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Journal : Biopropal Industri

Utilization of Durian Skin as Raw Materials of Art Paper Ariyani, Sukma Budi; Hidayati, Hidayati; Asmawit, Asmawit
Biopropal Industri Vol 3, No 1 (2012)
Publisher : Balai Riset dan Standardisasi Industri Pontianak

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This research was to utilize solid waste of durian (durian skin) into economically valuable products. The purpose of this research was to obtain a decorative paper or art paper which can be used as a wide range of creative products such as photo frames, tissue boxes, pencil boxes and others. The research was carried out by destroying the skin of durian and other materials to form slurry and then molded and dried. Assessment of art paper quality was based on the beauty of its performance because it was display the fibers on the surface of the paper. It has been carried out analysis of gramatur, tear resistance, moisture content and ash content of the paper produced by durian skin. Paper with gramatur value, moisture content, low ash content and high tear resistance was the good quality paper. For gramatur and water content testing, a paper which was given a red ocher dye (D) is a paper that has the lowest value of gramatur and water content, each of 0.0212 g/cm2 and 7.77%. While the ash content and tear resistance testing, colored paper with mangosteen peel 17% (E) has a low ash content (0.056%) and high tear resistance (104 times fold).
Distillation of Essential Oils from Pontianak Orange Peel Wastes and Its Utilization for Aromatherapy Soap Hidayati, Hidayati
Biopropal Industri Vol 3, No 2 (2012)
Publisher : Balai Riset dan Standardisasi Industri Pontianak

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Orange (Citrus nobilis var. microcarpa) is the main commodities in Pontianak. Production of essential oils from orange peel wastes and its use for soap aromatherapy substance could improve its economic value. This study is aimed to produce the essential oils from orange peel wastes with the highest limonene content by distillation. Its application for aromatherapy soap substance also evaluated. Distillation of essential oils from orange peels was performed at 1000C and 1100C for 4, 5, 6 and 7 hours. The results showed that at 1000C for 7 hours produced the highest limonene content, reach 97.69%. The essential oils color was pale yellow, specific gravity 0.84, refractive index 1.47, solubility in 90% ethanol 1:1 (transparent), acid value 0.143% and ester number 5.37. The aromatherapy soap produced with addition of 3.6% of limonene oils is in accordance with SNI 06-3532-1994 except for water content parameter.
Low Lactose Milk Production of Soybean by Fermentation Technique Using Rhizopus oligosporus Asmawit, Asmawit; Salahudin, Farid; Hidayati, Hidayati
Biopropal Industri Vol 4, No 1 (2013)
Publisher : Balai Riset dan Standardisasi Industri Pontianak

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Milk is an important food for baby that contains lactose. Normally, a baby could produce lactase enzyme that digest lactose, but in the diarrhea case lactose could not be digested. So, Low Lactose Milk is needed. Low Lactose Milk usually produced from rice or almonds that have low protein. Soybean (Glycine max) is the commodity with rich of protein and also contains raffinose and stachyose, which can lead flatulence. Raffinose and stachyose could be reduced by Rhizopus oryzae at tempe process from lamtoro beans.  So the aim in this research is to know the optimum time of soybean fermentation with R. oryzae to reduce stachyiose  and raffinose. The research was done with innoculation of R. oryzae isolate in the soybeans fermentation for 72 hours. N index, raffinose and stachyose level was tested. The result shows that optimum fermentation time is 48 hour and using 5% skim milk as filler.
Utilization of Liquid Smoke from Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunches on Raw Rubber Processing Asmawit, Asmawit; Hidayati, Hidayati; Supriyatna, Nana
Biopropal Industri Vol 2, No 1 (2011)
Publisher : Balai Riset dan Standardisasi Industri Pontianak

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Research utilization of liquid smoke from oil palm empty fruit bunches of raw rubber has been made to utilize solid waste from industrial processing of oil palm empty fruit bunches of oil palm so that it becomes economically valuable products. This research has been done by pyrolysis of oil palm empty fruit bunches at a temperature of 400oC for 5, 6, 7 and 8 hours. The results show that the pyrolysis liquid smoke oil palm empty fruit bunches for 8 hours give a high concentration of phenol and acetic acid, respectively 5% and 0.454%. Liquid smoke that has been obtained is used as a coagulant in raw rubber plantation crops of the people residing in the village of Ambawang, Kubu Raya District, West Kalimantan. Results of treatment of liquid smoke on raw rubber  show that the rubber products that have been frozen and dried are superior in terms of color, smell and drying time compared with the treatment of formic acid and water battery which has been added so far on raw rubber by the local rubber farmers.
The Isolation of Sitronellal and Rhodinol from Lemongrass Oil Using Vacuum Distillation Fractination Djafar, Fitriana; Hidayati, Hidayati
Biopropal Industri Vol 1, No 1 (2010)
Publisher : Balai Riset dan Standardisasi Industri Pontianak

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The main componenet of lemongrass oil that is sitronellal and rhodinol (sitronellol and geraniol) was isolated by using vacuum of distillation fraksinasi. Variably the research included the variable continue to, that is the sample weight (300 mL) and process time (4 hours); and the variable changed, that is the pressure (80, 95 and 100 mbar) and the temperature (145, 150, and 160o C). Results of the analysis of the ras material showed that lemongrass oil that came from Kota Panjang, Gayo Lues, Province Aceh had the content sitronellal that was high that is of 51.067% and rhodinol of 30.761%. The characteristics from lemongrass oil was yellow faded, the ray index 1.466, the specific gravity 0.889 solubility in alcohol 1:1 clear and the round of optics 19.15. The distillation sitronellal, 28.87% rhodinol (22.60% geraniol and 6.27% sitronellol) and 11% other component. The condition for the process that was good enough in the isolation sitronellol used distillation vacuum of fraksinasi with the temperature and the pressure that were low that is 145o C and 80 mbar. The condition for the process that was quite good in the isolation rhodinol was use to use vacuum of distillation fraksinasi in the temperature and the pressure that were not too high and or low that is 150o C and 95 mbar.
The Utilization of Ocimum sanctum L. Essential Oil for Antimicrobial Edible Packaging and Its Application for Aloe Vera Dodol Utomo, Pramono Putro; Hidayati, Hidayati
Biopropal Industri Vol 4, No 2 (2013)
Publisher : Balai Riset dan Standardisasi Industri Pontianak

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Aloe vera dodol is a traditional food of West Kalimantan that has short shelf life because of its microbial activity. Antimicrobial edible packaging could be used to maintain the quality of packaged food product actively.The purpose of this study is to prolong the shelf life of food products using antimicrobial edible packaging from durian peel and basil (Ocimum sanctum L.) essential oil. The research was conducted through 4 phases,i.e. the extraction of pectin from durian peel, basil essential oil distillation, Aspergillus flavus inhibition assay, and antimicrobial edible coating production incorporated with Ocimum sanctum L. essential oil. The results showed that pectin extracted from durian peel at pH 4.5 could give yield of 5.9% with a clear coat (Colourless).The concentration of Ocimum sanctum L. essential oil by 0.6% could inhibit the growth of Aspergillus flavus and prolong the shelf life when applied as an antimicrobial ingredient in edible coating.
Utilization of Fiber Empty Bunches of Palm Oil as a growing medium of Pleurotus ostreatus Hidayati, Hidayati; Hidayat, Mohammad Rusdi; Asmawit, Asmawit
Biopropal Industri Vol 6, No 2 (2015)
Publisher : Balai Riset dan Standardisasi Industri Pontianak

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The Utilization of fiber empty bunches of palm oil as a medium for the growth of Pleurotus ostreatus is an effort to reduce waste in the palm oil industry. This research aims to determine the best formulation of fiber empty bunches from palm oil and sawdust as a growth medium for P. ostreatus. The results showed that the fiber combined with sawdust can be used as a medium for the growth of P. ostreatus in Pontianak. The Growth of mycelium, fruiting bodies, hoods diameter and number of fruiting bodies produced were different in each treatment group. The use of a mixture of 50% fiber without pretreatment and 50% sawdust (B2D0) gave the best results indicated from the weight of P. ostreatus was 149.39 g/baglog and biological efficiency was 49.8%.
Co-Authors A, Agung Abdul Harris Aflina, Aflina Agung Endro Nugroho Agus Prasetyo Alwafi, Iffa Ansharullah Ansharullah Apriyanto, Apriyanto Ardyanti, Reny Arifuddin Arifuddin Asbah, Asbah Asmawit Asmawit, Asmawit Asmawit, Asmawit Asmawit, Asmawit Astuti Wijayanti, Astuti AULIA AJIZAH Aurum, Jati Azhar, Syaiful Badruzzaman, Deden Zamzam Bafadal, Moh Fauzi Bakar, Ali Abu Bambang Setiaji Budi, Agnes Cahyani, Rani Candra Kurniawan Chairani, Cytha Nilam Christianingrum Christianingrum, Christianingrum Cut Dahlia Iskandar Darma, Azri Darmawi Darmawi Desi Purnamasari Dewi Febrina Dian Masyitha Didiek Herhady Dodi Ramdani, Dodi Duwi Agustina, Duwi Elfawati Elfawati Ellin Harlia Eni Rahmi, Eni Ernawati Ernawati Erni Suryandari, Erni Eulis Tanti Marlina Fadil Oenzil Fahrudin Fahrudin Fara, Lintan Farid Salahudin, Farid Farida, Camellia Fatni Mufit Ferry Sudarto, Ferry Fitri Jayanti, Fitri Fitriana Djafar, Fitriana Gambiro Gambiro, Gambiro Geubrina, Misla Gusrawati, Rina Hafni Bachtiar Hafri Yanti Hariati, Mirna Hartono Hartono Hastuti, Ening Sry Helmi Arifin Hudri, M Hudri, M. Humaira Humaira Husada, Sarif Iin Susilawati Ilham Ilham Imran Saherman Inayati Inayati Irwandi Irwandi Isran, Isran istiqomah istiqomah Isyaturriyadhah, Isyaturriyadhah Jacoeb, Teuku Nebrisa Zagladin Jejem Mujamil, Jejem Julia Julia Juniana, Nur Kaspul Kaspul Kuswardani Kuswardani, Kuswardani Ladiovina, Mia Lukman Lukman Maimunah Maimunah Masril Masril Maya Yusnita, Maya Mayasari Mayasari, Mayasari Mayefis, Delladari Miftahus Surur, Miftahus Mochamad Iqbal Nurmansyah Mohamad Rusdi Hidayat, Mohamad Rusdi Mohammad Rusdi Hidayat, Mohammad Rusdi Muhammad Dani Supardan Muhammad Ikhsanudin, Muhammad Muhammad Zaini Murniati, Asih Mustafa, Dian PW Nadhira, Datin Maghfirotul Najemi, Chairin Nana Supriyatna, Nana Ningsih, Ica Novalia, Mia Nur Asyik, Nur Nurmiwati, Nurmiwati Nursari, Nursari Pasaribu, Sumihar Praba Ginandjar Pramono Putro Utomo, Pramono Putro Prianti, Anna Puji Hariati Winingsih, Puji Hariati Putranti, Rizka Ariesta Qadariah, Lelly Qadariah, Lelly Rafika, Ageng Setiani Rahayu, Gustria Rahmadita, Siti Rahmaniah, Rima Rahmaniah, Rima RAVEINAL RAVEINAL Rayeb, Augury El Relsas Yogica, Relsas Reni Marlina Renol Afrizon Riri Jonuarti Ristiyanti, Septi Rusnaini Rusnaini Saleh, Eniza Salim, Muhammad Nur Sandi, Indah Maydila Saputro, Nurhadi Semiyatun, Semiyatun Septi Ambarwati, Septi Sigit Sujatmika, Sigit Sopiah, Sopiah Sri Amintarti Sri Hainil, Sri Sri Rinanti Susilowati Subriah, Subriah Sukma Budi Ariyani, Sukma Budi SUMADI SUMADI Sumar, Sumar Suprianto, Kosno Suraya, Izza Suryani, Titin Susanti Susanti Suwoto Suwoto Syafruddin Ilyas Tahrir Aulawi Tias Ernawati, Tias Ummu Balqis Umniyatun, Yuyun Untung Rahardja, Untung Veator Renyaan, Veator Wahyuni Satria Dewi, Wahyuni Satria Wahyuni, Eka Dwi Widiani, Arovah Widiani, Arovah Widowati Pusporini, Widowati Yenni Darvina Yuli Prihatni Yurnetti, Yurnetti Yuvia, Yuvia Z., Zainab M Zain, Isna Zainap, Siti Zakirman, Zakirman Zakiya, Zara Zuindra, Zuindra