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PENGAYAAN YODIUM DAN KADAR NACL PADA GARAM KROSOK MENJADI GARAM KONSUMSI STANDAR SNI ENRICHMENT OF IODIUM AND SODIUM CLORIDE IN THE TRADITIONAL SALT BECOME CONSUMTION SALT INS STANDARD Nur, M.; Marhaendrajaya, I.; Sugito, Sugito; Windarti, T.; Arnelli, Arnelli; Hastuti, R.; Haris, A.; Rahmanto, W. H.; Widodo, Didik Setiyo; Ariyanto, F.; Muhlisin, Z.; Suseno, J. E.; Setiawati, E.; Sutanto, H.; Priyono, Priyono; Izzati, M.; Hariyati, R.; Tana, S.; Raharjo, B.; Ispriyanti, D.; Farikhin, Farikhin; Rusgiyono, A.; Suhartono, Suhartono
JURNAL SAINS DAN MATEMATIKA Volume 21 Issue 1 Year 2013

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This research has been carried out in the quality improvement of traditional salt (krosok salt) into salt consumption for the Indonesian National Standard. This report is devoted to the elevated levels of NaCl and KIO3. Increased levels of NaCl and Iodine (represented by KIO3) is done by washing the salt with the traditional clothes washer with two rounds and by using water with saline solution at 22-24 Be (known as the old water). Traditional salt taken from three districts, such as Pati District, Jepara District, and Rembang District. We found that the concentration of NaCl in the treatment salt maximum is  96 % and Iodium or present of KIO3 is 40 ppm.   Key words: Salt,  traditional, INS, Consumtion, NaCl, KIO3
Optimalisasi sistem pendingin berbasis termoelektrik berpendingin air Girawan, B.A.; Ariyanto, F.
Dinamika Teknik Mesin: Jurnal Keilmuan dan Terapan Teknik Mesin Vol 9, No 1 (2019): Dinamika Teknik Mesin, 10 Articles
Publisher : Universitas Mataram

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The use of refrigerator and air conditioner in human life causes increase in use of hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon each year. Hydrocarbon and fluorocarbon are hazardous subtances that can make a hole in ozone that cause increase in receive of ultraviolet on earth, that will give negative impact on human health. Thermoelectric refrigeration as a solid state heat pump is a safe solution to subtitute the used of hidrocarbons and fluorocarbons based refrigerator and air conditioner. The experiment is conducted to test a thermoelectric based refrigeration system which uses water as a working fluid. The result shows that refrigeration system will be optimum at 6V and 2.24A of electricity consumption, and 0.5 and 1 litre/minute of water flowrate. While Coefficient of Performance (COP) of the system is 0.86.