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Perancangan Pengukuran Kinerja di PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. Menggunakan Baldrige Excellence Framework 2015-2016 Putra, Almandri Nur; Daryanto, Arief; Sahara, Sahara
Jurnal Aplikasi Bisnis dan Manajemen (JABM) Vol 4, No 1 (2018): JABM Vol. 4 No. 1, Januari 2018
Publisher : School of Business, Bogor Agricultural University (SB-IPB)

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Nowadays, Indonesia cement industry is facing a dissatisfactory condition. The national cement competition landscape has been changed. There are some new cement producers crowded out the industry. At the time, they can corrupt the market share of the existing players, including PT. Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. as one of the biggest cement producers in Indonesia. To overcome this problem, one of the best solutions is to improve the performance, and it can be started with a favorable performance measurement system. This study used a well-known performance measurement tool of Baldrige Excellence Framework (BEF) of 2015-2016. This study aims to define the criteria of the Baldrige Excellence Framework of 2015-2016 of PT Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa, Tbk, to assess the performance based on the Baldrige Excellence Framework of 2015-2016, and to give strategic and exact suggestions on the company performance measurement, based on the strength and opportunity for improvement and BEF scoring result. Based on the result of this study, PT. Indocement Tunggal Prakarsa Tbk. scored 423.91 points indicating that the company is classified as Global Average class for its global performance criteria with the predicate of Early Improvement. This means that performance of the company has to be improved in any fields to strive an excellence company within all criteria.Keywords: BEF, performance measurement, performance improvement, cement, PT Indocement
Dampak Bea Keluar Kakao Indonesia terhadap Country Market Power di Pasar Biji Kakao Amerika Serikat dan Terms of Trade Harsanti, Ari; Juanda, Bambang; Sahara, Sahara
Jurnal Agribisnis Indonesia Vol 2, No 2 (2014): Desember 2014 (Jurnal Agribisnis Indonesia)
Publisher : Departmen of Agribusiness, Economics and Management Faculty, Bogor Agricultural University

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As the world’s third-largest cocoa beans producer, Indonesia is expected to have a comparative advantage and to become cocoa beans price reference. This research investigates market power of Indonesia cocoa beans export for the United State market as an impact of an export tax. Five cocoa beans exporting countries namely Cote d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Ghana, Dominica Rep and Nigeria are calculated their market power as Indonesia’s competitors by estimating residual demand elasticity with two stage least square method. The results show that Indonesia’s market power suffered after imposing the export tax. Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana get advantages from this export restriction. The effect of export tax on welfare is analyzed by calculating terms of trade. The gain from cocoa beans trade depicts a declining terms of trade for dealing with the international cocoa beans market.
Jurnal Agribisnis Indonesia Vol 4, No 2 (2016): Desember 2016 (Jurnal Agribisnis Indonesia)
Publisher : Departmen of Agribusiness, Economics and Management Faculty, Bogor Agricultural University

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Food Estate Development Program is an investment project on food cropsubsector in the form of business activities with large-scale cultivation (> 25 ha), especially rice commodities. The present study aims to analyze economic feasibility of Food Estate Development Program. The methode used to answer the research was NPV, IRR, BCR, Pay Back Period and sensitivity analysis. The results show that the NPV is positive amounted 153.761,83 billions rupiah, IRR of 63%, BCR of 1,25, Pay Back Period of 8 years and the sensitivity analysis of sensitive to changes in prices of inputs and outputs. From the above considerations investment criteria, indicates that program is economically feasible.
Jurnal Aplikasi Bisnis dan Manajemen (JABM) Vol 1, No 2 (2015): JABM Vol. 1 No. 2 Desember 2015
Publisher : School of Business, Bogor Agricultural University (SB-IPB)

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Company should be able to formulate a good strategy to win the competition; one of the strategies formulated is promotion. Promotion required by the company that aims to meet the needs and desires of consumers are more critical today. This study aimed to identify the type of promotion that necessitated retail stores in taking decisions in selling liquid milk products and to analyze the effectiveness of the promotion of liquid milk products which have been granted to retail store. Data collection begins with the collection profile of respondents, in this case is a retail store that has become the companys customers. Data were collected through interviews using a questionnaire. Sampling was done by determining the retail store which has become the companys customer base and measured by turnover or size of the average purchase in six months, as well as loyalty program participants. The way the sampling is done with a technique called stratification total of 120 respondents participated in this survey. The analytical method used in this research is the analysis of the correspondence, thurstone, and chi-square test. Correspondence analysis in this study is used to detect the proximity of a given brand with promotion. Thurstone analysis was used in assessing the importance of this type of promotion. The attributes measured in order of priority and the desired level of importance of each respondent. Chi-Square test is a correlation test that aims to identify the relationship between variables.Keywords: promotion, retail, correspondence, thurstone, chi-squareABSTRAKPerusahaan harus mampu merumuskan strategi yang baik untuk memenangkan persaingan, salah satu strategi dirumuskan adalah promosi. Promosi yang dibutuhkan oleh perusahaan yang bertujuan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan dan keinginan konsumen yang lebih kritis saat ini. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengidentifikasi jenis promosi yang dipentingkan toko ritel dalam mengambil keputusan dalam menjual produk susu cair dan untuk menganalisis efektivitas promosi produk susu cair yang telah diberikan ke toko-toko ritel. Pengumpulan data dimulai dengan pengumpulan profil responden, dalam hal ini adalah toko ritel yang telah menjadi pelanggan perusahaan. Data dikumpulkan melalui wawancara dengan menggunakan kuesioner. Pengambilan sampel dilakukan dengan cara menentukan toko ritel yang sudah menjadi customer base perusahaan dan diukur berdasarkan omset atau besarnya rata-rata pembelian dalam enam bulan, serta sebagai peserta program loyalty. Cara pengambilan sampel yang dilakukan ini dinamakan dengan teknik stratifikasi total 120 responden yang berpartisipasi dalam survei ini. Metode analisis yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah analisis korespondensi, thurstone, dan chi-square test. Analisis korespondensi pada penelitian ini digunakan untuk mengetahui adanya kedekatan merek dengan promosi yang diberikan. Analisis thurstone dipergunakan dalam menilai tingkat kepentingan dari jenis promosi. Atribut tersebut diukur berdasarkan urutan prioritas dan tingkat kepentingan yang diinginkan dari setiap responden. Uji Chi-Square merupakan uji korelasi yang bertujuan untuk mengidentifikasi hubungan antar variabel.Kata kunci: promosi, ritel, korespondensi, thurstone, chi-square
Pengembangan Strategi PT ABC Niaga di Industri Distribusi Gas Auguar, Auguar; Firdaus, Muhammad; Sahara, Sahara
Jurnal Aplikasi Bisnis dan Manajemen (JABM) Vol 3, No 3 (2017): JABM Vol. 3 No. 3, September 2017
Publisher : School of Business, Bogor Agricultural University (SB-IPB)

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This study aims to analyze the development strategy of PT ABC Niaga in gas distribution industry. This study uses IFE and EFE Matrix, analysis SWOT matrix and QSPM. Prior to the analysis of the development of the strategy, first performed project feasibility analysis in the development plans of the city gas network from the aspects of company expenditure using capital budgeting. Then analyzed factors internal and external affecting business performance, SWOT analysis and formulated alternatives for the development of business strategies and their order of priority using QSPM. Analysis of internal and external factors each have a score of 2,541 and 3,261. QSPM matrix analysis shows that the strategy of "aggressive market penetration by expanding city gas area into potential region with high commercial activities" has the highest TAS value 10.943.Keywords: gas distribution industry, IFE, EFE, SWOT, QSPMAbstrak: Penelitian ini bertujuan menganalisis pengembangan strategi PT ABC Niaga di industri distribusi gas. Penelitian ini menggunakan Matriks IFE dan EFE, analisis SWOT, dan QSPM. Sebelum dilakukan analisis pengembangan strategi, terlebih dahulu dilakukan analisis kelayakan proyek dalam rencana pengembangan jaringan gas kota dari aspek pembelanjaan perusahaan dengan menggunakan metode capital budgeting. Selanjutnya dianalisis faktor-faktor internal dan eksternal yang memengaruhi kinerja bisnis dengan analisis SWOT dan dirumuskan alternatif-alternatif strategi untuk pengembangan bisnis beserta urutan prioritasnya dengan menggunakan metode QSPM. Analisis faktor internal dan eksternal masing-masing memiliki skor 2,541 dan 3,261. Analisis matriks QSPM menunjukkan bahwa strategi "penetrasi pasar secara agresif dengan memperluas area gas kota di wilayah yang potensial dengan aktivitas komersial yang tinggi" memiliki nilai TAS tertinggi 10.943.Kata kunci: industri distribusi gas, IFE, EFE, SWOT, QSPM
Integrasi dan Asimetri Harga Karet TSR20 Indonesia dengan Harga TSR20 Dunia Suryadi, Andi; Sahara, Sahara; Hasbullah, Rokhani
Jurnal Aplikasi Bisnis dan Manajemen (JABM) Vol 4, No 3 (2018): JABM Vol. 4 No. 3, September 2018
Publisher : School of Business, Bogor Agricultural University (SB-IPB)

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Penelitian ini bertujuan mengetahui hubungan integrasi dan asimetri antara harga karet TSR20 di pasar Indonesia, SICOM dan New York. Ruang lingkup penelitian ini menggunakan metode Asymmetric Error Corection Model (AECM). Analisis asimetri yang dilakukan merupakan analisis asimetri yang disebabkan perbedaan respon peyesuaian dari segi kecepatan (Speed adjusment). Data yang digunakan merupakan data time series bulanan dari tahun 2010 sampai dengan tahun 2016. Hasil penelitian menunjukan bahwa semua pasar telah terintegrasi. Hubungan yang terjadi adalah pasar SICOM memengaruhi pasar Indonesia, Pasar SICOM dan Pasar New York serta pasar Indonesia dengan pasar New York sama-sama saling memengaruhi. Sedangkan untuk hubungan asimetri terlihat bahwa SICOM dengan pasar Indonesia terjadi hubungan asimetri dalam jangka pendek namun dlam jangka panjang simetri. Sedangkan hubungan antara pasar Indonesia dan pasar New York terjadi hubungan simetri dalam jangka pendek namun jangka panjang tidak simetri. Sementara itu hubunga yang terjadi antara pasar SICOM dan pasar New York simetri baik dalam jangka pendek maupun dalam Jangka panjang. Rekomendasi penelitian selanjutnya, selain melihat harga di pasar SICOM dan Amerika Serikat penting untuk melihat integrasi harga di pasar China. Pasar Cina belakangan ini menjadi pasar yang banyak meng import karet alam selain Amerika Serikat dan Jepang.Kata kunci: TSR20, asimetri, SICOM, karet, AECM