Ibrahim Alghamdi, Ibrahim
College of Computer Science and Information Technology, Albaha University

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CLOUD-BASED RETRIEVAL INFORMATION SYSTEM USING CONCEPT FOR MULTI-FORMAT DATA Alghamdi, Ibrahim; Ali F. Alshehri, Dhafer; Alghamdi, Abdullah; Kerim, Bedine; Budiarto, Rahmat
Computer Engineering and Applications Journal Vol 5 No 1 (2016)
Publisher : Universitas Sriwijaya

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The need of effective and efficient method to retrieving non-Web-enabled and Web-enabled information entities is essential, due to the fact of inaccuracy of the existing search engines that still use traditional term-based indexing for text documents and annotation text for images, audio and video files. Previous works showed that incorporating the knowledge in the form of concepts into an information retrieval system may increase the effectiveness of the retrieving method. Unfortunately, most of the works that implemented the concept-based information retrieval system still focused on one information format. This paper proposes a multi-format (text, image, video and, audio) concept-based information retrieval method for Cloud environment. The proposed method is implemented in a laboratory-scale heterogeneous cloud environment using Eucalyptus middleware.  755 multi-format information is experimented and the performance of the proposed method is measured.
An Efficient Modulation and Coding Scheme Selection Mechanism for Single-cell Mode E-MBMS Mohd. Algharem, Mohd. Algharem; Omar, Mohd. Hasbullah; Alghamdi, Ibrahim; Budiarto, Rahmat
Proceeding of the Electrical Engineering Computer Science and Informatics Vol 2: EECSI 2015
Publisher : IAES Indonesia Section

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Long Term Evolution (LTE) network offers a high throughput with low latency that makes it the best choice for Evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (E-MBMS). E-MBMS transmits data to all users simultaneously using the same channel and same Modulation and Coding Scheme (MCS) level. Each user experiences different channel condition, so an MCS level should be selected properly to satisfy all users. Typically, MCS level is selected on the basis of users worst channel condition which results in wasting network resources. Since the E-MBMS performance directly depends on the selected MCS level, an efficient Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC) scheme is essentially needed. This paper introduces a new mechanism that uses the Standard Deviation (SD) of MCS level of E-MBMS user group operated on single cell mode to efficiently select its optimal MCS level. Simulation results show that the proposed mechanism increase the spectrum efficiency, throughput, and lower Packet Loss Ratio compared to the Worst User Channel Condition mechanism and Fixed Predefined MCS mechanism.