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Moving from Paper-Based Testing (PBT) to Computer-Based Testing (CBT) for Classroom Use: Exploring the Opportunities and Challenges Ferdiansyah, Sandi
Proceeding of International Conference on Teacher Training and Education Vol 1, No 1 (2016): Proceeding of International Conference on Teacher Training and Education
Publisher : Sebelas Maret University

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From educational perspectives, the ability of teachers to design a computer-based test material is believed to become a critical element to develop a breakthrough particularly in educational assessment practices in this twenty first century era. In addition, the ability of the teachers to create the digital testing is also expected to revitalize the implementation of testing for educational purposes. Though technology mediated testing provides teachers with such huge opportunities, its application remains static since the shift from traditional mode of testing to computerized testing is absolutely challenging. To back up those compelling arguments, this paper attempts to discuss four tangible opportunities for teachers to self-create computer-based testing for classroom use such as 1) teacher-student engagement in virtual learning environment; 2) testing efficiency and practicality; 3) interactive exercise for measurement; and 4) maintenance of high level of scoring accuracy. The paper will also talk about the challenges the teachers might face while creating and implementing the e-testing, namely 1) affordance of technological tools; 2) teacher-student familiarity in computer mediated learning and testing; and 3) innovation in adamant teaching and learning situation. At the end of this chapter, brief guidelines on how to administer and implement CBT for classroom use are proposed. The significance of this chapter is finally addressed to the needs of capacity building of e-testing construction and implementation for educational purposes. Consequently, there is an expectation of growing awareness of the teachers and practitioners towards the current paradigm in teachers-made test using computer in the context of classroom settings and beyond.
Pedagogical tasks for collaborative digital storytelling creation: Practical design and implementation Ferdiansyah, Sandi
Beyond Words Vol 7, No 1 (2019)
Publisher : Widya Mandala Catholic University Surabaya

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This article demonstrates a step by step into digital stories creation in a language classroom that teachers may adapt or adopt for their classroom purposes. At the outset, it will explore the nature of digital storytelling and empirical evidence of digital storytelling implementation across levels. Additionally, the article proposes ideas on how collaborative learning can be integrated in the making of digital storytelling. The design and implementation of pedagogical task emphasize on giving more opportunities for students to engage in the genre based collaborative digital stories project and foster their critical thinking and creativity. At the end of this article, alternative assessment is promoted to assess the learning process as well as the students’ project of digital storytelling. Providing students with scaffolded activities, I contend that every language teacher now can empower their learners to become digital storytellers.
ANALISIS STRUKTUR FISIK PUISI “KANGEN” KARYA W. S RENDRA Saputra, Deri; Ferdiansyah, Sandi; F, Yusep Ahmadi; Rosi, Rosi
Parole (Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Indonesia) Vol 1, No 6 (2018): Volume 1 Nomor 6, November 2018
Publisher : IKIP Siliwangi

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Literary work is the representative or outpouring of the heart of an author, can be poured in the form of oral and written. Poetry is the disclosure of ideas, ideas, or feelings of the heart using figurative language. Writing poetry is usually used to criticize or express an event. In poetry there is a physical structure and an inner structure. The author chose the poem by W. S Rendra entitled "Kangen" to be a research, it intends to know the physical structure of the poem. Both in terms of diction, Imaji, concrete words, figurative language, rhyme, and face. This research uses descriptive method, aims to make the description systematically, factually, and accurately about the physical structure of poetry. The physical structure of W.S Rendra's heartache is very different from the writing of poetry in general, W. S Rendra packs his poems freely with figurative words and diction choices that come out of the romantic path,