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Poultry sellers’ perception and their effort for prevention strategy on avian influenza in Banda Aceh, Indonesia Darmawi, .; Ferasyi, Teuku R.; Muthmainnah, .; Balqis, Ummu; Fakhrurrazi, .; Darniati, .; Hambal, Muhammad
Proceedings of The Annual International Conference, Syiah Kuala University - Life Sciences & Engineering Chapter Vol 2, No 1 (2012): Life Sciences
Publisher : Syiah Kuala University

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A study was conducted to examine some poultry sellers’ perception of the Avian influenza (birdflu) in nine locations (Ulee Kareng, Batoh, Lamnyong, Kampong Baru, Peunayong, Setui, Kampong Ateuk, and Neusu) in Banda Aceh Municipality, Indonesia. Primary data were obtained with the use of a structured questionnaire administared to ninety nine (99) respondents selected using proportional stratified random sampling, between November to December 2011. Information was obtained using the questionnaire sheets contain questions: knowladge, attitude, availability of facilities, and the effort of Avian influenza prevention strategy. Data obtained were analyzed by descriptive statistics. The result showed that only 52% of the poultry sellers’ had good knowledge of early symptomps of Avian influenza. Amount 59% of the poultry sellers’ had good attitudes. Result also showed that 73% of respondents had good facilities that was available in live poultry market area, but only 70% of respondents were good awareness about the effort of Avian influenza prevention strategy. In addition, the respondents who had more knowledge, good attitudes, and/or good facilities were also those who actually acted more preventively. Based on the result we concluded that the poultry sellers’ perception on prevention strategy for infection of birdflu in Banda Aceh categorized as poor. It is suggested that compliance with preventive measures may be enhanced through behavioural modification and building awareness through communication, training, workshop programs to the live poultry market sellers’ in Banda Aceh
Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran Khatulistiwa Vol 5, No 11 (2016): Nopember 2016
Publisher : Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran Khatulistiwa

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Abstrak: Penelitian ini mengangkat permasalahan tentang kreativitas guru dalam menggunakan metode pembelajaran sosiologi di kelas X. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah metode deskriptif dengan pendekatan kualitatif. Objek penelitiannya adalah guru sosiologi di kelas X MAS Al-Jihad Pontianak. Teknik yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah teknik observasi, wawancara dan studi dokumentasi. Penelitian ini dilakukan sebanyak empat kali observasi dan satu kali wawancara. Guru menggunakan metode ceramah, tanya jawab dan penugasan. Hal ini menunjukkan bahwa upaya guru sosiologi dalam menggunakan metode pembelajaran belum sepenuhnya bervariatif karena sementara ini guru hanya  menggunakan tiga metode pembelajaran sosiologi.   Kata Kunci: Kreativitas Guru, Penggunaan Metode Pembelajaran Abstract: This study raised the issue of teacher’s creativity in teaching methods in class X. The method in this research is using descriptive method with qualitative approach. The object of this research is sociology teacher in class X MAS AL-Jihad Pontianak. The technique used in this study is observation, interview and documentation study. This research was carried out four times observation, and one interview. the teacher used the lecture metho, question and answer session, and assignments. This suggests that the teacher of sociology has not been entirely varied because the teacher only three methods of teaching sociology in learning methods. Keywords: Teacher Creativity, The Used of Learning Method