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UJI KLIRENS DAN UJI PIROGENITAS SEBAGAI BAGIAN DARI PENENTUAN MUTU BIOLOGI SEDIAAN 90Y-EDTMP Sulaiman, Sulaiman; Aguswarini, Sri; Karyadi, Karyadi; Chairuman, Chairuman; Setiawan, Gatot; HG, Adang; Subur, M.
Jurnal Kefarmasian Indonesia VOLUME 8, NOMOR 2, AGUSTUS 2018
Publisher : Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan Biomedis dan Teknologi Dasar Kesehatan

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Cancer is one of the causes of death in Indonesia and even the world. Nuclear medicine techniques with radiopharmaceuticals and SPECT are one of the ways to treat cancer, but their use in Indonesia is not yet popular. Radiopharmaceuticals marked with radionuclide emitting beta (?) radiation are proven to be used for cancer therapy, one that has been developed in PTRR-BATAN is 90Y-EDTMP. Yttrium-90 is used in nuclear medicine by utilizing ? radiation (E max 2.28 MeV). The ? energy which is produced from the decay process of 90Y radionuclides to 90Zr can kill cancer cells. This study aimed to provide information about the substances biological effects so that preventive measures can be taken to protect humans. This study conducted evaluation of the 90Y-marked radiopharmaceutical (90Y produced from a 90Sr / 90Y generator which is 90Y-EDTMP) encompasses clearance test, pyrogen test, and dose safety test in experimental animals. The clearance test utilized mice, the pyrogen test utilized rabbits, and the dose safety test utilized mice. The results of the clearance test showed that 90Y-EDTMP compound which was excreted in 192 hour was 49.70% through urine and 14.59% through feces. The total excretion of 90Y-EDTMP within 192 hours was 64.57%. Based on the results of clearance tests with calculations, 90Y of 90Sr / 90Y generators in 90Y-EDTMP dosage form had 84.2 hours of half-life, 36.5 hours of an effective half-life and 52.7 hours of a residence time. Pyrogen test results showed pyrogen-free. The 90Y-EDTMP dose safety test showed that the dose is safe and not deadly. The development of 90Y-EDTMP is expected to be improved to produce radiopharmaceuticals for cancer therapy in order to make a real contribution in public health services.
Jurnal Pengelolaan Sumberdaya Alam dan Lingkungan (Journal of Natural Resources and Environmental Management) Vol 5, No 2 (2015): Jurnal Pengelolaan Sumberdaya Alam dan Lingkungan (JPSL)
Publisher : Graduate School Bogor Agricultural University (SPs IPB)

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One of the primary sectors that contributes to green house gas emissions is land use changes. Bogor Regency is one of the districts close to the capital city and industrial areas so that the intensity of land use changes are very dynamic. This study aims to determine the dynamics of land use changes and CO2-eq emissions from land use change in 2000 to 2014 in Bogor. In the period 2000-2014 the most land undergone many changes occur in mixed garden, cropland, open land and shrub that converted turned into settlement with a total amounted to 11.12% of the total area, while the CO2-eq emissions in 2005-2009 increased approximately six times the emissions from 2000-2005 in the amount of 681 006.94 tons of CO2-eq per year.Keywords: green house gas emission, land use change, CO2-eq emissions
INFLUENCE OF CONTACT TIME ON LOADING 99MO(N,γ) WITH ALUMINA COLUMN IN 99MO / 99MTC GENERATOR Sulaiman, Sulaiman; Sugiharto, Yono; Setiawan, Gatot; Chairuman, Chairuman; H.G., Adang
JKPK (Jurnal Kimia dan Pendidikan Kimia) Vol 4, No 3 (2019): JKPK (Jurnal Kimia dan Pendidikan Kimia)
Publisher : Program Studi Pendidikan Kimia FKIP Universitas Sebelas Maret

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Alumina is usually used for 99Mo absorbers obtained from 235U fission product because the use of 235U is getting limited, and as an alternative 99Mo obtained from natural MoO3 irradiation was used. The problem is that 99Mo produced was not carrier-free as 99Mo from 235U fission product because not all MoO3 is activated to 99Mo, then it is necessary to know the effect of contact time when loading 99Mo into the alumina column. To find out the effect of contact time, the experiment was carried out using 99Mo pH 4, acid alumina column, contact time was varied between 1 to 60 minutes with interval of 15 minutes, and the column was eluted using 2 kinds of eluent namely 0.9% NaCl and MEK. The elution of 99Mo/99mTc generator is performed 3 times, days 1, 2 and 3. The results showed that the performance of alumina in absorbing 99Mo influenced by time. The optimal contact time is 15 minutes for 0.9% NaCl solution and 45 minutes for MEK. The amount of 99Mo breakthrough (µCi99Mo/mCi99mTc) from the alumina column increases with elution time both using 0.9% NaCl or MEK. The 99mTc eluate obtained from this study does not meet standard requirements. The use of a tandem column is needed to prevent 99Mo breakthrough on the 99Mo/99mTc generator to get the 99mTc which meet standard requirement.