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Influence of sGnRH-a + Domperidone With Different Doses for Ovulation Stimulation, Egg and Larvae Quality of The Pawas (Osteochilus hasselti CV) Anggraini, Septiana; Aryani, Netti
Jurnal Online Mahasiswa (JOM) Bidang Perikanan dan Ilmu Kelautan Vol 3, No 1 (2016): Wisuda Februari Tahun 2016
Publisher : Jurnal Online Mahasiswa (JOM) Bidang Perikanan dan Ilmu Kelautan

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This research was conducted over 60 days, starting on April 20 until June 8 2015, at the Hatchery and Breeding Laboratory at Fisheries and Marine Science Faculty, University of Riau. This research aims to determine the effect of sGnRH-a + domperidone with different doses of the ovulation stimulation and the eggs quality of Nilem Carp (O. hasselti CV) which is the first step of research and then the best dosage obtained through observations in the first step will then be injected against gonads mature female brood and then will spawn with the male injected with the best dose (0.4 ml/kg body weight) through research "sGnRH-a + domperidone With Different Doses for Volume, Concentration and Cement Quality of Nilem Carp (O. hasselti CV) as the second step of this research. The results showed that sGnRH-a + domperidone at a dose of 0.6 ml/kg body weight were significant (p<0,05) for the latent time, total eggs ovulation, egg diameter increase, eggs maturity and ovisomatik index value, with the best results for the latent time (6.15 hours), total eggs ovulation (242 eggs/g gonads), egg diameter increase (0.9125 mm), eggs maturity (20 %) and ovisomatik value index (14.75 %). Results of the second step resulted in average: fertility rate (81.33 %), hatching rate (81.76 %), absolute length growth (1.91 cm), absolute weight growth (0.27 g), daily growth rate (10.17 %) and the rate of survival (95.1 %). Keywords : sGnRH-a + Domperidone, Ovulation Stimulation, Nilem Carp (Osteochilus hasselti CV).
Vegetation Stratification in Semarang Coastal Area Tri Martuti, Nana Kariada; Anggraito, Yustinus Ulung; Anggraini, Septiana
Biosaintifika: Journal of Biology & Biology Education Vol 11, No 1 (2019): April 2019
Publisher : Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences, Semarang State University . Ro

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The coastal region is a dynamic area as a transition between the land and the sea. The ecological function of the coastal area is affected mainly by the structure and composition of vegetation factors. This study aims to analyze the vegetation stratification of terrestrial to marine ecosystems in the coastal area of Semarang City, Central Java Indonesia as an effort to manage a sustainable ecosystem. A striped path combined with nested plots were applied in this research. The plots were placed by systematic purposive sampling based on the homogeneity of vegetation found along with the topographic conditions of the research location. Analysis of qualitative data used by way of inventorying plants and identifying plants based on morphological characteristics that can be observed. Data analysis was performed based on the results of an inventory of the structure and composition of vegetation obtained including the index of diversity, evenness, and species richness. The results of plant identification found in the three locations recorded 51 plant species consisting of 29 families. The different types of vegetation in Taman Lele, Tapak, and Tirang Beach affect the diversity, richness, and evenness index of vegetation in all three locations. Therefore, it can be concluded that different environmental factors contribute to the vegetation stratification from the land to the sea. This is the first report on the Semarang coastal area vegetation stratification. The results can have a positive impact on the coastal area conservation strategy for sustainable management, as well as to be a media for environmental education purpose.