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CLUSTERING OPTIMIZATION IN RFM ANALYSIS BASED ON K-MEANS Gustriansyah, Rendra; Suhandi, Nazori; Antony, Fery
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Vol 18, No 1: April 2020
Publisher : Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science

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RFM stands for Recency, Frequency, and Monetary. RFM is a simple but effective method that can be applied to market segmentation. RFM analysis is used to analyze customer?s behavior which consists of how recently the customers have purchased (recency), how often customer?s purchases (frequency), and how much money customers spend (monetary). In this study, RFM analysis has been used for product segmentation is to be arrayed in terms of recent sales (R), frequent sales (F), and the total money spent (M) using the data mining method. This study has proposed a new procedure for RFM analysis (in product segmentation) using the k-Means method and eight indexes of validity to determine the optimal number of clusters namely Elbow Method, Silhouette Index, Calinski-Harabasz Index, Davies-Bouldin Index, Ratkowski Index, Hubert Index, Ball-Hall Index, and Krzanowski-Lai Index, which can improve the objectivity and similarity of data in product segmentation so that it can improve the accuracy of the stock management process. The evaluation results showed that the optimal number of clusters for the k-Means method applied in the RFM analysis consists of three clusters (segmentation) with a variance value of 0.19113.
PENILAIAN INDEK E-GOVERMENT PADA DINKES KOTA PALEMBANG Antony, Fery; Gustriansyah, Rendra; Putra, Ryan Ramanda
Jurnal Informatika Global Vol 6, No 1

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Ranking of e-Government of Indonesia (PEGI) is a model developed by the Directorate of e-Government, the Directorate General of Telematics Applications, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Ministry KOMINFO) to view a map of the condition of usage of Information Technology dam Communication Technologies (ICT) by government agencies nationwide , In this paper, the authors have assessed the use of ICT in the health office (DHO) of the city of Palembang as a government agency in order to facilitate the flow of information and improve the quality of service to the community by using a model approach PEGI. Palembang city health office has e-government index amounted to 1,426, which means the use of ICT in dinkes indkator Palembang city already exists, but is still lacking in terms of quantity and quality. Recommendations are given to dinkes Palembang to increase the index of e-governement it was the preparation of the Master Plan for Information Technology (RITI), preparation of the scale of the policy priorities of ICT implementation, increasing the number of staff in the section on data and health information with a background in IT, the addition of human resources development program with sending employees on section data and health information for training or education in the field of IT and Disaster Recovery planning.
PEMBANGUNAN M-BEKAM BERBASIS SISTEM PAKAR Gustriansyah, Rendra; Sunardi, Hastha; Suhandi, Nazori
Jurnal Informatika Global Vol 5, No 1

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Cupping is a detoxification therapy or methods of treatment by removing oxidants from the body through certain points on the surface of the epidermis. Currently, in Western countries (Europe and America) conducted scientific research seriously and continuously to reveal the scientific facts, how the magic of cupping to cure various diseases more safely and effectively than the methods of modern medicine. This is the consideration for making an expert system cupping method. This expert system uses backward chaining method to determine the points of cupping treatment which is implemented on a mobile device based on Android, so this application has the potential to be accessed anytime and anywhere by experts bruise or community. The use of expert systems on cupping method is expected to solve the problem of health according to the knowledge base that are known by experts bruise and also in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.
Jurnal Informatika Global Vol 7, No 1: Desember

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Palembang is the capital of South Sumatera province, Which has been well known of the great kingdom of sriwijaya. therefore this places been one of destination people tourism which full of the historical and culture heritage. In generally tourism has definition as a journey in which short stay are made at a number of places, and traveler finally return to his or her own place.A Tourism is supported by some elements such as accommodation, food objects and tourism objects. While many tourism object hard to get to access a lot of information about tourism that make the tourists confused to find because of the lack of information for traveling, therefor to overcome these problems the writer made an application to the tourism city of Palembang-based android that can help determine the existing tourist destinations around the users in town by using Euclidean Distance algorithm.The application is accessed through the support of mobile Google Map and Google API using GPS (Global Positioning System) which was built on the Android platform. In the system of the author will be built using the model Prototype. This method is the one of development of the system where the results of the analysis division applied directly into a model without having to wait for the completion of the entire system is analyzed. As well as the role of distance euclidean algorithm which can be used to calculate the distance between the object and the tourism and compare the results of the calculations of some object, so it can provide recommendations about the objects.Keywords: Algoritm, Android, EuclideanDistance,Tourism
Komparasi Metode Peramalan Jumlah Permintaan Kamar Hotel Gustriansyah, Rendra; Nadia, Wilza; Sofiana, Mitha
Jurnal Informatika Global Vol 9, No 2

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AbstractHotel is  a type of accommodation that uses most or all of the buildings to provide lodging, dining and drinking services, and other services for the public, which are managed commercially so that each hotel will strive to optimize its functions in order to obtain maximum profits. One such effort is to have the ability to forecast the number of requests for hotel rooms in the coming period. Therefore, this study aims to forecast the number of requests for hotel rooms in the future by using five forecasting methods, namely linear regression, single moving average, double moving average, single exponential smoothing, and double exponential smoothing, as well as to compare forecasting results with these five methods so that the best forecasting method is obtained. The data used in this study is data on the number of requests for standard type rooms from January to November in 2018, which were obtained from the Bestskip hotel in Palembang. The results showed that the single exponential smoothing method was the best forecasting method for data patterns as in this study because it produced the smallest MAPE value of 41.2%.Keywords: forecasting, linier regression, moving average, exponential smoothing.AbstrakHotel merupakan jenis akomodasi yang mempergunakan sebagian besar atau seluruh bangunan untuk menyediakan jasa penginapan, makan dan minum serta jasa lainnya bagi umum, yang dikelola secara komersial, sehingga setiap hotel akan berupaya untuk mengoptimalkan fungsinya agar memperoleh keuntungan maksimum. Salah satu upaya tersebut adalah memiliki kemampuan untuk meramalkan jumlah permintaan terhadap kamar hotel pada periode mendatang. Oleh karena itu, penelitian ini bertujuan untuk meramalkan jumlah permintaan terhadap kamar hotel di  masa mendatang dengan menggunakan lima metode peramalan, yaitu regresi linier, single moving average, double moving average, single exponential smoothing, dan double exponential smoothing, serta untuk mengetahui perbandingan hasil peramalan dengan kelima metode tersebut sehingga diperoleh metode peramalan terbaik. Adapun data yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini merupakan data jumlah permintaan kamar tipe standar dari bulan Januari hingga November tahun 2018, yang diperoleh dari hotel Bestskip Palembang. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa metode single exponential smoothing merupakan metode peramalan terbaik untuk pola data seperti pada penelitian ini karena menghasilkan nilai MAPE paling kecil sebesar 41.2%.Kata kunci: peramalan, regeresi linier, moving average, exponential smoothing.
Jurnal Informatika Global Vol 6, No 1

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In the current era, the technology continues to evolve to facilitate human work, solve problems more quickly and accurately, the technology also can be used as the setting and control, whether using wired, wireless to the remote control. Setting or control would be better if done quickly, accurately and can be controlled remotely, especially the existing equipment at home when left by their owners. To simplify the control of the made design simulation controls that can control household electric appliances. In utilizing the communication medium is now able to reach almost all parts of Indonesia, by utilizing GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) provided by the mobile network operator, then made a design that can control the electrical equipment remotely using SMS (Short Message Service ) to facilitate the work, avoid direct contact dangerous if applied to equipment that is dangerous, saving human resources, time, cost and energy.
Jurnal Informatika Global Vol 7, No 1

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Sriwijaya State Polytechnic Joint Government and Private Parties have had the scholarship program to students who beprestasi and can not afford. Therefore scholarship should be awarded to eligible recipients and deserve to get it. However, in the selection of the scholarship will certainly experience difficulties because of the large number of scholarship applicants and the criteria used to determine the grantee's decision as expected and acceptance of the scholarship has a maximum limit of quotas. It required a study that aims to take into account all criteria decision support to help accelerate and simplify the decision making process. In the selection of the scholarship recipients to take a little longer and less efficient. Besides it takes a long time in the electoral process and the establishment of scholarships also there are opportunities to make the wrong decisions because the process is subjectivity. Therefore made a decision support system that can perform calculations on all the criteria for the selection of scholarship recipients at State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya. The method used in the decision making is the scholarship selection Tsukamoto fuzzy logic method, this method selected because it is able to select the best alternative from a number of alternatives, in this case the alternative meant that students are eligible to receive scholarships based on certain criteria.Keywords: DSS, Fuzzy Logic, Tsukamoto, Scholarships
Single Exponential Smoothing Method to Predict Sales Multiple Products Gustriansyah, Rendra
INSIST Vol 3, No 2 (2018)
Publisher : Universitas Lampung

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—Activity to predict sales multiple products intended for control of the number of existing stock, so the lack or excess stock can be minimized. When the number of sales can be accurately predicted, then the fulfilment of consumer demand can be cultivated in a timely and cooperation with suppliers maintained properly so that company can avoid losing sales and customers. This study aims to predict sales multiple products (6,877 products) using Single Exponential Smoothing (SES) approach, which is expected to improve the efficiency of the inventory system. Measurement accuracy of prediction in this study using a standard measurement Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE), which is the most important criteria in analyzing the accuracy of the prediction. The results showed that the average of percentage prediction error of products using SES is high, because MAPE value obtained is 1.056% with a smoothing parameter α = 0.9
Decision Support System for Subsidizing the Cost of Containers Damage Repair Using Naive Bayes Prakesakwa, Agung; Suryani, Adhe; Gustriansyah, Rendra
Jurnal Teknologi dan Sistem Komputer Volume 7, Issue 3, Year 2019 (July 2019)
Publisher : Departemen Teknik Sistem Komputer, Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Diponegoro

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During the process of using containers by the importer, the shipping company as the owner of the container is often faced with the problem of those who must be responsible for handling containers that are damaged when shipping goods. This study examines the application of the Naïve Bayes method to help the container owner to make a decision in analyzing each case of objection from the importer. The analysis was carried out for each objection case submitted by the importer regarding subsidizing the cost of repairs to be given a FREE or PAID decision by considering 4 factors, which are the damaging side, the damage, the type of damage, and the cost of repairs. From 48 datasets collected and analyzed, the decision has an accuracy rate of success of 63.3% in subsidizing of container repair costs.
JSINBIS (Jurnal Sistem Informasi Bisnis) Vol 8, No 1 (2018): Volume 8 Nomor 1 Tahun 2018
Publisher : Universitas Diponegoro

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The human ability to recognize a variety of objects, however complex the object, is the special ability that humans possess. Any normal human will have no difficulty in recognizing handwriting objects between an author and another author. With the rapid development of digital technology, the human ability to recognize handwriting objects has been applied in a program known as Computer Vision. This study aims to create identification system different types of handwriting capital letters that have different sizes, thickness, shape, and tilt (distinctive features in handwriting) using Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA) and Euclidean Distance methods. LDA is used to obtain characteristic characteristics of the image and provide the distance between the classes becomes larger, while the distance between training data in one class becomes smaller, so that the introduction time of digital image of handwritten capital letter using Euclidean Distance becomes faster computation time (by searching closest distance between training data and data testing). The results of testing the sample data showed that the image resolution of 50x50 pixels is the exact image resolution used for data as much as 1560 handwritten capital letter data compared to image resolution 25x25 pixels and 40x40 pixels. While the test data and training data testing using the method of 10-fold cross validation where 1404 for training data and 156 for data testing showed identification of digital image handwriting capital letter has an average effectiveness of the accuracy rate of 75.39% with the average time computing of 0.4199 seconds.