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Journal : Jurnal Wawasan Manajemen

Pengaruh Komitmen Organisasi dan Spiritualitas di Tempat Kerja terhadap Kinerja Karyawan Perum BULOG Divisi Regional Kalimantan Selatan Kota Banjarmasin. Mulianti, Annisa Ratu; Anisah, Hastin Umi; Sugiati, Tinik
JWM (Jurnal Wawasan Manajemen) Vol 3, No 2 (2015)
Publisher : Program Magister Manajemen

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This  study  aims  to  determine  the  effect  of  partial  and  simultaneous  organizational commitment  and  spirituality  in  the  workplace  on  employee  performance  in  Public Corporation BULOG Regional Division South Kalimantan in Banjarmasin City. The  research  method  uses  a  quantitative  approach  to  the  study  sample  size  of  34 employees  of  Public  Corporation  BULOG  Regional  Division  South  Kalimantan  in Banjarmasin  City  tested  using  multiple  regression  analysis  with  software  Statistics Programme for Service Solutions (SPSS) version 20.0. The  study,  of  34  permanent  employees  who  work  in  Public  Corporation  BULOG Division  South  Kalimantan  Banjarmasin,  found  that  organizational  commitment  and significant  positive  effect  on  employee  performance.  The  findings  further,  that spirituality in the workplace positive and significant impact on employee performance. Simultaneously,  organizational  commitment  and  spirituality  in  the  workplace  positive and  significant  impact  on  employee  performance.  Based  on  the  results  of  this  study concluded  that organizational commitment and spirituality in  the  workplace  is able  to address  concerns  about  the  performance  of  employees  in  Public  Corporation  Bulog Regional Division South Kalimantan Banjarmasin. Implications of the study is expected to be a positive contribution to improving employee performance and the performance of  Public  Corporation  BULOG  Regional  Division  South  Kalimantan  in  Banjarmasin City and future research.  Keywords:  organizational  commitment,  spirituality  in  the  workplace,  employee               performance.