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The effect of Wedelia biflora leaves extracts on the imflammation cause by allergic reactions of dermatitis in mice (Mus musculus) Rinidar, .; Isa, M.; Sugito, .
Proceedings of The Annual International Conference, Syiah Kuala University - Life Sciences & Engineering Chapter Vol 2, No 1 (2012): Life Sciences
Publisher : Syiah Kuala University

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The objective of the present study was to investigate useful of Wedelia biflora leaves extracts as  anti allergic caused by dermatitis allergic in mice. A total of 24 males Wistar mices were utilized as experimental animal in this study. The experimental animals were divided into 4 groups, and each group has 4 mices. The first group was a control which was injected with aquades (negative control), while three other groups (group 2 to group 4) were fed with   Wedelia biflora extracts orally at doses of 20 g, 40 g and 60 g per kg body weight, respectively, and the fifth group was a positive control which was injected with 10% ovalbumin, and the last group was given antihistamin drug (Loratadine) as compared control. All of experimental animals were injected with ovalbumin on day 1, 7, and 21, except for  negative control  which were injected with distillated water. The ectracts of Wedelia biflora were fed for 21 days. The inflammation areas were measured using a digital caliper and analysis one-way Anova. The results showed that the treatment of Wedelia biflora were resulted in reducing inflammation size significantly (p 0.05) where the dose of 60 g/kg body weight was given the best result compared to other doses due to this value equivalent to antihistamine drug loratadine. We concluded that Wedelia biflora leaves extracts had the anti allergic effect.
Anticandidal in vitro test of crude ethanol extract of pliek u on the growth of Candida albicans Nurliana, .; Rinidar, .; Masyitha, Dian
Proceedings of The Annual International Conference, Syiah Kuala University - Life Sciences & Engineering Chapter Vol 1, No 1 (2011): Life Sciences
Publisher : Syiah Kuala University

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This research was conducted to know the activity of crude ethanol extract of pliek u (E) through in vitro assays. Pliek u obtained from households industry in the Reudep village Aceh Besar, Aceh province. Yeasts used in clinical trials is Candida albicans isolates obtained from the Mycology Laboratory of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Bogor Agricultural University. Anticandidal activity was determined on a paper disc, whereas in the broth dilution method is used to set a killing time activity of the E. The concentration of E that is used to determine the killing time activity is the value of LC50. Crude ethanol extract of pliek u (E) showed anticandidal activity with inhibitory zone diameters of 10.67 ± 0.47 mm. Ethanol extract of pliek u at a concentration of 3.36 mg / ml can reduce the number of C. albicans within two hours at 2.57 log CFU / ml compared to controls at 7.42 log CFU / ml. Based on this study can be concluded that ethanol extract of pliek u (E) can be considered an alternative drug for treating candidiasis, so it needs further research to veterinary clinics in vivo applications
PCS-17 THE POTENCY OF SERNAI LEAVES (WEDELIA BIFLORA) TO INCREASE HEALING OF CONTUSION IN RATS (RATTUS NORVEGICUS) Rinidar, .; Marzuki, L A; Safitri, E; Isa, M; Hasan, M; Amiruddin, .; Lubis, T M; Hennivanda, .; Hamzah, A; Asmilia, N; Sutriana, A
Hemera Zoa Proceedings of the 20th FAVA & the 15th KIVNAS PDHI 2018
Publisher : Hemera Zoa

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INTRODUCTION Contusion is a type of injury caused by a collision of the body with a blunt object followed by damage to the soft parts of the body, bone damage, bleeding and swelling. The tissue Injuries cause an inflammatory or inflammatory reaction, in which the inflammatory reaction is followed by pain (dolor), heat (kolor), red (rubor), swelling (tumor), and impaired function in the area around the wound (fungsiolesa). The Inflammatory reactions are the result of increased capillary permeability and migration of leukocytes to areas of inflamed tissue. The body's defense process against injury involves cells that infiltrate the wounded areas including neutrophils, macrophages, and lymphocytes. The body's response to inflammation is characterized by the release of neutrophils from the blood vessels which function as the first defense cells that play a role in phagocytosis of microorganisms and inflammatory cells in the wound. Contusion can be cured by giving anti-inflammatory drugs that aim to relieve pain, slow and prevent the spread of the tissue destruction process.the  Anti-inflammatory drugs are classified into two, namely Non-Steroid Anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) and Anti-inflammatory Steroids (AIS), a class of anti-inflammatory drugs that have the ability to suppress signs and symptoms of inflammation. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs in humans can cause side effects that are harmful to the body such as ulcers, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis, while fot the animals cause the difficulties due to the large variety of species. Therefore, herbal ingredients are developed, one of which is sernai (Wedelia biflora). Sernai has empirical benefits as a medicine for wounds and ulcers , sernai leaf water extracts as antipyretics, antitripanosoma, antimicrobials, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory agents.Sernai contains alkaloids, terpenoids, triterpenoids and flavonoids. The Flavonoid compounds can inhibit the release of arachidonic acid, secretion of lysozyme enzymes from neutrophil cells and endothelial cells and inhibit the proliferation phase and exudation phase of the inflammatory process. If the prostaglandin pathway is inhibited, the the occurrence of local blood vessel vasodilatation will reduces and so a leukocyte infiltration decreases, then it is replaced by macrophages that function to help endothelial cell formation and new blood vessels so that wound healing can take place quickly.