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UJI DAYA ANTIBAKTERI DAN IDENTIFIKASI ISOLAT SENYAWA KATEKIN DARI DAUN TEH (Camellia sinensisL. var Assamica) Astutiningsih, Christina; Setyani, Wahyuning; Hindratna, Himawan
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Community Vol 11, No 2 (2014)
Publisher : Sanata Dharma University

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Abstract: Antibacterial is a substance that can interfere with the growth and metabolism of bacteria, so that these substances can inhibit growth or even kill bacteria. This research aimed to utilize natural materials as a natural antibacterial. This study investigated the ability of isolates catechins of tea leaves to inhibit Staphylococcus aureus and spectral identification of these catechins. Catechin compounds was extracted by water, and then fractionated with CHCl3 and ethyl acetate. Ethyl acetate phase was concentrated fractionation results using a rotary evaporator for further separation using thin layer chromatography with various mobile. The results of the study showed that the concentration of isolates of demonstrated to be effective as antibacterial, with MIC 12.5%. UV spectrum measurement showed that the isolates had a maximum absorption at a wavelength of 279 nm while the FTIR spectrophotometer showed that isolates catechin-containing functional groups C = C aromatic absorption 1500-1600 nm^-1 and OH groups, a broad band between 2000 and 3600 nm^-1.Key words: isolates catechins, Staphylococcus aureus, tea leaves, antibacterial