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Journal : Computer Engineering and Applications Journal

A Deep Learning Approach to Integrate Medical Big Data for Improving Health Services in Indonesia Tutuko, Bambang; Nurmaini, Siti; Rachmatullah, Muhammad Naufal; Darmawahyuni, Annisa; Firdaus, Firdaus
Computer Engineering and Applications Journal Vol 9 No 1 (2020)
Publisher : Universitas Sriwijaya

Show Abstract | Download Original | Original Source | Check in Google Scholar | Full PDF (426.189 KB) | DOI: 10.18495/comengapp.v9i1.328


Medical Informatics to support health services in Indonesia is proposed in this paper. The focuses of paper to the analysis of Big Data for health care purposes with the aim of improving and developing clinical decision support systems (CDSS) or assessing medical data both for quality assurance and accessibility of health services. Electronic health records (EHR) are very rich in medical data sourced from patient. All the data can be aggregated to produce information, which includes medical history details such as, diagnostic tests, medicines and treatment plans, immunization records, allergies, radiological images, multivariate sensors device, laboratories, and test results. All the information will provide a valuable understanding of disease management system. In Indonesia country, with many rural areas with limited doctor it is an important case to investigate. Data mining about large-scale individuals and populations through EHRs can be combined with mobile networks and social media to inform about health and public policy. To support this research, many researchers have been applied the Deep Learning (DL) approach in data-mining problems related to health informatics. However, in practice, the use of DL is still questionable due to achieve optimal performance, relatively large data and resources are needed, given there are other learning algorithms that are relatively fast but produce close performance with fewer resources and parameterization, and have a better interpretability. In this paper, the advantage of Deep Learning to design medical informatics is described, due to such an approach is needed to make a good CDSS of health services.
Coronary Heart Disease Interpretation Based on Deep Neural Network Darmawahyuni, Annisa; Nurmaini, Siti; Firdaus, Firdaus
Computer Engineering and Applications Journal Vol 8 No 1 (2019)
Publisher : Universitas Sriwijaya

Show Abstract | Download Original | Original Source | Check in Google Scholar | Full PDF (484.945 KB) | DOI: 10.18495/comengapp.v8i1.288


Coronary heart disease (CHD) population increases every year with a significant number of deaths. Moreover, the mortality from coronary heart disease gets the highest prevalence in Indonesia at 1.5 percent. The misdiagnosis of coronary heart disease is a crucial fundamental that is the major factor that caused death. To prevent misdiagnosis of CHD, an intelligent system has been designed. This paper proposed a simulation which can be used to diagnose the coronary heart disease in better performance than the traditional diagnostic methods. Some researches have developed a system using conventional neural network or other machine learning algorithm, but the results are not a good performance. Based on a conventional neural network, deeper neural network (DNN) is proposed to our model in this work. As known as, the neural network is a supervised learning algorithm that good in the classification task. In DNN model, the implementation of binary classification was implemented to diagnose CHD present (representative “1”) or CHD absent (representative “0”). To help performance analysis using the UCI machine learning repository heart disease dataset, ROC Curve and its confusion matrix were implemented in this work. The overall predictive accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity acquired was 96%, 99%, 92%, respectively.
Deep Neural Network Structure to Improve Individual Performance based Author Classification Firdaus, Firdaus; Anshori, Muhammad; Raflesia, Sarifah Putri; Zarkasi, Ahmad; Afrina, Mira; Nurmaini, Siti
Computer Engineering and Applications Journal Vol 8 No 1 (2019)
Publisher : Universitas Sriwijaya

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This paper proposed an improved method for author name disambiguation problem, both homonym and synonym. The data prepared is the distance data of each pair of author’s attributes, Levenshtein distance are used. Using Deep Neural Networks, we found large gains on performance. The result shows that level of accuracy is 99.6% with a low number of hidden layers
Improving Data Integrity of Individual-based Bibliographic Repository Using Clustering Techniques Firdaus, Firdaus; Budiyarti, Oky; Anshori, Muhammad; Afrina, Mira; Nurmaini, Siti
Computer Engineering and Applications Journal Vol 7 No 1 (2018)
Publisher : Universitas Sriwijaya

Show Abstract | Download Original | Original Source | Check in Google Scholar | Full PDF (376.066 KB) | DOI: 10.18495/comengapp.v7i1.223


This paper presents a method to improve data integrity of individual-based bibliographic repository. Integrity improvement is done by comparing individual-based publication raw data with individual-based clustered publication data. Hierarchical Agglomerative Clustering is used to cluster the publication data with similar author names. Clustering is done by two steps of clustering. The first clustering is based on the co-author relationship and the second is by title similarity and year difference. The two-step hierarchical clustering technique for name disambiguation has been applied to Universitas Sriwijaya Publication Data Center with good accuracy.
Co-Authors A. M, Wita Trisnawati Abd. Qohar, Abd. Abd. Wahid Wahab Abdul Kadir Abdul Karim Abdul Kodir Jailani Abdul Razak Abubakar, Achmad Ade Octavia Ade saputra Adelina, Cindi Aeni HM, Nur Aeni HM, Nur Afrian, Noza Afrizon, Hergo Ahmad Muchlis Ahmad Rifai Ahmad Zarkasi Ahmad, Afandi Ahmad, Fauziah Ahmad, Fauziah Ahyar Ahmad Ainul Mardiah Ainunnisa, Ainunnisa Akhyar Akhyar Alfian Noor Alfian Rusdy Ali, Nurhalim Dani Almira Syifa, Almira Amir Hamzah Amnesty, Mulya Fitria Amran Amran Andi Thahir Andini Hardiningrum Anggraini, Rr. Renny Ani Saturrrohmah, Ani Anindia Putri, Riska Anita Desiani Anita Rahayu Anni Faridah Apmayuda, Andrian Aqmal, Amal Ardianto Ardianto Ardiyansyah Ardiyansyah Arifin, Indra Asfar Muniir, Asfar Asgaf, Khaifah Asmawati Asmawati Asrori, Hudi Astari, Lola Astuti, Erni Tri Asyari, Rifa Atul Izza Asyari, Rifa Atul Izza Ayana, Sandy Bakti Azwar, Zainal Bahja, Bahja Bahja, Bahja Bakry Bakry, Bakry Bambang Sujatmoko Bambang Tutuko Bariyah, Naim Buchari, Muhammad Ali Budi Rahmadya Budiyarti, Oky Bustamam Bustamam Bustani, Bustani Dali, Nasriadi Darmansyah Darmansyah Darmawahyuni, Annisa Darussalam Darussalam, Darussalam Dasrol, Dasrol Davit Rahmadan Denas Symond Derisma Derisma, Derisma Dewi, Fatma Dian Anggraini Oktavia Dian Kurnia Anggreta Dian Yayan Sukma, Dian Yayan Dika Sofila Dirgantara, Wahyu Dona Efinda Drs. Helfia MT. Edial Duskiardi Duskiardi Dwi Siswanta Edy Ervianto Efa Ismardianita, Efa Effendi, Sairul Efri Diah Utami, Efri Diah Eka Indarto, Eka Ekardo, Apando Eko s, Randi Wahyu Elfitri, Triana Eli Trisnowati, Eli Era Zulmi Khairani Erdianto Erdianto Erianjoni Erianjoni Erni Haryanti Erwinda Erwinda Ery Safrianti Euis Sunarti Ewaldo, Ivan Ryian Fadilla, Aldy Fadillah, Rahmat Fahrurozi, Fahrurozi Faishal Yasin Fajar Islam, Muhammad Fajri, Bayu Ramadhani Farida Farida Farqi, Muhammad Fatthaya, Fatthaya Fauzan Misra Fauzi Fauzi Febby Asteriani, Febby Febrizal, Febrizal Feranita Feranita Ferawati Ferawati Ferdyan Andhika Pradana, Ferdyan Andhika Fitri, Sri Fitriyanti Jumaetri Sami, Fitriyanti Jumaetri Fitriyanto, Aidil Fri Murdiya, Fri Galib, Muhammad Ganefri Ganefri Gaol, Dedek S Lumban Ginting, Bayudwi Putra Gita Hermi Setyawati H. Soekamto, Nunuk Hadria Octavia Handayani, Endah Harahap, Heri Faisal Hardjono Sastrohamidjojo Hariani Soekamto, Nunuk Harifuddin Harifuddin, Harifuddin Harison, Torang hasan, effendi Hasnah Hasnah Hasnah Natsir Hayatul Ismi Hendra Naldi Hendra Setiawan Hendri Marhadi Hendri, Ulfa Nurhasanah Hersyah, Mohammad Hafiz Hesti Meilina Hidayat, Reski HIDAYATULLAH, ARIEF Huda Ubaya Husni Husni Idral Purnakarya Ifwandi Ifwandi, Ifwandi Ihsan, Akmal Ilahi, Yudhi Fasrah Imma Fretisari Indrasari, Rahmayani Irfan Hamdani, Irfan Irma Yanti Irwani, Nike Ishak Erawadi Barutu, Ishak Erawadi Iskandar Zulkarnain Islam, Muhammad Fajar Ismail Ismail Ismail Kailani, Ismail Ismail Suardi Wekke Ismala, Silvi Iswani, Resti J. Rusman, Hendra Jalifah Latip Johari, Rizky Jumina Jumina Juneidi, Ahmad Kaharuddin Kaharuddin Kamariyah, Nurul Karmin Karmin, Karmin Katrin Roosita Khairani Khairani Khuzaini, Khuzaini Kolo, La Komariah, Sita Kurniati Asri Kurniawan Kurniawan Lestarini, Dinda Lewi Lewi Lifwarda Lifwarda Linna Oktaviana Sari Lintang, Elba Lubis, Citra Rahmawati Lubis, Putri Mirta Fitriyanti Lukman Hakim Lusiana, Herlina Lusiana, Herlina Lysbetti M, Noveri M Aldion Rinaldi, M Aldion M Putra Nurjanah, M Putra M, M. Dahlan M, Noveri L M. Dani M. Muafif, M. Muafif Maihasni Maihasni Maiyendra, Nico Alvio Maming Maming Mardiah, Indah Martadinata, A. Taqwa martati, Eli Martha, Cici Wia Maryati Bachtiar Mawaddah Warahmah Md. Nor Bin Bakar, Md. Nor Bin Medilla Kusriyanto, Medilla Meza Silvana Michael, Donny Miftah Azrin Miftahul, Hendri Minsyah, Nur Imdah Mira Afrina Miraswan, Kanda Januar Mirza, T. Mohd Mohd Yogi Yusuf, Mohd Yogi Muafif, M Mubaraq, Fitratul Muchlis Djirimu Muhamad Al Khausar, Muhamad Al MUHAMMAD ANSHORI, MUHAMMAD Muhammad Arif Muhammad Fathra Fahasta Muhammad Ibrahim Muhammad Isya Muhammad Nur Muhammad Sayuthi MUHAMMAD SHOLEH Mulyani, Pamungkas Stiya Nafis, Muhammad Nafliana, Ela Aprida Nalom Kurniawan Nani Nani Nasir, M Iqbal Nawas, Kamaluddin Abu Nesya, Hamidatul Netti Herawati Nilda Elfemi Nindya, Audesti Nota Effiandi Novesar Jamarun Nugraha, Rendy Dartha Nunuk H. Soekamto Nunuk Hariani Soekamto Nur Ahriman, Nur Nur, Hanis Nurcahyani, ida Nurcahyani, ida Nurhalim Nurhalim, Nurhalim Nurhasanah Nurhasanah Nurhayati Nurhayati Nurmilasari, Nurmilasari Nurus Shalihin, Nurus Oktisari, Dwi Orsalan, Osvari P., Elman Paly, Muh Basir Pascawinata, Andries Paulina Taba Periyadi, Periyadi Prasetya, Dwi Arman Prasetya, Febri Prima, Prima Purnama, Azet Putra, Ario Putra, Ozil Afindra Putri, Adi Tiara Rachmatullah, Muhammad Naufal Rahmat Saleh Rahmawati Rahmawati Rahmi Holinesti Rahmi Widyanti Rahmon Sandika Rahmat, Rahmon Sandika Rahmy, Hafifatul Auliya Rahyul Amri Rakiman Rakiman Ramadhan, Waldito Febri Ramadhani, Anissa Ramadhani, Anissa Ranuharja, Fadhli Ratna Aisuwarya, Ratna Ratna Dewi Retnaningsih Retnaningsih Reza Al Mattin, Reza Al Rhozi, Fahrul Rifqi Muntaqo, Rifqi Rikki Vitria Rimbawan Rimbawan Rinel Fitlayeni Riska Fitriani Rita Hayati Rizal Amin, Muhammad Rodiah, Desty Romli Romli, Romli Rusdarti Rusdarti, Rusdarti Rusman, Hendra J. Sabran, Moh. Sagala, Alberto Syahputra Saifuddin Saifuddin Salmiyah, Salmiyah Salvia Salvia Sandi Firman Nanda, Sandi Firman Sani, Almadora Anwar Sano, Havel Alindo Santy, Wesiana Heris Saprianto, Saprianto Sari, Firda Mustika Sari, Rahayu Eka sari, sally nindi Saribu, Daniel Harjono Dolok Sarifah Putri Raflesia, Sarifah Putri Saripah Ulpah, Saripah Sarjon Defit Sarmayanta Sembiring Seniwati Dali Septianto, Dekri Sibarani, Hendri Agustin Sigit Sutikno, Sigit Silfia Rifka Sitanggang, Miranda Romaully Br. Siti Hafsah Siti Nurmaini Soejono Tjitro Sofiarsih, Lilis Solehan, Muhamad Somakim Somakim Sopiarini, Putri Sopiarini, Putri Sri Anna Marliyati Sri Indra Maiyanti Stevany, Cecilia Suana, Suana Sudardi, Sudardi Sudarmantoro, Niky Suharyon, Suharyon Sukim, Sukim Sukmawati Sukmawati Sulfasyah Sulfasyah, Sulfasyah Sulistioso G. S. Sulkifli Sulkifli Sumarna, Sabir Sumarna, Sabir Sunardi Sunardi Surya Prahara Surya Setiawan, Surya Suryadi Suryadi Susanki Susanki Sutrisno sutrisno Syafniati, Syafniati Syahrilfuddin Syahrilfuddin, Syahrilfuddin Syakban Kurniawan, Syakban Syam, Jumriah Syamsuddin Syamsuddin Syamsurya, Syamsurya Syamsurya, Syamsurya Syarifah Syarifah, Syarifah Tati Erlina Taufik Ahmad Thamrin Thamrin Tjut Chamzurni Tri Suminar Tumpak Dolok Stepan Simarmata, Tumpak Dolok Stepan Tuti Handayani, Tuti Tuti Handayani2, Tuti Tuti Restuastuti Tutri, Rio Ulfia Hasanah Umamah, Farida Upasana Narang, Upasana Usman, Regina Utami, Annisa Desria Wagiyo Wagiyo Wahyu, Arbi Wahyudi Budi Pramono, Wahyudi Budi wahyuni wahyuni Wahyuni, Dinar H S Wahyuni, Ritna Warasto, Hestu Nugroho Warman, Ari Gustia Wilyanto, Wilyanto Wilyanto, Wilyanto Winaldi, Aulia Winner Inra Jefferson Batubara, Winner Inra Jefferson Wullur, Selfi Yandi, Satria Yasin, Haerun Yeni Wulandari Yolanda, Sri Yani Yuanto, Dedy Ary Yul Antonisfia Yuli Yetri Yulindon Yulindon Yulisa, Ike Yunus, A.M Shiddiq Yunus, Yuhanis Yustini Yustini Yusuf Hartono Yusuf Ridho Surya Dharma Nainggolan, Yusuf Ridho Surya Dharma Zabidi, Ahmad Zainal Arifin Zainal, Syech Zohra Hasyim, Zohra Zulfiadi, Zulfiadi Zulharbi Zulharbi Zusmelia Zusmelia Zuyasna Zuyasna