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Journal : Indonesian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology

Preliminary Study on Production Of 32P – Labeled Phosphate Chromic as A Material for Skin Patch Rahman, Wira Y.; Sarmini, Endang; Herlina, Herlina; Abidin, Abidin; Triyanto, Triyanto; Hambali, Hambali; Sriyono, Sriyono; Widyaningrum, Triani
Indonesian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Suppl. 1, No. 3 (2019)
Publisher : Indonesian Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology

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Keloids are skin disorders or benign tumours that are due to abnormal wound healing in the binding tissue after a trauma, inflammation, surgical wounds, or burns. Low activity radioisotopes have shown to be effective in curing or eliminating keloids on the skin. One of these radioisotopes is phosphorus-32 (32P), a beta (β-) emitter with a half-life of 14.3 days. This radioisotope can also be developed for the treatment of keloid and skin tumours. Currently, keloid is treated by a conventional method applying the bulk of 32P radioisotope directly on keloid area. However, this method is considered inefficient and less secure. The purpose of this research is to obtain a technology for preparing of 32P-labeled skin patch. The first step of this research is to produce 32P-labeled chromic phosphate (Cr32PO4) colloids, through condensation involving oxidation-reduction reaction. In this step, Cr (VI) is reduced to Cr (III) to form Cr32PO4 with particle size of <1 μm.  These particles (Cr32PO4) are to expect to distribute evenly when mixed with silicon to form skin patch which will not decompose easily. Characterization of the prepared Cr32PO4colloids gave a yield of 97,8% with particle size of greater than > 1μm.  Further study needs to be performed in due time in order to have Cr32PO4 colloids with a suitable particle size.Key words: keloid, chromic phosphate colloid, skin patch, condensation, oxidation-reduction reaction