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Factors Affecting Village Midwives Work Performance in Conducting Early Detection of High Risk Pregnancy in the Antenatal Care in South Bengkulu District Yunita, Harlen; Kuntjoro, Tjahjono; Purnami, Cahya Tri
Jurnal Manajemen Kesehatan Indonesia Vol 1, No 2 (2013): Agustus 2013
Publisher : S2 IKM FKM UNDIP

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Antenatal care provided health service for pregnant women and their fetuses according to theminimum standard of 7T, and minimum of four examinations during pregnancy. These standardswere intended to assure protection to pregnant women, such as risk factors early detection,complication prevention and management. Based on the coverage of maternal and children localarea monitoring (PWS-KIA), maternal and infant mortality rates, and preliminary survey tovillage midwives, it was concluded that work performance of village midwives was stillinadequate. Objective of this study was to identify factors affecting work performance of villagemidwives in conducting early detection of high risk pregnancy in the antenatal care. This was anexplanatory research with cross sectional approach. Data were collected using structuredquestionnaire and observation. Study population was village midwives. Samples consisted of 93respondents who were selected using simple random sampling technique. Results of the studyshowed that 73.1% of village midwives’ age were in the range of 25-35 years old, and 37.6% ofvillage midwifes duration of work were in the range of 36-60 months. Bivariate analysis withcross tabulation and Pearson Product Moment test indicated that variables related to workperformance were knowledge (p= 0.000), motivation (p= 0.004), perception on supervision ofcoordinator midwives (p= 0.016), and perception on workload (p= 0.047). Multivariate analysisusing multivariate logistic regression test indicated common effect of knowledge and facilitiesvariables with significance value of 0.000 and r 2 = 0.394; it meant that 39.4% of workperformance variable could be explained by variation of those two variables. District healthoffice is expected to provide training, to complete facilities for village midwives before startingto work in the village; to form team or committee as a consultation place. Puskesmas is expectedto complete documentation facilities; head of puskesmas and coordinator midwives are advisedto actively doing supervision.