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Journal of Biology Education Vol 2 No 2 (2013)
Publisher : Journal of Biology Education

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This research aims to development and test the feasibility of visual novel education game based on character building using the environment preservation study material. Visual novel education game is titled "Arif Si Anak Peduli Lingkungan”. In this research, the media will be explored, developed by experts and tested through two stages, namely the stage of small-scale testing and large-scale testing. Subject of small-scale trials are one class and the subject of large-scale trials that are 2 classes in SMA N 1 Kajen. Data obtained from the feasibility media pieces by the expert appraisal and response sheet and student teachers. Data obtained from the media effectiveness of student learning outcomes. The data concerned the students character value obtained from observation and tests of character. The results of the feasibility analysis show that media worthy media, expert assessment of media and material experts scored 2.69 and 2.75 which shows a very decent criteria. Teachers and 100% of students to respond to the criteria very well and good. Analysis is studying the results showed 80.95% of students obtain the learning outcomes above KKM (≥ 80). The results of the analysis of the character of students shows that students have a high scores character​​. It was concluded that the media developed is feasible as a learning media in high school. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengembangkan dan menguji kelayakan mediagame edukasi visual novel berbasis pembangunan karakter pada materi pelestarain lingkungan. Game edukasi visual novel ini berjudul “Arif Si Anak peduli Lingkungan”. Metode penelitian yang digunakan adalah Research and Development. Dalam penelitian ini media yang dikembangkanditelaah oleh pakar dan diuji cobakan melalui 2 tahap, yaitu tahap uji coba skala kecil dan uji coba skala besar. Subjek uji coba skala kecil yaitu 1 kelas dan subjek uji coba skala besar yaitu 2 kelas dilakukan di SMA N 1 Kajen Kabupaten Pekalongan. Data kelayakan media diperoleh dari lembar penilaian kelayakan oleh pakar dan lembar tanggapan guru dan siswa. Data keefektifan media diperoleh dari hasil belajar siswa. Data nilai karakter peduli lingkungan siswa diperoleh dari observasi dan tes karakter. Hasil analisis kelayakan media menunjukan bahwa media layak, penilaian dari ahli media dan ahli materi memperoleh nilai 2,69 dan 2,75 yang menunjukan kriteria sangat layak. Guru dan 100% siswa memberikan tanggapan dengan kriteria sangat baik dan baik. Analasis hasil belajar menunjukan 80,95% siswa memperoleh hasil belajar diatas KKM (≥80). Hasil analisis karakter siswa menunjukan siswa memiliki nilai karakter yang tinggi. Simpulan dari penelitian ini adalah media yang dikembangkan layak digunakan sebagai media pembelajaran di SMA.
The Cytotoxic and Apoptosis Effects of Chloroform Extracts of Auricularia auricula on Cervical Cancer Cells Hikam, Arif Rahman; Ekowati, Nuraeni; Hernayanti, Hernayanti
Biosaintifika: Journal of Biology & Biology Education Vol 11, No 1 (2019): April 2019
Publisher : Department of Biology, Faculty of Mathematics and Sciences, Semarang State University . Ro

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Auricularia auricula is an edible mushroom cultivated in Indonesia that has been known to have potential properties of bioactive compounds than can be used for medicinal purpose. This study aimed to examine the cytotoxic and apoptosis effect of chloroform extract of A. auricula on cervical cancer cells in vitro. The research design was in vitro experimental research. Cytotoxic tests was using an MTT [3-(4,5-dimetiltiazol-2-yl)-2.5-diphenyl tertrazolium bromide] assay and apoptosis test was using double staining method. Test of bioactive compounds was carried out using GCMS. Cytotoxic effect were analyzed by linear regression and apoptosis test was analyzed descriptively. Chloroform extract of mycelium A. auricula showed the best results with IC50 = 264.87 µg/ml. An important finding obtained after the double staining process was that chloroform extract of A. auricula can induce HeLa cells death by apoptosis. GCMS test results showed that the extracts containing limonene and piperidinone which are the anticancer bioactive compounds. In conclusion, the chloroform extracts of A. auricula has the potential to inhibit the growth of cervical cancer cells. The benefit of this study are expected to provide information about the anticancer potential of extract of A. auricula against cervical cancer cells, thus contributing to the development of alternative anticancer treatments from natural product.