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UNEJ e-Proceeding 2016: Dinamika Global: Rebranding Keunggulan Kompetitif Berbasis Kearifan Lokal
Publisher : UNEJ e-Proceeding

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The article tries to describe ascription communication among the prominent figure intended for covert sexual behavior prevention measures. Making use of descriptive method with subjective approach, it attempts to portray the object of study in natural settings. As such, the data are collected by means of participatory observation, in-depth interview and document study. The data being gathered are then examined using descriptive analysis within ethnographic model. The research found that ascription communication by public prominent leaders has led to prevent sexual behavior among sex workers and their pimps by taking into account their internal as well as external factors. The prominent leader’s interpersonal communication behavior has proven effective because they did so by taking into consideration their counterpart’s social as well as cultural background. Simply saying, their emphatic communication with sexual workers has made the latter felt closer emotionally which eventually work effective for sexual behavior prevention action. This finding illustrates the importance of the prominent leaders’ competence in ascription communication whose main tenets and principles are derived from social phycology.
Jurnal Nomosleca Vol 3, No 1 (2017): April 2017
Publisher : Universitas Merdeka Malang

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AbstractThis article is intended to provide a description of research results on the intensity of public figure communication through the approach of familial relationships to prevent social deviation. This study is a literature review study or literature study based on some previous research results by combining factual analysis. The results of this study can reveal the intensity of communication public figures are able to prevent and cope with social impediment in a social group. Where the heaviest of deviations is labeling which is the cause and effect of the explanation itself. Social deviation is examined from two aspects namely lifestyle and culture in social groups. The intensity of communication of public figures always reflects the closeness of the relationship between the elements of the system within the society, and is able to contribute through efforts to improve the existing conditions in the normative state. The higher the intensity of communicating, the higher the togetherness is created through new forms of agreement. The main determinant is the intensity of communication by public figures and communication approaches based on kinship relationships. Key Words: Communication Intensity, Public Figure, Kinship Relations and Social Diversity.DOI :
Perilaku Komunikasi Antarbudaya Pasutri Kawin Campur (Perspektif Drama Turgi) Adi, Dodot Sapto
Jurnal Nomosleca Vol 3, No 2 (2017): Oktober 2017
Publisher : Universitas Merdeka Malang

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Abstract Research conducted in the city of Malang, East Java in 2017, has been able to describe the behavior, and also reveal the strategy of constructing the behavior of intercultural communication in order to maintain household harmony. Similarly, regarding personal communication model, by emphasizing the factor of openness to be the main in building the values that are favored or referenced, and with that foundation also other factors in personal relationships can easily follow. The method of qualitative naturalistic analysis is interactive, becoming the basic reference for obtaining relevant data. While the use of phenomenology approach, it is useful to explore the personal experience of informants in married life, so it is easy to formulate together with informants about normative concepts that are commonly applied in pragmatic problem solving. The results of this study can find the importance of improving the behavior of intercultural communication between married couples, in order to achieve a harmony relationship through the process of understanding to position his partner and his nearest social environment. The basic principles of family communication are important in addressing common problems, and intimate communication should always be created at every opportunity. Both of these factors can run effectively, if each marriage marriage partner provides an opportunity for her partner to present her role. Keywords: married couples, intercultural communication behavior, family turgi drama DOI :
PERILAKU SIMBOLIK KOMUNITAS KREATIF TELEMATIKA (Studi Fenomenologi Relasi Antarpelaku Di Kota Malang) Adi, Dodot Sapto; Siswanto, Budi
Jurnal Nomosleca Vol 4, No 1 (2018): April 2018
Publisher : Universitas Merdeka Malang

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Abstract The phenomenon of the creative community of telematics in the city of Malang is more interesting because it is in the process of social-cultural shift to metropolitan. This initiates the renewal of community positions and life as research urgency, focusing on constructing symbolic behaviors expressed as social and cultural products. The research process begins by conducting a scientific study in synthetic literacy, which collects information on several research reports and published scientific papers, and then conducts research using phenomenology method to formulate verification of the results with 12 informants considering the level of activity of informants pursue the field of activities, especially creative photography and videography. The research results of the creative community of telematics still need an effort to give space openly for its members for participation, with high awareness for its social role. It has strengthened the relational principle that gave birth to a growing community tradition in an alliances to grow in community empowerment, demonstrating efforts: (1) expanding member opportunities in intercommunity relationships through individual and group levels; (2) enhancing community image through facilitation forums that have a positive impact on the growth of inter-community integration; and (3) to maintain values based on mutual commitment and develop them into the identity of reformers. Keywords: creative community of telematicsDOI :
Jurnal Nomosleca Vol 2, No 1 (2016): April 2016
Publisher : Universitas Merdeka Malang

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AbstractSebagai lembaga sosial dan penyanggah demokrasi keempat, media berfungsi untuk mengontrol perilaku kekuasaan politik penguasa dan kuasa ekonomi pengusaha. Namun sebagai lembaga ekonomi, media juga dikelola untuk melayani kepentingan ekonomi politiknya sendiri. Media tidak dikelola dalam ruang hampa; media dijalankan dengan dorongan dan motivasi untuk melayani kepentingan ekonomi dan politiknya sendiri agar tetap bertahan hidup. Isi media dan realitas media, makanya bukan merupakan pantulan jujur dari realitas sosial tapi adalah konstruksi dan bentukan dari para pekerja media. Konten pemberitaan media, makanya, seakan terpisah jauh dari kepentingan masyarakat. Kepentingan publik belum menjadi arus utama dalam rutinitas kerja redaksi. Kinerja pers seperti ini telah menimbulkan sinisme masyarakat terhadap kehidupan publik. Jurnalisme publik/civic, makanya menjadi keniscayaan sejarah bagi pekerja pers untuk mengembalikan fungsi pers sebagai pilar demokrasi keempat. Lewat model jurnalisme ini diharapkan sikap apatis masyarakat dapat diganti dengan partisipasi penuh mereka dalam kehidupan warga. Ditambah dengan jurnalisme warga, partisipasi warga dalam mempengaruhi kebijikan publik akan semakin marak. Artikel konseptual ini berupaya untuk menjelaskan esensi jurnalisme publik beserta latar belakang yang mendorong kelahirannya. Model jurnalisme ini semakin bertampah daya dorongnya dengan munculnya jurnalisme warga. Tulisan ini menyimpulkan bahwa kedua model jurnalisme penting untuk memelihara proses demokratisasi nasional.Keywords : Jurnalisme Publik, Jurnalisme Civic, Jurnalisme warga, pilar keempat demokrasiDOI :
ETTISAL Journal of Communication Vol 3, No 2 (2018): ETTISAL Journal of Communication
Publisher : Universitas Darussalam Gontor Bekerjasama Dengan ASPIKOM

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The salient features of postmodern thought are holistic view of reality, truth relativity, subjectivity and anti-rationality and social relationship (togetherness). Not only those perspectives have influenced behavior of the majority of society members but have deeply rooted in their lives. They have become people’s lifestyle. Member of Malang Creative Telematics community have done so which is best demonstrated in their way of behaving and doing their daily activities. As member of creative community, their identity along with self-concept, social status and personal expectations are representation of their lifestyle. Those lifestyle has then increasingly strengthened with rapid development of information and communication technology. The paper makes every effort to explicate how those postmodern lifestyle emerge, develop and maintain in the their communal setting. Employing qualitative approach along with phenomenological method in which observation and in-depth interview with 11 informant as means of collecting the data, the research found that their ambitious artistic innovative craftsmanship show that they did so for gaining international recognition without regarding economic advantage. This lifestyle have then created a new communal identity which then have impacted their internal social livelihood. The new values emerged are then being adopted collectively to adapt to the new environment.