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Analisis Citra, Kepercayaan Dan Kepuasan Terhadap Loyalitas Mahasiswa Sistem Informasi Dengan Pendekatan Path Analisys Nurfaizal, Yusmedi; Pinilih, Muliasari
Jurnal Informatika Vol 3, No 3 (2015): Vol 3 No 3 2015
Publisher : Fakultas Sains dan Teknologi Universitas Labuhanbatu

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In the era of globalization, the system plays a very important information. By masteringtechnology and information, constitute one of the capital to be winners in the global competition. Theimportance of students in the loyalty marketing no doubt. Universities are expecting can retain customersin the long term, even if perhaps forever. Customers who have loyalty will feel an emotional bond withthe organization, with an emotiona bond to make customers loyal and encourage them to continue doingbusiness with the organization and make recommendations. A loyal student who will be a very valuableasset for the college. Students who are loyal will provide feedback to the organization. Efforts to buildcompetitiveness for a college absolutely must be done in order to maintain existence. Some of the stepsthat need to be prepared among other things, enhance the image, trust, satisfaction and loyalty ofstudents. Given the importance of image, trust, satisfaction and customer loyalty will require an analysisof the image, trust and satisfaction to loyalty student information system with the approach path analisys,so it can be used by universities to increase loyalty to students. The results showed that image, trust andsatisfaction has a significant positive effect on loyalty student information system.