brown layer chicken at 3 weeks of age and repeated at the age of 5 weeks. The doseof each seed virus was 27 HA units. Sera were collected at one and two weeks after the second vaccination.The result showed that the arithmetic meant titer (AMT) of sera that tested with homologous isolate washigher than the test using a heterologous isolates, in the standard haemaglutination inhibition (HI) assay.The mixed AI3G vaccine produced a uniform AMT against the constituent isolates, while vaccines withindividual isolate yielded a lower and more variation in AMT. Further experiments using a commercialhomologous H5N1 and heterologous H5N2 commercial vaccines has resulted AMT that 1-4 log lower thanAI3G vaccine. It is concluded that polyvalent vaccine with field seed isolates is recommended to be appliedin the poultry farm in Indonesia.
REVALENSI PORCINE CIRCO VIRUS SECARA SEROLOGIS PADA PETERNAKAN BABI DI BALI Suartha, I Nyoman; Anthara, I Made Suma; Wirata, Wayan; Krisna Dewi, Ni Made Ritha; Narendra, I Gusti Ngurah; Mahardika, I Gusti Ngurah
Jurnal Kedokteran Hewan Vol 9, No 1 (2015): J. Ked. Hewan
Publisher : Universitas Syiah Kuala

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Penelitian ini bertujuan mengetahui seroepidemiologi infeksi porcine circo virus (PCV-2) dua pada peternakan babi di Bali. Pada penelitian ini sampel yang dianalisis sebanyak 295 sampel. Sampel berasal dari peternakan babi rakyat sebanyak 98 dan dari peternakan babi intensif sebanyak 197. Sampel berasal dari delapan kabupaten dari sembilan kabupaten yang ada di Bali. Deteksi antibodi dilaksanakan dengan uji enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) dan deteksi virus dilakukan dengan polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa seroprevalensi antibodi anti-PCV-2 adalah 84,1%, dengan sebaran di peternakan rakyat dan peternakan intensif masingmasing sebesar 70,4 dan 91,2%. Semua peternakan babi intensif menunjukkan antibodi positif. Prevalensi virus PCV-2 di seluruh Bali sebesar 1,7% dengan sebaran pada peternakan rakyat peternakan intensif masing-masing sebesar 3,1 dan 1,0%. Dari hasil penelitian disimpulkan bahwa infeksi PCV-2 pada peternakan babi di Bali bersifat endemis.
Buletin Veteriner Udayana Vol. 3 No. 1 Pebruari 2011
Publisher : The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Udayana University

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The body?s fluid is compartmentalized into two major divisions: the intracellular fluid(ICF) and the extracellular fluid (ECF). The ECF which is also called the internalenvironment of the body is in constant motion throughout the body. The ECF contains largeamounts of sodium chloride, and bicarbonate. The ICF contains large amounts potassium andphosphate. Transported of water and nutrient through cell membrane occurs by diffusion,osmosis and sodium-potassium pumps. The homeostasis of body fluid is maintains bykidney.