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Kadar Lemak dan Air Pada Cookies dengan Substitusi Tepung Ubi Ungu dan Kacang Tanah Izza, Nadia Karomatul; Hamidah, Nanik; Setyaningrum, Yahmi Ira
Jurnal Gizi Vol 8, No 2 (2019): Jurnal Gizi UNIMUS
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang

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Cookies are crispy textured cakes. The main ingredient used to make cookies is wheat flour. Substitution of flour with purple sweet potato is done because purple sweet potato has content such as wheat flour. Purple yam flour contains amylose of 24.79% and amylopectin of 49.78%.This research was conducted to analyze on fat level and water content in cookies. The study design was a Randomized Block Design. The treatment level was divided into 4 groups with the proportion of purple sweet potato flour:  F0 (0%: 0%), F1 (55%: 20%), F2 (45%: 30%), and F3(35%: 40 %). Fat content analysis used was the soxhlet method. There was a significant effect (ρ = 0,000) on the amount of fat content in cookies. The highest fat content found in F3 was 38.85%.Water content analysis used was the Thermogravimetric method. Statistical analysis of water content using friedmen with a reliability level of 95%. There was a significant effect (ρ = 0,000) on the amount of water content in cookies. The lowest water content was in F3 of 38.85%. The higher the addition of peanut flour, the lower the water content of cookies. Keywords: Cookies, Purple Sweet Potatoes, Ground Peanuts, Fat Levels, Water Content
Strategy to Increase Quality of Health Education in Boarding School Malang as Solution to Prevent Scabies Setyaningrum, Yahmi Ira; Suarsini, Endang; Hastuti, Utami Sri; Amin, M.
Proceeding of International Conference on Teacher Training and Education Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Proceeding of International Conference on Teacher Training and Education
Publisher : Sebelas Maret University

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Scabies is itch human skin disease caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei var. Hominis. The prevalence ofscabies in boarding school was relative high. That condition must be solves, because is frequentlyassociated with considerable morbidity, difficulties in concentration can lead to poor performance inschool. Therefore, health education is necessary to increase knowledge student, introduce scabies, andmotivated student behavior healthy that prevent spread and control of scabies in boarding school. The aimof this research: 1) describe prevalence scabies in boarding school Malang Raya,2) describe the student knowledge about scabies, 3) describe health education was done in boardingschool. The type of study is survey epidemiologic scabies. Total population is 4233 students with asample of the study were 410 students. The sampling technique on this research was random samplingmethod. The data were collected using interviews, observation and instrument test. The result of thisresearch: 1) the prevalence scabies in boarding school Malang Raya was 37.32%,2) the student knowledge were low, with average 57.73±16.84. The score minimal is 0, and the scoremaximal is 100. 3) Health education in boarding school not variation, and monotone. There was rulesrelated personal hygiene in boarding school. Counseling to promote knowledge students was done bylecture method, answer and question method. Quality of health education must be increased by somestrategy. There was variation method, using media which interest attention student.
AcTion: Aceh Nutrition Journal Vol 4, No 2 (2019): AcTion Vol 4 No 2 Tahun 2019
Publisher : Jurusan Gizi Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Aceh

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Snack bars are light meals in a form of bar. This snack bar product needs development that can fulfill balanced nutrient, by utilizing the potential of local food namely soybeans and apples. This study was conducted to analyze the concentration effect of soy flour and the addition of apples to fat and carbohydrate levels in the snack bar. The study used a randomized block design with three treatments and nine replications. The treatments in this study were F1 (40 gr soy flour: 60 gr dried apples), F2 (50 gr soy flour: 50 gr dried apples) and F3 (60 gr soy flour: 40 gr dried apples). Fat level in this study was obtained by using the Weibull method, whereas for carbohydrate level using the By Difference method. Data obtained were statistically analyzed using two way ANOVA and DMRT at a 95% reliability level. The results showed that there was a significant effect (p <0,05) of soy flour concentration and the addition of apples to fat and carbohydrate levels in the snack bar. The higher the concentration of soy flour, the higher the fat level in the snack bar. The highest fat level was found in F3. The higher the addition of apples, the higher the carbohydrate level in the snack bar. The highest carbohydrate level was found  in F1.Snack bar merupakan makanan ringan berbentuk batangan. Produk snack bar ini perlu pengembangan yang dapat memenuhi gizi seimbang, dengan memanfaatkan potensi pangan lokal yaitu kacang kedelai dan apel. Penelitian ini dilakukan untuk menganalisis pengaruh konsentrasi tepung kedelai dan penambahan apel terhadap kadar lemak dan  kadar  karbohidrat pada snack bar. Penelitian menggunakan Rancangan Acak Kelompok dengan tiga perlakuan dan sembilan kali ulangan. Perlakuan pada penelitian ini yaitu F1 (tepung kedelai 40 gr : apel kering 60 gr), F2 (tepung kedelai 50 gr : apel kering 50 gr) dan F3 (tepung kedelai 60 gr : apel kering 40 gr). Kadar lemak pada penelitian ini diperoleh dengan menggunakan metode Weibull, sedangkan untuk kadar karbohidrat menggunakan metode By Difference. Data yang diperoleh dianalisis secara statistik menggunakan two way anova dan DMRT pada tingkat kepercayaan 95%. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan terdapat pengaruh signifikan (p < 0,05) konsentrasi tepung kedelai dan penambahan apel terhadap kadar lemak  dan kadar karbohidrat pada snack bar. Semakin tinggi konsentrasi tepung kedelai maka semakin tinggi kadar lemak pada snack bar. Kadar lemak tertinggi terdapat pada F3. Semakin tinggi penambahan apel maka semakin tinggi kadar karbohidrat pada snack bar. Kadar karbohidrat tertinggi terdapat pada F1.
Indonesian Journal of Community Services Vol 2, No 1 (2020): May 2020
Publisher : Universitas Islam Sultan Agung

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AbstrakGempa merupakan bencana alam yang sering terjadi di Malang Raya. Gempa menimbulkan berbagai dampak negatif yang merugikan baik material maupun non material. Gempa tidak dapat dihindari, tetapi dapat diminimalkan risiko kerugian melalui suatu pelatihan pengurangan risiko bencana (PRB). Tujuan penelitian ini adalah meningkatkan pengetahuan dan kesiapsiagaan remaja dalam menghadapi bencana gempa bumi melalui pelatihan PRB. Metode penelitian dengan quasi eksperimen rancangan the group pretest-posttest. Hasil implikasi pelatihan PRB terhadap siswa SMA/SMK menunjukkan adanya peningkatan pengetahuan mengenai definisi gempa, potensi gempa, usaha PRB sebesar 55 poin. Pengetahuan siswa sebelum pelatihan rata-ratanya 42, setelah mengikuti pelatihan meningkat menjadi 97. Kesadaran remaja terhadap  PRB juga meningkat sebesar 64%. Kesadaran siswa sebelum pelatihan sebesar 18%, setelah pelatihan kesadaran menjadi 63%. Kesiapsiagaan remaja ketika terjadi bencana juga akan meningkat dari 18% menjadi 89%. Berdasarkan hasil penelitian dapat disimpulkan bahwa pelatihan PRB mampu meningkatkan pengetahuan, kesadaran dan kesiapsiagaan remaja SMK/SMK di Malang dalam menghadapi bencana gempa bumi. Kata kunci: gempa; bencana; pelatihan; pengurangan; risiko.  Abstract Earthquake is a disaster that frequently occurs in Malang. The earthquake has caused  undesireble impacts not only material but also non material loss. Earthquakes cannot be avoided, but the risks of loss can be minimized through  disaster risk reduction training ( PRB).  The training target is enhancing knowledge and preparedness of teenages in facing disaster through PRB training. The method  carried out is by quasi experimentdesign using pre-test and post-test. The implication result of PRB training to  high school and vocational highschool  students shows there is enhnced  knowledge on disaster definition, disaster potentials recognition, and  disaster risk reduction effort as much as  55 point. Students knowledge before training  is 49 for the average.after the training it becomes 97. The students? awareness on disaster risk reduction improves 64 % .The students? awareness before is 18 % and  it becomes  63% after the training. The teenagers? preparedness when a disaster occurs improves  18 % to become 89%. Based on the research it can be concluded that disaster risk reduction training PRB could enhance knowledge, awareness and preparedness of high school and vocational high school students in facing disaster especially earthquake. Keywords: earthquake; disaster; training; reduction; risk