THE ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY TOWARDS TEENAGERS PSYCHOLOGY AND BEHAVIOUR EFFECT Anggraini, Rr. Renny; Zulkarnain, Iskandar; Firdaus, Firdaus; Nani, Nani; Warasto, Hestu Nugroho
Abdi Laksana Vol 1, No 2 (2020): Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat
Publisher : Abdi Laksana

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The aim of community service is to provide training to participants to develop technology towards teenager psychology and behaviour effect at 83 State Junior High School Jakarta. The method used there are several stages including the preparation phase, which includes initial survey stabilization and determination of locations and targets. After the survey, the location of the implementation and target of the activity participants are determined. The next stage is the implementation phase of Community Services. The stage will be given understanding knowledge and develop technology being useful for teenagers. This session focuses on providing explanation of how teacher can develop technology nowadays. And the last is the training stage with several methods including lectures, questions and answers, and simulations. The results of Community Service are that the participants (teachers) understand more and gain knowledge about develop technology. There are several strategies that can be tried to develop technology, namely 1) Motivation, 2) Delegation and 3) Appreciation. So the teacher does not create products but creates influence.Keywords: Develop Technology
Refleksi: Jurnal Filsafat dan Pemikiran Islam Vol 16, No 1 (2016)
Publisher : UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta

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Kalam, in general, could be stated as a study that focused to examine the central theological doctrines. By studying Kalam, it will give someone convictions based on solid arguments, not easily distracting by the change of time. Theological metaphysics is one of subject matter in Kalam. Metaphysics in Kalam supposed a certain level of understanding towards "God"; that assumed "God" could be understood. The equivocal term such as "being" (wujud) will obscure the understanding to that "being" should be translated to "existence"  (mawjud), as consequence  therefore "God" become "the permanent" (al-tsabit). Inrelation to Kalam, religious experience has a function as a spiritualvision benefactor in Kalam understanding. Profound appreciationthrough heart (dzauq and wijdan) to study of tauhid or Kalam make this study more appreciate and applicate in attitude. For that reason, religious experience is the perfection of study of tauhid from the perspective of religious experience; it is spiritual application from study oftauhid. This writing analyse the theological metaphysics by religious experience that is lack of attention according to the writer.
Geochemical Evidence of Island-Arc Origin for Sumatra Island; A New Perspective based on Volcanic Rocks in Lampung Province, Indonesia Zulkarnain, Iskandar
Indonesian Journal on Geoscience Vol 6, No 4 (2011)
Publisher : Geological Agency

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DOI: 10.17014/ijog.v6i4.128Since decades, Sumatra Island is considered as the Eurasia continental margin where the Indian Ocean plate has been subducted oblique beneath the continental plate of Sumatra. But, the occurrences of volcanic rocks in almost all areas of Lampung Province in the southernmost of Sumatra Island, as the presence of the Quaternary Tanggamus Volcano in the western part of the province together with the Quaternary Rajabasa Volcano in the eastern area cannot be justified using the consideration. Spider diagrams of trace and rare earth elements of volcanic rocks from the western and eastern areas of the province reveal that the rocks come from three different tectonic settings, namely island-arc, active continental margin (ACM), and intra continental plate. All basalt and one dacite of western volcanic rocks show a character of island-arc origin, while the eastern volcanic rocks are reflecting characters of ACM and intra continental plate. Plot of the rocks in the diagram of Ta/Yb versus Ce/P and in Ta/Yb versus Th/Yb confirmed the tectonic environments and specifically classify the intra continental plate into Within Plate Volcanic Zone (WPVZ). The island-arc group is characterized by Ta/Yb ratio of less than 2.0 and Ce/P less than 1.8. The ACM group is recognized having Ta/Yb ratio between 2 and 4 with Ce/P more 1.8, while the WPVZ group is defined as a group having Ta/Yb more than 6 and Ce/P more than 1.0. The result indicates that the western part of Sumatra is an island-arc fragment and the eastern part belongs to the Eurasia continental margin. The concentration of volcanics having ACM character from areas around the Sumatra Fault System to the east indicates that the collision zone between the Sumatra island-arc fragments with the Eurasia continental margin is probably located along the SFS. More statistical data is still needed from other Sumatra volcanics to confirm this conclusion.
Geochemical Signature of Mesozoic Volcanic and Granitic Rocks in Madina Regency Area, North Sumatra, Indonesia, and its Tectonic Implication Zulkarnain, Iskandar
Indonesian Journal on Geoscience Vol 4, No 2 (2009)
Publisher : Geological Agency

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Abstract samples consisting of two Permian-Triassic basalts, two Triassic-Jurassic granitic rocks, and a Miocene andesite were collected from the Madina Regency area in North Sumatra that is regionally situated on the West Sumatra Block. Previous authors have proposed three different scenarios for the geological setting of West Sumatra Permian Plutonic-Volcanic Belt, namely an island-arc, subduction related continental margin arc, and continental break-up. Petrographic analysis of the Mesozoic basaltic samples indicates that they are island-arcs in origin; however their trace element spider diagram patterns (Rock/MORB ratio) also show the character of back-arc marginal basin, besides the island-arc. Furthermore, their REE spider diagram patterns (Rock/ Chondrite ratio) clearly reveal that they were actually generated in a back-arc marginal basin tectonic setting. Meanwhile, the two Mesozoic granitic rocks and the Miocene andesite reflect the character of an active continental margin. Their spider diagram patterns show a significant enrichment on incompat- ible elements, usually derived from fluids of the subducted slab beneath the subduction zone. The high enrichment on Th makes their plots on Ta/Yb versus Th/Yb diagram are shifted to outside the active continental margin field. Although the volcanic-plutonic products represent different ages, their La/Ce ratio leads to a probability that they have been derived from the same magma sources. This study offers another different scenario for the geological setting of West Sumatra Permian Plutonic-Volcanic Belt, where the magmatic activities started in a back-arc marginal basin tectonic setting during the Permian-Triassic time and changed to an active continental margin during Triassic to Miocene. The data are collected through petrographic and chemical analyses for major, trace, and REE includ- ing literature studies.  
Petrogenesis batuan vulkanik daerah tambang emas Lebong Tandai, Provinsi Bengkulu, berdasarkan karakter geokimianya ZulkarnaIn, Iskandar
Indonesian Journal on Geoscience Vol 3, No 2 (2008)
Publisher : Geological Agency

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Abstract Tandai is a village in the Napal Putih Sub-regency, North Bengkulu Regency, that can be accessed only through the local people train called “molek”. The area is well known as a gold mine since the Dutch time. Volcanic rocks in the area belong to the Hulusimpang Formation that are dominated by andesitic rocks with small amount of dacite and basalt. They show an affinity as a transition between calc-alkaline and tholeiite. Its trace elements and REE patterns show that they are derived from “magma one”, one of the two magma sources producing volcanic rocks in Bengkulu. “Magma one” is derived from a magma source with adakitic composition due to the most primitive sample among the “magma one” samples. The Lebong Tandai magma activity has occurred since more than 30 million years ago in a back-arc side tectonical environment, and they were enriched on incompatible elements during an upper crust penetration. The occurrence of gold mineralization in this area indicates that the “magma one” is a gold bearing mineralized magma in this region. It seems to be reasonable when it is corresponded with an investigation result reported from the Phillippine that adakitic rocks contain higher gold concentration than calc-alkaline rocks. This paper is written using a geochemical approach based on major elements, trace elements and rare earth elements (REE) that are plotted into general and specific classifications in a petrological discussion.  
Berkala Ilmu Kesehatan Kulit dan Kelamin Vol 26, No 1 (2014): BIKKK APRIL 2014
Publisher : Fakultas Kedokteran Universita Airlangga

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Latar belakang: Diagnosis infestasi skabies oleh klinisi umumnya ditegakkan dengan gejala klinis patognomonis skabies. Tetapi gejala skabies seringkali tidak khas akibat adanya kemiripan dengan penyakit lain terutama pada anak-anak dan kondisi imunokompromais, sehingga diagnosis klinis seringkali keliru dan mengakibatkan kesalahan pemberian terapi. Diperlukan penegakan diagnosis definitif untuk menemukan Sarcoptes scabiei (S. scabiei) atau telurnya, yang secara konvensional dapat dilakukan dengan pemeriksaan mikroskopik dari kerokan lesi kulit penderita. Namun metode tersebut tidak praktis, membutuhkan keterampilan khusus, cenderung invasif, seringkali memerlukan beberapa kali kerokan, serta sulit dilakukan pada anak-anak, sehingga diperlukan metode yang mudah, non-invasif, dan akurasi yang baik. Pemeriksaan dermoskop menawarkan solusi tersebut. Tujuan: Mengevaluasi kesesuaian gambaran klinis patognomonis infestasi skabies dengan kepositifan dermoskop dan pemeriksaan kerokan kulit Metode: Studi analitik observasional cross sectional, total sampling dalam satu kali observasi pada 243 populasi terjangkau yang berusia 5-14 tahun di satu pondok pesantren. Terdapat 44 sampel yang memenuhi kriteria penerimaan sampel yang dilakukan anamnesis dan pemeriksaan fisik untuk menentukan gejala klinis patognomonis skabies, selanjutnya diperiksa dengan dermoskop dan mikroskop dari kerokan kulit pada lesi. Analisis hasil dengan menghitung kappa agreement dan nilai prediksi positif. Hasil: Dari 44 sampel didapatkan 25 sampel klinis patognomonis skabies dan 19 sampel klinis non patognomonis skabies. Pemeriksaan dermoskopi ditemukan positif pada 25 sampel dan mikroskopik kerokan kulit positif pada 18 sampel. Kesesuaian dermoskopi dan kerokan kulit adalah 79,5%, kappa 0,601. Simpulan: Dermoskop berpotensi digunakan sebagai alat diagnostik definitif skabies pada lingkungan dengan prevalensi tinggi skabies. Kata kunci: skabies, dermoskop, kerokan kulit.
Leptospirosis at Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo and Persahabatan Hospitat Review of 104 cases Zulkarnain, Iskandar
Medical Journal of Indonesia Vol 9, No 4 (2000): October-December
Publisher : Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia

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Perangkat Soal Berbasis Konflik Kognitif Zulkarnain, Iskandar
Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika Vol 1, No 1 (2013)
Publisher : Jurnal Pendidikan Matematika

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Konflik kognitif adalah kesadaran individu tentang adanya ketidaksesuaian antara struktur kognitif mereka dengan informasi yang mereka hadapi. Konflik pada siswa dapat muncul secara  alami dan dapat juga direncanakan secara bermakna oleh guru, yang ditujukan untuk mengatasi kesalahan konsep siswa.  Memunculkan konflik kognitif dapat dilakukan diantaranya dengan menyajikan data ganjil. Dalam pembelajaran matematika, data ganjil dapat berupa soal-soal dengan struktur tidak lengkap (ill-structure).  Makalah ini mengetengahkan beberapa materi dalam topik aljabar  kelas sepuluh  yang berpotensi memunculkan  konflik kognitif disertai  beberapa contoh soalnya. Contoh-contoh soal ini dapat dijadikan  sebagai instrumen guna mengukur kemampuan pemahaman relasional
Short course treatment of Typhoid fever with 400 mg fleroxacin OD a preliminary report Nelwan, R.H.H.; Setiawan, Budi; Gunawan, Julianti; Hendarto, Hendarto; Zulkarnain, Iskandar
Medical Journal of Indonesia Vol 7 (1998): Supplement 1
Publisher : Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia

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Publisher : Indonesian Institute of Sciences

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ABSTRACT Sumatera is always recognized as margin of Eurasia continental plate, where the Indian oceanic plate is considered to be subducted beneath continental materials. The subduction system has produced volcanic or magmatic rocks on Sumatera at least since Cretaceous. Chemical analytical results of volcanic rocks in Bengkulu Province on major, trace and rare earth elements reveal that the volcanic rocks are derived from two different tectonic settings where the western side showing island-arc character and the eastern side represents an active continental margin (ACM). The island-arc group is characterized by lower ratio of (Ce/P)N varying between 1.1 to 2.4 and wider range of (P/Zr)N ratio varying from 1.0 to 1.7, while the ACM group show wider variation with (Ce/P)N ratio more than 3.4 and has narrower range of (P/Zr)N ranging from 0.3 to 0.6. The REE pattern of the island-arc in spider diagram shows steady decreasing in rock/chondrite ratio from La to Lu, while the ACM type is characterized by flat trend from Eu to Lu. The results suggest that it is not the whole Sumatera showing continent character, but it is island-arc in origin from Sumatera Fault Zone to the west and becomes ACM to the east.
Co-Authors Abdul Bari Azed Afif Nurul Hidayati, Afif Nurul Afif Syarif Afrian, Chandra Agus Haryanto Agustini Rahmawati, Agustini Aimie Sulaiman Aisyah, Icha Akhwan, Aulia Aminullah Aminullah, Aminullah Anggraini, Rr. Renny Arie Wahyu Prananta, Arie Wahyu Asditya, Alfrid Asmahani Thohiroh, Asmahani Azminingrum, Ardsari Baekhaki, Khamid Bagus Haryo Kusumaputra, Bagus Haryo Budi Setiawan Christian, F. Yoppie Christina Avanti, Christina CITA ROSITA SIGIT PRAKOESWA Damayanti, Rossyda Rahma Dewi, Winda Evina Dewi, Winda Evina Diah Mira Indramaya, Diah Mira Dicky Sofjan Diding Suhandy Djasuli, Mohammad Djunarsjah, Eka Dwi Gemina Dwi Murtiastutik, Dwi Dwi Ratna Adisty, Dwi Ratna Eko Tri Sumarnadi Agustinus Elli Kusumawati Endang Purwati Endriatmo Soetarto Ermina Pakki Evy Ervianti, Evy Ferawati Ferawati Firdaus Firdaus Harahap, Fitri Ramdhani Haryantini, Haryantini Hasmeinah, Hasmeinah Hendarto Hendarto Husaini Husaini Ildrem Syafri Indah, Merlia Irmadita Citrashanty, Irmadita Ismadi Raharjo, Ismadi Istanto, Kelik Istanto, Kelik Isworo, Dyah Ivan Fauzani Raharja Jantarto, Dwi Julianti Gunawan Kamaliyah Kamaliyah Kinanti Prabawaningrum, Kinanti KURNIA KURNIA, KURNIA Kurniati Kurniati Lenny Marlina, Lenny Lisa Aditama, Lisa Lita Setyowatie, Lita M Yulianto Listiawan, M Yulianto M. Yulianto Listiawan, M. Yulianto Mayangsari, Renata Mega Fatimah Rosana Meidyta Sinantryana Widyaswari, Meidyta Sinantryana Melia, Sri Menul Ayu Umborowati, Menul Ayu Mirawati Mirawati Mulyadi Mulyadi Nani Nani Noor Amalia Sari, Noor Noorbaiti, Rahmita Nurasrifah, Dewi Nurasrifah, Dewi Nurdin Laugu Pedia Primadiarti, Pedia Pratama, Galih Purnamasari, Vina Purwanto, Hendri R.H.H. Nelwan Rachman, Firdaus Rachman, Firdaus Rahadian, Liko Noor Noor R Rahmadewi Rahmadewi Ririn Ririn Rospala Hanisah Yukti Sari, Rospala Sari, Asdini Sari, Nelly Yupita Satyawan Sunito Sawitri Sawitri Setiyadi, Johar Shakti Indraprasta, Shakti Sheilaadji, Maria Ulfa Shinta Dewi Rahmadhani Soetojo, Shinta Dewi Rahmadhani Siska Natsir, Siska Soeryo Adiwibowo Soraya Djamilah, Soraya Sudari, Sudari Sugeng Triyono Suhartono, H. Irwan Suryaningsih, Yuni Syarif, Dede Talib, Arin Rizki Toha, Aztriana Trisniartami Setyaningrum, Trisniartami Udin Hasanudin W, Hestu Nugroho Warasto, Hestu Nugroho Yuli Wahyu Rahmawati, Yuli Wahyu Yulia, Meinilwita Yulian Fakhrurrozi, Yulian Yunningsih, Erni