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Pena Jurnal Ilmu Pengetahuan Dan Teknologi Vol 22, No 1 (2012): Pena Maret 2012
Publisher : LPPM Universitas Pekalongan

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Climate change may affect the migration, breeding, behavior, maturity rate, the length of life of the mosquito A. aegypti (Georgina, 1999; in Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia, 2006); and such other mosquito vector populations A. aegypti at any time can change the density, increased fecunditas and high fertility, as well as a short generation time (Regis, et al., 2008). The material research is the mosquito A. aegypti larvae and pupa stage in the homes and surrounding areas. The tools used are termohigrometer used to measure temperature and humidity. Conducted a survey research methods. Based on the stratification of endemicity, the sampling is stratified random sampling. The sample was taken at random as many as 100 homes and set as the point of sampling, analyse the regresi multivariat, at level signifikan 0,05. Based on the description above, it can be concluded that the  most influential environmental factors on the density of  the mosquito A. aegypti larvae and pupae on stage at the Village Bebel is the temperature and humidity (P <0.05), respectively accounted for 44.8%  and  39.9%.  Based  on  the conclusions obtained  by the strategy to  lower levels  of density-stage larvae and pupae of mosquitoes A. aegypti, when an increase in temperature and humidity can be used as a benchmark to begin cleaning the environment.Keyword : Larvae, Pupa, Aedes aegypti, Temperature, Humidity
Hubungan Faktor Pelayanan Kesehatan Kerja dengan Tingkat Kepuasan Karyawan Berdasarkan Persepsi Karyawan Cahyani, Wiwik Dian
Pena Medika Jurnal Kesehatan Vol 1, No 1 (2010): PENA MEDIKA JURNAL KESEHATAN
Publisher : Universitas Pekalongan

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he drinking water factory in Ungaran who have the health services was preserved for employees during the work. The health services consist of the health services activity, health officer competency, equipment and health facility and health insurance. The problem of this research is about health service factors that influence to employees satisfaction. The aim of research are to know about relation between health services, health officer competency, equipment and facility, health insurance with the employees satisfaction on the company. The design of research  with used cross section approach. The technique which had used on taking the sample is random sampling or random with used simple formulae to ensure proportion and degrees of accuration on the level of statistic which significance so that got sample amount 153 persons. The technique to taking data is used questionnaire and obsevation paper. The analysis data is used chi square test with looking the coefficient of contingency and the value of probility to know relation between health service and employees satisfaction level. The results of research shown that the service quality is good and 70.4% of employees satisfied. The capability of health officer is poor that 84,7% of employees are not satisfied, facility and equipment quality is good that 57,9 % satisfied and health insurance quality is good, 68% satisfied. Suggestion to improve the level of employees satisfaction to the health service in the company are the company could increase the current health service for employees more satisfied and making simple process to arrange the health insurance procedures.Keywords : health occupational and employees satisfaction level