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Eklektika Volume 1, Nomor 2 Tahun 2013
Publisher : Program Studi Administrsi Pendidikan Program Pascasarjana UNM

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Abstract : The implementation of Law No. 22 in 1999 on Regional Government which marks the start of a government decentralized system in the sense of autonomy paradigm gives impact to the administration and management of education. Centralized management of the education authority shifted to decentralized (autonomous regions). The concept of paradigm changes in administration and management education that is ideal for regional autonomy based education governance, namely:  (i) self-reliance and empowerment of local communities without compromising national mission within the national system of education managemen. (ii) the democratization of education, the education of, by, and for the interests of the region in the context of local, national, and global. (iii) the principle of "management by vision" or MBS. (iv) management mechanisms which education oriented to regional characteristics, the ability of the region, and area requirements. (v) Direct cost, is borne by the government more and indirect costs (indirec cost) should be examined in-depth in the practice of education,  borne by the public more (students and parents.
PEMETAAN KOMPETENSI KEPALA SD DI KOTA MAKASSAR Ratmawati, Ratmawati; Tolla, Ismail; Wahed, Andi
Publikasi Pendidikan Vol 10, No 1 (2020)
Publisher : Prodi PGSD FIP UNM

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Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk memetakan penguasaan dimensi kompetensi kepala sekolah khususnya bagi Kepala Sekolah Dasar di Kota Makassar berdasarkan Standar Kompetensi Kepala Sekolah/madrasah yang meliputi: (1) dimensi kompetensi kepribadian, (2) dimensi kompetensi sosial, (3) dimensi kompetensi manajerial, (4) dimensi kompetensi supervisi, dan (5) dimensi kompetensi kewrausahaan?. Jenis penelitian adalah penelitian survey dengan pendekatan deskriptif kualitatif yang bertujuan untuk mencari kedudukan, fenomena untuk mngetahui status dengan cara membndingkan dengan standar yang telah ditentukan. Subjek penelitian adalah 153 kepala sekolah SD yang tersebar di lima wilayah kecamatan di Kota Makassar yang menjadi sampel dalam penelitian ini. Tehnik pengumpulan data yang digunakan adalah tes sebagai instrumen utama, dokumentasi, dan observasi, serta teknik analisis data yang digunakan adalah teknik analisis pesentase. Berdasarkan hasil pemetaan kompetensi kepala sekolah dasar pada dimensi kompetensi Hasil analisis data pemetaan dimensi kompetensi kepribadian hanya mencapai 68% berada pada kategori sedang, dimensi kompetensi manajerial mencapai 72% atau berada pada kategori tinggi, demensi kometensi supervise akademik hanya mencapai 61% atau berada pada kategori sedang, dimensi kompetensi kewirausahaan menunjukkan penguasaan 53% atau berada pada kategori rendah dan dimensi kompetensi social mencapai  61% atau berada pada kategori sedang. Dan secara keseluruhan rata-rata penguasaan dimensi kompetensi kepala sekolah dasar dari lima dimensi berada pada pencapaian 65% atau berada pada kategori sedang dan hasil penelitian ini tidak jauh berbeda dengan hasil penelitian yang dilakukan oleh LPPKAS pada tahun 2010.
Eklektika Volume 6 Nomor 1 Tahun 2018
Publisher : Program Studi Administrsi Pendidikan Program Pascasarjana UNM

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The purpose of this study is to assess the fulfillment of eight national education standards (SNP) at SMP Negeri in South Sulawesi. The research method used a combination of quantitative descriptive approach and qualitative approach. Qualitative descriptive approach is depiction of research results in percentage form. Qualitative approach is the depiction of research results in the form of categories. The research location covers 3 districts / cities as the sample which is determined based on the location of the region that is, the South region is represented Makassar City, the West area is Parcare City, and Southeast region, represented by Regency of Bone. samples, 2 SMPNs were chosen, each 1 SMPN accredited A and 1 SMPN accreditation B, so the number of samples is 6 SMPN. The instruments used were questionnaires developed from national education standard indicators (SNPs) equipped with documentation, and interviews. The result of data analysis shows that the percentage of compliance level of 8 national standard of education at SMP Negeri in South Sulawesi successively as follows: (1) standard content 86% or very good category, (2) standard process 88% or very good category, (3) ) the competency standard is 84% or good category, (4) standard of educator and educational staff 72% or good category, (5)) standard of facilities and infrastructure 75% or good category, (6) 90% management standard or very good category, (7) 73% financing standard or good category, and (8) 87% rating standard or very good category. Among the eight standards that include low level of engagement, one of them is the standard of educators and education personnel, especially the education personnel, namely principals, labors, and librarians are still many who have not met the standards because they do not have a certificate of competence. Suggestions for the follow-up that ownership of competency certificates for school principals, labors, and school librarians should be a priority requirement by local governments in recruitment.