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Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Vol 12, No 11: November 2014
Publisher : Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science

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The Mathematical model that was developed is a SIR model human-mosquito-mosquito eggs, the rate of displacement of latent mosquitoes become infected mosquito was assumed constant and non-infected eggs were produced by infected mosquitoes and susceptible mosquitoes, while infected eggs were produced by infected mosquitoes. In addition, the temperature factor used in producing susceptible mosquitoes and infected mosquitoes from eggs. The analysis shows two equilibrium state, disease-free equilibrium and endemic equilibrium. The simulation was conducted to show dynamic population where Ro<1 and Ro>1. The result shows the disease-free equilibrium which is stable when Ro<1 and the endemic equilibrium which is stable when Ro>1. This also shows mosquito mortality rate towards the desease in population. If mosquito mortality rate is increased, the basic reproduction number is decreasing, so it can prevent spread in population.
METHOMIKA: Jurnal Manajemen Informatika & Komputerisasi Akuntansi Vol 2 No 2 (2018): METHOMIKA: Jurnal Manajemen Informatika dan Komputerisasi Akuntansi
Publisher : Universitas Methodist Indonesia

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Sistem informasi adalah suatu sistem yang dibuat oleh menusia terdiri dari komponen-komponen dalam organisasi untuk mencapai suatu tujuan yaitu menyajikan informasi. Pada penelitian ini saya membuat suatu Sistem Informasi Penjadwalan Laboratorium Berbasis Web agar tertata dengan baik sistem pengelolaan informasi penjadwalan penggunaan Laboratorium. Web adalah halaman yang ditampilkan diinternet yang memuat informasi tertentu (khusus). Bahasa pemograman PHP merupakan bahasa pemograman untuk membuat web yang bersifat server-side scripting. MySQL adalah sebuah program databases server yang mempu menerima dan mengirimkan datanya dengan sangat cepat, multi user serta menggunakan perintah standar SQL (Structured Query language).
Histogram Equalization Software to Enhance Digital Image by Visual Studio 2010 Asmaidi, Asmaidi; Junanda, S. Fahmi; Dewi, Teti Novia
Jurnal Inotera Vol 3 No 2 (2018): July-December 2018
Publisher : LPPM Politeknik Aceh Selatan

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Digital image (image) is another term for picture, as one of the multimedia components plays a very important role as a form of visual information. Image processing is a process that involves a lot of visual perception. A grayscale image is an image that has only one channel value in each pixel, in other words the values ​​of Red, Green, Blue are used to indicate the intensity level. Pixel (Picture Elements) is the value of each matrix entry in the bitmap. This pixel is affected by the number of colors that can be displayed. Image improvement is one of the simplest and most attractive methods in digital image processing. Basically, the idea behind image improvement techniques is to bring out obscured details or just to highlight certain interesting features. Histogram Equalization/Histogram leveling is a histogram smoothing process, where the distribution of gray level values ​​of an image is made evenly.
SinkrOn Vol 3 No 2 (2019): SinkrOn Volume 3 Number 2, April 2019
Publisher : Politeknik Ganesha Medan

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Edge detection is the first step to cover information in the image. The edges characterize the boundaries of objects and therefore edges are useful for the process of segmentation and identification in the image. The purpose of edge detection is to increase the appearance of the boundary line of the object in the image. The sobel method is a method that uses two kernels measuring 3x3 pixels for gradient calculations so that the estimate gradient is right in the middle of the window. Digital image processing aims to manipulate image data and analyze an image with the help of a computer. Matlab is made to facilitate the use of two collections of subroutines in the fortran library, linpack and eispack, in handling matrix computing, and develops into an interactive system as a programming language. Experimental results from the input image research, namely the flower image have different MSE values because each input image has a different pixel value
Effectiveness of the Application of Cooperative Learning Models Type Group Investigation on Discrete Mathematics Courses at Informatics Engineering Study Program of Polytechnic of South Aceh Asmaidi, Asmaidi; Lovita, Oktalia Triananda; Azmi, Khairuman
Jurnal Inotera Vol 4 No 1 (2019): January-June 2019
Publisher : LPPM Politeknik Aceh Selatan

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The results of student learning in the Informatics Engineering Program in the Discrete Mathematics course showed unsatisfactory results. there were 40 students who took part in the lecture. Students who get D and E scores are 18 people. the value of students who do not pass reaches 45%. In addition, student activities during the course of learning are very passive. Students only receive material delivered by lecturers and are not actively involved in learning. The problem formulation in this study is how the learning outcomes and learning activities of students are taught using the cooperative learning model type Group Investigation and conventional learning models in Discrete Mathematics courses in the Informatics Engineering Study Program in South Aceh Polytechnic?. The purpose of this study was to find out the learning outcomes and student activities while learning using the Group Investigation model. This type of research is a pure experiment with random design, pre-test, post-test. Research procedures go through several stages, namely initial observation, preparation, implementation, evaluation, and final results. The research subjects were Informatics Engineering students of South Aceh Polytechnic Semester II consist of two group, namely classes 2A and 2B. The data in this study is the test value on sequence and number series materials; and the observation of student activities during the learning process. Data collection techniques used in this study were test questions and student activity observation sheets. The analysis technique used were t-test statistical data and percentage formula. The results of the final test data analysis in both the experimental class (2A) and the control class (2B) using the t-test of two parties at a significant level α = 0.05 were obtained  and . So the relationship obtained  or . It can be concluded that student learning outcomes with cooperative learning model Group Investigation type are better than learning without using cooperative learning model Group Investigation type (conventional model) in Discrete Mathematics courses especially in  Sequence and Series sub material in Informatics Engineering Study Program South Aceh Polytechnic. The average percentage of student activity during the three meetings was 75.40% and was in the very active category.
WEB-BASED LEARNING MEDIA APPLICATION Ihsan, M. Arinal; Liza, Teuku Rinal; setiawan, Darma; Asmaidi, Asmaidi
Jurnal Mantik Penusa Vol 3, No 2,Des (2019): Manajemen Dan Informatika
Publisher : Pelita Nusantara Medan

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The learning model currently applied at the South Aceh Polytechnic is conventional. Students only listen to the lecturers? presentation and thus they easily get bored, tired and declining learning motivation. This due to the lack of transfer knowledge experienced by students, resulted in students being unable to grasp the material presented by lecturers whilst some students assigned lower achiever. This study aims to develop a web-based learning media application at the South Aceh Polytechnic. Web-based learning media developed with MySQL and PHP programming languages. The research method used is the waterfall research method combined with observation and interviews. The collected data is then analyzed descriptively. The results of this study that delivering lesson through website-based learning media can improve students' performance in a typical courses.
Mathematics Modeling of Diabetes Mellitus Type SEIIT By Considering Treatment And Genetic Factors Asmaidi, Asmaidi; Suryanto, Eka Dodi
Jurnal Inotera Vol 3 No 1 (2018): January-June 2018
Publisher : LPPM Politeknik Aceh Selatan

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SEIIT stands for Susceptible (S), Exposed (E), Infected population untreated (I) and Infected population treated (IT). Infected groups consisted in two categories, untreated (I) and with treatment (IT) by presented to insulin. Susceptible shifted to exposed by gene. Prefered outcomes are mathematical models for diabetes mellitus type SEIIT, conventional type, determining breakpoint and basic reproduction number, breakpoint analysis, breakpoint stability simulation. The results were mathematical models or diabetes mellitus compartment charts/diagrams. These diagram were both analysed analitically and numerically. The analyses presented two fixed points, with desease and without desease. Each point was analysed by its basic reproduction number, analitically and numerically, at fixed points without desease Ro < 1, while the other Ro > 1. Human population at condition Ro < 1 tent to move from susceptibel from the initial standpoint and becomes stabilized at . Proportion of exposed (e) is diminishing from the starting point and stabilized at e = 0. Infected untreated dimished from the initial stage and stabilized at i = 0 . Infected with treatment (iT) was increased from initial point, diminished and stabilized at iT = 0. Human behavior when R0 > 1, susceptible (s) increased at the beginning then fluctuated, stabilized finally at . Exposed (e) lower at first then stabilized at . Untreated infected group (i) lower from initial then stabilized when .00393. Treatment group  initiate an increasing value, then fluctuated and stabilized at .
Mathematical Modeling of SEIR Type to Controlling Diabetes Mellitus Disease Using Insulin Asmaidi, Asmaidi; Suryanto, Eka Dodi
Jurnal Inotera Vol 2 No 2 (2017): July-December 2017
Publisher : LPPM Politeknik Aceh Selatan

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In this research the developed model is SEIR type mathematical modeling using insulin as a form of treatment. SEIR is abbreviation of susceptible (S), exposed (E), infected (I) and recovered (R). Expected goals include to making mathematical models for spread of diabetes mellitus, fixed point determination and basic reproduction number, stability analysis of fixed point, simulation of fixed point stability, simulation of population behavior to know the strategy of controlling diabetes mellitus. Analytical and numerical analysis results were obtained two fixed points, namely the point of no disease (disease-free equilibrium) and the point of disease (endemic equilibrium). Stability analysis of each fixed point indicates that the fixed point there is no stable disease when R0 < 1, whereas the fixed point there is stable disease when R0 > 1. Numerical simulations show that, with reduced Susceptible population contact rate with the exposed population causing  to decrease, so the spread of the disease does not appear in the population. These results indicate that one strategy of controlling the spread of diabetes mellitus can be done by reducing the rate of contact susceptible population with eksposed.