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Jurnal Ilmiah Didaktika Vol 14, No 2 (2014): Jurnal Ilmiah DIDAKTIKA Februari 2014
Publisher : State Islamic University (UIN) of Ar-Raniry

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School head master managerial is one things must be conducted systematically and continuously in order to improve the competence and the skill in carrying out the duty to reach the national education goal. The purpose of this study is to describe the school head master managerial at state vocational school SMK 2 Sinabang. This study uses descriptive qualitative approach, and the data collection techniques were observations, interviews, and documentations. The subjects of the research were: school head master, school administration chairman, and the deputy of the school head master. The results shows (1) the school head master’s ability in developing planning programs is formulated by school head master which was started at new school year academic such as supervising, assessing the teacher’s performance, involving the teachers on the trainings, giving extra tasks for some teachers such as vice school headmaster, department chairman, lab chairman, supervisors, and librarian, teachers for training, distribution of additional duties for teachers as a representative example principal, head of department, head of the laboratory, supervisor, and manager of the library; (2) the strategies undertaken by the school head master in teacher performance implementation were: guiding teachers in arranging lesson plan, applying teaching model variation, giving motivation, engaging teachers in some training activities and refreshment courses, and giving the opportunities to the teachers to pursue their study, activating MGMPs activity and KKG forum at school; (3) The impact of the coaching process being carried out by the school head master to improve the teacher performance, will be seen from the teacher changing attitude to be better, namely, the ability of the teacher in setting the plan, implement, and evaluate the teaching–learning process; (4) the constraints being faced in improving the professional capability of teachers among others are: funding problem, timing, and the limitation of the human resources as an instructor/ trainer in the field of vocational, as well as limited training/refresher courses held in conjunction to the professional upgrading of teachers.
Pengembangan Metode Ekstraksi Alginat dari Rumput Laut Sargassum sp. sebagai Bahan Pengental Husni, Amir; Subaryono, Subaryono; Pranoto, Yudi; Taswir, Taswir; Ustadi, Ustadi
Agritech Vol 32, No 1 (2012)
Publisher : Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Indonesia has a lot of seaweed that have high potential as a producer of alginate, but the method of extraction has not been as expected. The objective of this study to develop a method of extraction of sodium alginate from seaweed Sargassum through the calcium alginate pathway. This study used different variations of the concentration of calcium chloride. The concentration of calcium chloride used varied 0.5, 0.75 and 1 M. As a control, the extraction of alginate performed through alginic acid pathway which was developed at the Center for Research Product Processing and Biotechnology of Marine and Fisheries, Jakarta. Quality parameters were observed including alginate yield, product appearance, viscosity and gel strength. The result showed that the yield of alginate produced successively for 32.67; 44.67 and 53.33 % and 31.67 % for controls. In appearance, the concentration of calcium chloride did not significantly affect the alginate product appearance, but darker when compared with the product extracted through the alginic acid. Viscosity alginate produced successively 149, 131 and 144 cP, while 304 cP for control. In general, the alginate gel strength extracted through of calcium alginate pathway is lower than the alginic acid pathway.ABSTRAKIndonesia  mempunyai  banyak  rumput  laut  yang  berpotensi  tinggi  sebagai penghasil  alginate,  namun  metode ekstraksinya belum sesuai yang diharapkan. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengembangkan metode ekstraksi natrium alginat dari rumput laut Sargassum melalui jalur kalsium alginat. Dalam penelitian ini digunakan berbagai variasi konsentrasi kalsium klorida yang digunakan pada pemisahan alginat dari filtrat hasil ekstraksinya. Konsentrasi kalsium klorida yang digunakan divariasi 0,5; 0,75 dan 1 M. Sebagai kontrol dilakukan ekstraksi alginat melalui jalur asam alginat yang dikembangkan di Balai Besar Riset Pengolahan Produk dan Bioteknologi Kelautan dan Perikanan, Jakarta. Parameter kualitas alginat yang diamati meliputi rendemen alginat, kenampakan produk, viskositas dan kekuatan gel yang dihasilkan. Hasil pengamatan menunjukkan bahwa rendemen alginat yang dihasilkan berturut-turut sebesar 32,67; 44,67 dan 53,33 % dan untuk kontrol 31,67 %. Secara kenampakan, konsentrasi kalsium klorida tidak terlalu mempengaruhi kenampakan produk alginat yang dihasilkan, tetapi lebih gelap jika dibandingkan dengan produk hasil ekstraksi melalui jalur asam alginat. Viskositas alginat yang dihasilkan berturut-turut 149, 131 dan 144 cP, sementara untuk kontrol 304 cP. Secara umum kekuatan gel alginat yang dihasilkan dari jalur kalsium alginat lebih rendah dibandingkan dengan yang diekstrak melalui jalur asam alginat.