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Sistem Perancangan Web Penjualan Material Bangunan Pada PT Bangun Tiara Teknik Siregar, Bani; Fibriany, Firstianty Wahyuhening
JURNAL TEKNIK KOMPUTER Vol 5, No 1 (2019): JTK - Periode Februari 2019
Publisher : Universitas Bina Sarana Informatika

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Web-based information systems technology is one of the media information that is efficient and effective in the dissemination of information that can be accessed by anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Currently, many companies are already making use of web-based information systems technology to help his efforts in promoting his company, to introduce its product, getting consumers more, making transactions faster and provide satisfying service for consumers. PT. Bangun Tiara Teknik is a company engaged in the field of building materials. Sales system that exists today of PT. Bangun Tiara Teknik is still done manually, where starting from the process of supply of goods, the ordering of merchandise, the deals, the creation of shipping documents, to reporting, so it takes a lot of time and in create a document and are still often goes wrong in terms of record keeping and input data by the sales section. The results of the design of this web-based information system is the best solution to solve the problem. Error logging orders can be minimized and reporting can be done appropriately.  Therefore, the authors are interested in making the design of information system of sales with web-based  at PT Bangun Tiara Teknik. With web-based computerized system allows the addition of a number of consumers to purchase the desired product, consumer satisfaction against the speed and accuracy of orders as well as reporting.
Peningkatan Produktivitas Melalui Pelatihan Karyawan Pada PT. Giordano Indonesia Fibriany, Firstianty Wahyuhening
Publisher : Akademi Komunikasi BSI Jakarta

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The development and advancement of an organization cannot be separated from the factor of quality human resources owned by that company. Productivity can reflect the success or failure in achieving effectiveness and efficiency in the use of company resources. Good work productivity can not be obtained by reversing the Palm of the hand, but should be done with hard work, both in the short term, or long term. One way thats done the company to improve productivity and performance is to conduct training to employees, especially new employees who recently was hired by the company in order to reduce the gap between the ability of employees with the skills that are required of the company.Keywords:  Employee, Productivity, Employee Training
Penerapan Manajemen Mutu Terpadu Untuk Menurunkan Reject Produksi Roti Bun di PT. SFP Fibriany, Firstianty Wahyuhening
Publisher : Akademi Komunikasi BSI Jakarta

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Semakin banyaknya persaingan usaha pada perusahaan roti menyebabkan perusahaan harus selalu meningkatkan mutu/kualitas produknya. Pemenuhan permintaan konsumen terhadap produk yang baik, membuat perusahaan harus selalu menjaga mutu, disamping harga yang sesuai dengan psikologis konsumen. Dalam industri roti, terutama roti bun, terdapat bebarapa hal yang dianggap reject produksi, diantaranya adanya bintik hitam, guratan putih, dan permukaan yang pecah pada bawah roti. Manajemen Mutu Terpadu (MMT) merupakan strategi yang digunakan perusahaan agar perusahaan menjadi efektif dengan keunggulan kompetitif.  MMT akan mempengaruhi seluruh kegiatan, baik di dalam maupun di luar organisasi, mulai pemasok sampai dengan konsumen. Di dalam MMT, terdapat delapan langkah MMT dan beberapa alat MMT yang dapat digunakan untuk menurunkan reject roti bun tersebut .
Publisher : Akademi Komunikasi BSI Jakarta

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Information systems smanagement (SIM) is used by all organizations, both government organizations as well as private organizations. One of the functions of the SIM is desperately wicked decision making and their impact on management in organizations. This approach is described with an emphasis on decision-making is structured as well as unstructured by each level of management level. Limitations and challenges in the field of HR SIM discussed and provide recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the SIM in the decision-making process in the Department of Human Resource Management. Keywords : Information System management, decision making, human resources management
Analisis Hubungan Pelatihan Terhadap Peningkatan Kinerja Karyawan Pada PT. Bank Bukopin, Tbk Jakarta Fibriany, Firstianty Wahyuhening
Publisher : Akademi Komunikasi BSI Jakarta

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Human resources play a very important role in the company.  The superior man and professional in his work will be able to improve the productivity of the company. To get a superior and professional employees in her work, companies need to provide training for employees to produce a good performance.  This research aims to mengevalusi the influence of the training provided by the company against the performance of its employees.  The methods used in this research is quantitative methods using the questionnaire as a primary data collection techniques and by using probability sampling a sampling technique that is giving the same opportunities in population to be selected into the sample.  The sample used as many as 40 of the subject and will be tested using the test of the correlation coefficient, coefficient of determination test and regression equation using SPSS ver 22.0. Test results on the correlation koefisen, resulting in the existence of a relationship between variables X and Y, although weak, namely his relationship of 33.8% and the rest affected other variables. Based on the results of the test results obtained any t that there is presence of influence between training on performance of employees. Keywords: Human Resources, Evaluation, Training, Compliance, Performance
Sistem Informasi Ketidakhadiran Izin Dan Cuti Berbasis Web Pada BPSDM KEMENDAGRI Ningsih, Ainun Fazriati; Fibriany, Firstianty Wahyuhening
IJCIT (Indonesian Journal on Computer and Information Technology) Vol 3, No 2 (2018): IJCIT Nov 2018
Publisher : PPPM AMIK BSI Tasikmalaya

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AbstrakBPSDM Kemendagri merupakan instansi milik negara yang berlokasi di Jakarta Selatan. BPSDM kemendagri bertugas untuk mengembangkan sumber daya manusia, dimana instansi ini juga banyak melakukan kegiatan untuk mendidik dan melatih aparatur pemerintahan dalam negeri yang sesuai dengan peraturan perundang-undangan. Saat ini, BPSDM Kemendagri telah melakukan absensi kehadiran dengan menggunakan mesin finger print dan sudah terkomputerisasi. Akan tetapi, pegawai yang ingin melalukan cuti tahunan, cuti melahirkan, izin dinas, dan izin sakit masih menggunakan sistem manual, yaitu dengan cara pegawai mendatangi staff absensi dengan membawa surat dokumen ketidakhadiran yang nanti akan diinput data absensi ketidakhadiran oleh staff absensi. Dengan permasalahan ini, penulis membuat web absensi ketidakhadiran untuk pegawai agar lebih efektif dalam menginput ketidakhadirannya dan dapat membantu meringankan kinerja staff absensi agar lebih fleksibel dan efisien dan mengurangi kesalahan absensi ketidakhadiran pegawai. Metode yang digunakan untuk penelitian ini adalah dengan menggunakan perangkat lunak Waterfalldengan menggunakan bahasa pemrogrman PHP dan MySQL. Pengujian web dilakukan dengan menggunakan blackbox.Kata Kunci: sistem informasi, absensi ketidakhadiran, web, pegawai, waterfall AbstractBPSDM Kemendagri is a State-owned agency located in South Jakarta. BPSDM kemendagri served to develop human resources, where these agencies also many activities to educate and train government apparatus in accordance with domestic legislation. Currently, the BPSDM Kemendagri have been doing attendance attendance using finger print machine and already computerized. However, employees who want to affect annual leave, maternity leave, permission, and permissions service of the sick are still using manual systems, that is by the way an employee came up to staff absences by bringing the document letter of absence soon to the inputted data attendance absenteeism by staff absences. With this issue, the author makes the web attendance absence for employees to be more effective in filling his absence and can help alleviate performance staff absences to make it more flexible and efficient and to reduce absences errors the absence of employees. The methods used for this research is to use the software Without using PHP and MySQL pemrogrman. Web testing is done using blackbox.Keyword: information systems, absence of attendance, web, employees, waterfall
EVALUASI HASIL PELATIHAN KARYAWAN TERHADAP KINERJA KARYAWAN (Studi Kasus PT. Bank Bukopin) Fibriany, Firstianty Wahyuhening; Oktaviani, Nur Hani
Jurnal Ecodemica: Jurnal Ekonomi, Manajemen, dan Bisnis Vol 3, No 2 (2019): Jurnal Ecodemica
Publisher : LPPM Universitas BSI

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Sumber daya manusia merupakan aset penting yang dimiliki oleh setiap perusahaan.  Sumber daya manusia yang unggul dan profesional dalam pekerjaannya akan dapat menigkatkan kinerja perusahaan. Untuk mendapatkan karyawan yang unggul dan profesional dalam pekerjaannya, salah satu usaha yang dapat dilakukan perusahaan adalah dengan memberikan pelatihan bagi karyawan agar kinerja karyawan sesuai dengan keinginan perusahaan. Berdasarkan permasalah tersebut, maka penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mendapatkan hasil pelatihan, hasil kinerja dan mengevaluasi pelatihan yang diberikan apakah ada pengaruhnya terhadap kinerja karyawan. Penelitian ini menggunakan data kuantitatif dengan menggunakan kuesioner sebagai pengumpulan data primernya. Pengumpulan sampel data untuk penelitian ini adalah dengan teknik probability sampling, yaitu teknik pengambilan sampel yang memberikan peluang yang sama dalam populasi untuk dipilih menjadi sampel. Lembaran kuesioner disebarkan kepada karyawan PT. Bank Bukopin Jakarta. Variabel X terdiri dari pertanyaan yang meliputi variabel kemampuan karyawan, sikap dan mental karyawan, kerjasama, perilaku karyawan, loyalitas karyawan, jenang karir, dan pengetahuan.  Sedangkan variable Y terdiri dari kemampuan tugas spesifik dan tidak spesifik, komunikasi, usahanmeningkatkan diri, kedisiplinan, motivasi, supervisi, dan manajemen administrasi.  Variabel ini akan diuji dengan menggunakan uji F.