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Strategi Pemberdayaan Kader Posyandu untuk Meningkatkan Program Gizi di Kecamatan Denpasar Utara Sukrayasa, I Wayan; Martiningsih, IGAG. Eka; Ari Agung, I Gusti Ayu
Jurnal Ilmu Gizi : Journal of Nutrition Science Vol 7, No 2 (2018): Mei 2018
Publisher : Jurusan Gizi, Poltekkes Kemenkes Denpasar dan DPD PERSAGI Bali

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The problem of nutritional status of children in Bali Province in general and especially in Denpasar is still a problem. The presence or absence of child nutrition problems in a region not far from the contribution of the role of Posyandu cadres. The aim of this research is to know the factors related to the empowerment of cadres in the achievement of nutrition status program of children under five years old. Cross sectional analytic research design. Research location in West Denpasar District. The research time is conducted for a month. Samples of head of Posyandu cadres, as many as 83 samples. The research instrument used questionnaires on characteristics, knowledge, training, motivation of posyandu cadres and cadre empowerment strategies. Data analysis using univariate and bivariate analysis of chi square test with 95% confidence level at α = 0.05. Data analysis shows most (63.85%) have enough level of knowledge. Most (90.36%) have already attended nutrition training. The ability of the cadre to motivate most (71.08%) includes enough categories. The result of statistical test showed that there was no correlation between cadres knowledge level (p = 0.853) and training of cadres (p = 0.418) with achievement of nutritional status program of children under five in posyandu, there is relationship of cadre ability motivated with achievement level of nutrition status program at posyandu (p = 0.009). Empowerment strategy of posyandu cadres by applying the strengths while utilizing the opportunities that exist.Keywords: Posyandu cadres, achievement of nutrition program
PIRAMIDA Vol. 4, No. 1 Juli 2008
Publisher : Puslit Kependudukan dan Pengembangan SDM Universitas Udayana

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The prevalance of iron deficiency is still high in Indonesia. Iron is an essentialcomponent of haemoglobin (essential of cell respiration/carrier of O2 and CO2),component several enzymes that play an important role in some metabolic processes.Iron deficiency causes a reduction in amount of enzymes, among others the enzymesakonitase, katalase, monoaminoksidase, mieloperoksidase, ribonukleotidil reduktase,suksinat dehirogenase, tirosin hidrolse, triptofan pirrolase dan xantin oksidase.Overcoming deficiencies in nutrition and controlling prevailing diseases producesstronger, more energetic workers, reduces to number of work days lost because of illness,lengthens the working life span and increases cognitive skills. The flow of earning isthereby increased above what it would have been in the abcence of improved nutritionand health.Many studies indicate measurable correlation between better nutrition, healthand higher productivity and better income, which have important functionalconsequences of public health, social and economic significance.