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Pengaruh Saluran Distribusi Terhadap Volume Penjualan Semen pada PT.Semen Tonasa ( Persero ) Pemasaran Wilayah II di Samarinda Sattar, Sattar
DEDIKASI Vol 34, No 1 (2016)
Publisher : Prodi Ilmu Administrasi Negara

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The aim of this research is to know how far is thw influence of channelof distribution applied by PT. Semen Tonasa in Samarinda marketingbureau towards the producer, agents, retail and consument. The onewhich inluences them is the quantity of the distribution cannels used bythe company to market the production. In the analysis by using simpleliniar regression got the : Y = - 948.943,712 + 75.155,228 X, it meansthat every addition of the distribution channel it is hoped the volume ofthe sale will cover the substraction = 873.789,484 ton. Then to knowhow the closed relation between distribution cannels used and the effectof the sale volume (r) the result is 0,896. So r is the same or smallerthan 1, it means that those are correlated. All are determined by thequantity of the them.The other proofs are being counted by the volumeof both factors.
Rancang Bangun Alat Eliminasi Gas Buang Menggunakan Mekanisme Ejektor Saini, Makmur; Nur, Rusdi; Sattar, Sattar; Ibrahim, Ibrahim
INTEK: Jurnal Penelitian Vol 4, No 2 (2017): Oktober 2017
Publisher : Politeknik Negeri Ujung Pandang

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Environmental pollution (pollutants) can be caused by natural events or human care through uncontrolled industrial and technological activities, this can be a threat to living things including humans in the future. This phenomenon is caused by the entry of particles or chemical substances that do not exist in the natural component so that it exceeds the amount that should be. Pollution is the inclusion of substances, energy and aliens into the environment so that the quality of the environment decreases and no longer suitable allocation. Efforts to reduce or control environmental pollution that some environmental scientists and practitioners have done in a better way by the structures produced by various industries and technologies that are seen as backbones. The research installation can provide detailed information about the shape and structure of the current in the pipe (analogized as the exhaust) in the direction and the vertical velocity to air will be inhaled by the fluid of the liquid (air) as motive fluid in the opposite direction. The suction strength of the liquid against the airflow is greatly determined by the vacuum pressure in the chamber because of the effect of the working ejector that is geometrically formed so that the image can be adjusted to that achievement. The parameters used to measure performance in the design of this air-contaminating air-conditioning installation plant are composed of several variables in the ratio of changes between air velocity and liquid flow in opposite directions, vacuum compressions are formed large enough, the fluid flow capacity of the ejector, revascular and the ability to transform gas pollutants into liquid pollutants.