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Journal : Humaniora

Analysis of Social Marketing for Anti-Corruption Campaign: Case Study of Film “Kita Versus Korupsi” Rosidah, Rosidah
Humaniora Vol 3, No 1 (2012): Humaniora
Publisher : Bina Nusantara University

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The paper aims to explain the application of commercial marketing theory in a social marketing campaign. This study derives from secondary sources have been conducted, including previous researches and published articles. The writer finds yhat the theory of marketing mix has been used to study the film proposition. Furthermore, another “P”, namely Partnership, and segmentation has also been added to the campaign. The marketer has applied the commercial marketing approach in the film, as one of the campaigns for anti-corruption in Indonesia, to ensure that the campaign will be effectively delivered for the target audience. This finding can serve as a guideline for best practices in social marketing campaign for other sector or mission. In addition, the paper doesn’t aim to evaluate the effectiveness of the film as a social marketing campaign. It just wants to analyze the application of commercial sector marketing that applied in the film.  
Tanda-Tanda dalam Iklan Komersial di Televisi (Analisis Semiotika pada Iklan Susu Sgm Eksplor Presinutri 3) Herawati, Erni; Rosidah, Rosidah
Humaniora Vol 4, No 1 (2013): Humaniora
Publisher : Bina Nusantara University

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Advertisement is one of promotional tools used by marketer to communicate with its audience or consumer which can be done through newspaper, magazine, internet, radio, and/or television. Using advertisement, the marketer tries to create signs in the message to the audience to make sure they really understand the message. The objective of the study is to analyze how the signs are created in the texts displayed on infant formula SGM Eksplor Presinutri 3 TV advertisement. The metodology is qualitative research using semiotics analysis. Peirce semiotics approach is applied to explore the signs in the advertisement. Secondary data were used, also supported by study literature, to conduct a deep analysis of this study. The research finding shows signs were used by the marketer to deliver the message of this product. 
Pola Komunikasi Mahasiswa dalam Penggunaan Smartphone (Studi pada Mahasiswa Marketing Communication Fek Binus University) Rosidah, Rosidah; Herawati, Erni
Humaniora Vol 4, No 2 (2013): Humaniora
Publisher : Bina Nusantara University

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This research aimed to identify and know the pattern of smartphone usage among university students and pattern of communication they are doing with the smartphone. Quantitative research was used in this study, with descriptive design. Survey was conducted as data collecting method by distributing questionnaires to students of Marketing Communication (Marcomm) department, Faculty of Economic and Communication (FEK), Binus University. As a result, there were 134 questionnaires that can be proceed for data analysis. Sampling technique used in the research was simple random sampling. Since the research used descriptive design, thus the data analysis technique was descriptive statistics. The research is only limited to study the pattern of smartphone usage and pattern of communication among students of Marcomm department, FEK, Binus University, with their smartphone. Given the fact that smartphone has changed people’s behavior in communicating with others, it can be useful for example in developing appealing learning plan in education field, especially for youth. The function of mobile phone has undergone a rapid change with the existence of smartphone. With smartphone, one cannot only perform the traditional types of communication (phone or sms), but also go beyond that. This is due to the features provided by the smartphone which indeed accommodate the person’s needs to communicate each other more than just phone calls. Additionally, with the presence of Internet which has made the smartphone becoming inseparable with human’s life, since it integrates all medium and activities of communication into a single gadget. Smartphone has been proved to change the people’s habit in communicating each other and caused people’s dependency on the presence of this medium.