Aulia Setyo Wicaksono, Aulia Setyo
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Internal Dose Analysis for Radiation Worker in Cancer Therapy Based on Boron Neutron Capture Therapy with Neutron Source Cyclotron 30 MeV Using Monte Carlo N Particle Extended Simulator Wicaksono, Aulia Setyo; Harto, Andang Widi; Sardjono, Yohannes
Indonesian Journal of Physics and Nuclear Applications Vol 2 No 2 (2017)
Publisher : Fakultas Sains dan Matematika Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana

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Based Studies were carried out to analyze internal dose for radiation worker at Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) facility base on Cyclotron 30 MeV with BSA and room that actually design before. This internal dose analyze include interaction between neutron and air. The air contains N2 (72%), O2 (20%), Ar (0.93%), CO2, Neon, Kripton, Xenon, Helium and Methane. That internal dose to the worker should be bellow limit dose for radiation worker amount of 20 mSv/years. From the particle that are present in the air, only Nitrogen and Argon can change into radioactive element. Nitrogen-14 activated to Carbon-14, Nitrogen-15 activated to Nitrogen-16, and Argon-40 activated to Argon-41. Calculation using tally facility in Monte Carlo N Particle Version Extended (MCNPX) program for calculated flux Neutron in the air 3,16x107 Neutron/cm2s. room design in cancer facility have a measurement of length 200 cm, width 200 cm and high 166,40 cm. flux neutron can be used to calculated the reaction rate which is 80,1x10-2 reaction/cm3s for carbon-14 and 8,75x10-5 reaction/cm3s. Internal dose exposed to the radiation worker is 9.08E-9 µSv.