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Islamisasi Keluarga Vis a Vis Pembangunan Keluarga di Indonesia: Membaca Idealisme, Struktur, dan Relasi Gender dalam Keluarga dalam Pemikiran Mohammad Fauzil Adhim Sidik, Sidik
Jurnal Hukum Islam Volume 15, Nomor 2, Desember 2017
Publisher : IAIN Pekalongan

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This current study aims to discuss what the concept of family in thepopular Islamic family literature written by Muhammad FauzilAdhim is, why the concept is presented, how the theoreticalframework is designed, and how the relevance of the concept to thefamily development regulation in Indonesia is. By carrying outqualitative content analysis of the literature, the research findingsdenote that that Adhim tries to explain the idealism of berkah (blessed)family, the structure of an extended family, and the proportionalgender relation in family. He presents some ideas to revitalize Islamicfamily values as cultural movement of family Islamization. The writerconstructs his theoretical framework based on textual approach andpsychology. The Qur’an and Hadith are textually referred, whereaspsychological approach is used to support the textual meanings, but itis not employed as a method of interpretation. Based on the welldesigned theoretical framework, his thoughts tend to be conservativeand demonstrate less relevance as well as responsiveness to the familydevelopment regulation in Indonesia. Keywords: Berkah family, extended family, family development, Islamization.