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Journal : Jurnal Teknik Komputer

JURNAL TEKNIK KOMPUTER Vol 6, No 1 (2020): JTK-Periode Januari 2020
Publisher : Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika

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Computer networks have become an important point in companies that have many branch offices to coordinate the transfer of data. PT Indo Matra Lestari's connection uses a VPN system using the PPTP method. Data Center is used as a VPN server, the client is the Head Office and Citereup Branch Offices. Between the Head Office and the Citereup Branch Office there is no direct connection so access to data made between the Head Office and the Citereup Branch Office is slow, because the data must pass through the Data Center before reaching its destination. Moreover, the data accessed is private to the company and only accessed on the local network. The solution used to create a direct and secure network path between the Head Office and Branch Offices is to use the EoIP Tunnel on the proxy router. Tunneling method in EoIP can make network bridging between proxy devices, EoIP Tunnel will change to Virtual Interface on the proxy router so that it is as if the proxy router is connected locally. Tunnel ID on the EoIP Tunnel functions as a tunneling path security. The application of the EoIP Tunnel makes the point to point connection point between Mikrotik devices faster in data access because the data access is directed to the destination. In order for this EoIP Tunnel connection to run optimally and well, a network management is needed in managing internet bandwidth usage
Implementasi Network Attached Storage (NAS) Menggunakan Synology Disk Station Manager (DSM 5.2) Untuk Optimalisasi Data Sharing Center Sidik, Sidik; Putra, Muhammad
Publisher : AMIK BSI Jakarta

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Along with the development of technology, especially computer and internet, we can get information more easily. It also encourages the number of computer users and the internet is getting bigger. Especially in the environment of PT. Prism Dynamics Indonesia, the number of employees who use the internet more and more from time to time. Increasing users who use the network will cause the existing network infrastructure, should be increased so as not to make users disappointed due to decreased network performance. At PT. Prism Dynamics Indonesia a lot of important files that must be stored starting from the data project, finance, sales, purchasing and service of goods, all hardcopy data or softcopy if not stored properly then there will be damage to the data or even lost. it takes a centralized data storage container like file sharing. File sharing is a system where many users can share files and storage resources with a client-server concept run over the network. A file server allows users to share information over a network without having to physically send files with floppy disks or some other external storage device. 
Impelementasi Model Waterfall pada Media Pembelajaran Pengenalan Angka dan Huruf Berbasis Android Sidik, Sidik; Syahroni, Muhammad Fajar
JURNAL TEKNIK KOMPUTER Vol 5, No 2 (2019): JTK - Periode Agustus 2019
Publisher : Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika

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The era of globalization, information technology is advancing rapidly, one of which is the development of interactive animation. Interactive animation technology is now widely used in various industries, such as advertising, education, tourism, entertainment, and so on. In the world of education, interactive animation can be applied as an effective learning medium. In the preparation of this study, the authors used the Waterfall model to design the system and to design learning media using Adobe Flash Professional CS6 which is considered very suitable in making interactive animation-based learning media. The Waterfall Model, is the most familiar system model and is widely used in designing interactive animation-based applications. In making interactive animation-based learning media can increase learning interest and students' attention to the introduction of numbers and letters and kinds of sounds and images. In addition, students can also learn while playing and train to recognize numbers and letters, with varied images. Respondents in this study consisted of teachers and students. The results of this study 80% stated that this learning media was easy to use, 90% said that respondents liked the application of media learning to recognize numbers and letters based on interactive animation, 70% of respondents said they learned to recognize numbers and letters that were fun. Besides this interactive animation-based learning media helps train students to recognize numbers and letters, with diverse images, and can also facilitate teachers in training students at school.