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Publisher : Faculty of Pharmacy Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Skip Utara, 55281, Indonesia

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Furosemide a diuretic exhibits low solubility in water and low bioavailability. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect SNEDDS formation to dissolution and diffusion of furosemide. SNEDDS was made with a mixture of 66% tween 80, 26% propylene glycol, 8% oleic acid and furosemide 40mg/mL. Test for SNEDDS dissolution of the capsules was developed using USP dissolution apparatus I and compared to market products, furosemide suspenssion and furosemide powder. The medium consists of 900mL of Artificial Gastric Fluid (AGF) , phosphate buffer pH 5.8 at 37±0.5°C and stirred with a speed of 100rpm. Diffusion test of SNEDDS furosemide was conducted by using reversed rat intestinal bowel and compared to furosemide suspension and furosemide solution. The SNEDDS formulation  could enhance the dissolution and diffusion of furosemide compared to the non-SNEDDS formulation
Penelusuran Fraksi Aktif Baccaurea lanceolata Dari Kabupaten Tapin, Kalimantan Selatan Sebagai Antioksidan Hadi, Samsul; Wahyuono, Subagus; Yuswanto, Ag.; Lukitaningsih, RR. Endang
PHARMACY: Jurnal Farmasi Indonesia (Pharmaceutical Journal of Indonesia) Jurnal Pharmacy, Vol. 12 No. 02 Desember 2015
Publisher : Fakultas Farmasi, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto

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ABSTRAK Baccaurea lanceolata oleh masyarakat Kalimantan Selatan digunakan untuk perawatan kulit, pendekatan ilmiah untuk membuktikan klaim itu salah satunya dengan uji antioksidan, uji antioksidan ini digunakan sebagai guided untuk menelusuri fraksi aktif. Dari hasil fraksinasi dengan menggunakan corong pisah, fraksi etil asetat mempunyai aktifitas paling tinggi dengan nilai IC50 230 ppm. Sehingga fraksi ini dilanjutkan difraksinasi dengan kolom gravitasi dan didapatkan 18 fraksi, fraksi No. 16 mempunyai aktifitas paling tinggi dengan nilai IC50 142 ppm dan fraksi No. 1 mempunyai aktifitas paling rendah dengan nilai IC50 675 ppm. Kata kunci: antioksidan, Baccaurea lanceolate, fraksi. ABSTRACT Baccaurea lanceolata by the people of South Borneo is used for skin care, scientific approach to prove the claim that one of them to antioxidant test, antioxidants test is used as guided to discover the active fraction. From the results of fractionation using a separating funnel, ethyl acetate fraction had the highest activity with IC50 values of 230 ppm. So that this continued fraction fractionated by column gravity and obtained 18 fractions, fractions No. 16 has the highest activity with value IC50 142 ppm and fractions No. 1 has the lowest activity with IC50 value of 675 ppm. Key words: antioxidant, Baccaurea lanceolata, fraction.
SPF Test from Baccaurea lanceolata Muell.Arg Fruit Isolates Hadi, Samsul; Wahyuono, Subagus; Yuswanto, Ag.; Lukitaningsih, Endang
Indonesian Journal of Cancer Chemoprevention Vol 8, No 1 (2017)
Publisher : Indonesian Society for Cancer Chemoprevention

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Not many researches on a fruit of limpasu (Baccaurea lanceolata Muell. Arg ) were found, while the use by tribal hamlets in Kalimantan already became a daily routine before they went into the field with the way made powder and smeared on the face. Therefore, the research on active substances needs to be done. For this study, we prepared two isolates which coded as K2 and CE, K2 from qualitative test negative isolates phenolic groups was identified by spray FeCl3, whereas qualitative test positive isolates were coded as CE and detected by a nitrogen-containing reagents dragendorf spray. The K2 isolate from SPF test resulted an SPF value of 3.2 at a concentration of 0.2 mg/ml, while CE isolate was given a value of SPF 5.0 at a concentration of 0.2 mg/ml. According to sensitivity skin test on rabbit skin, both K2 and CE isolated were given the value below 1, indicated the isolates were found to not irritate. This study proposes the potential from Baccaurea lanceolata Muell.Arg fruit isolates to be developed as a sunscreen for UV-protection.Keywords : Baccaurea lanceolata Muell.Arg, SPF test, sensitivity skin test