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Cyberfeminis: Wajah Baru Pembebasan Diri Kaum Perempuan Andarwulan, Trisna
Kafa`ah: Journal of Gender Studies Vol 7, No 1 (2017)
Publisher : State Institute for Islamic Studies Imam Bonjol Padang

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Feminists appear to be a movement to reject everything being  marginalized, subordinated, and demeaned by dominant cultures, either in politic, economic, culture, or social life. The purpose of this research is to describe new face of the women rebellation. Library research was employed where the data taken from content analysis. The research finding showed that one of the new movements done by feminists in the era of globalization is through the virtual world, the cyber world. This movement became known as cyberfeminists. Its cross-boundary nature which beyond the physical and geographical world as a new social field for feminists to explore new freedoms in term of building their relationships and identities. One of the common movement is by using the publication of short stories and novels published in cyberspace. Run Away with You is one of the short stories reviewed in this study.
Waskita: Jurnal Pendidikan Nilai dan Pembangunan Karakter Vol 2, No 2 (2018)

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This research is based on the researcher concerned as a lecture of Bahasa Indonesia in University of Brawijaya (UB). The researcher found out that student’ pride when speaking Bahasa Indonesia is low. This condition will become concern the position of Bahasa Indonesia itself since language attitude is one of the critical factors of language learning. Therefore, this research aimed to describe (a) Students’ language attitude towards Bahasa Indonesia and (b) Students’ language attitude in strengthen Indonesian language skill as an effort toward international language.  This research using descriptive method with quantitative approach. The research population was students of UB  academic year 2017. The sample carried out with random sampling technique to 60 students from the field of exact sciences and social. The result showed that UB students’ language attitude towards Bahasa Indonesia is still low. Not all students have a positive attitude towards Bahasa Indonesia. The awareness that language is part of the identity needs to be improved to create positive attitude that refers to language appeal and pride of a language speaker.
COMMUNICATIVITY OF AUTISTIC STUDENT UTTERANCE IN LEARNING INTERACTIONS Suparno, Suparno; Susilowati, Novi Eka; Fawzi, Ary; Andarwulan, Trisna; Anggraeni, Astri Widyaruli
ISLLAC : Journal of Intensive Studies on Language, Literature, Art, and Culture Vol 2, No 2 (2018)
Publisher : Jurusan Sastra Indonesia

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The purpose of this study is to describe speech communication by autistic students atthe SDLB Autism Laboratory of Universitas Negeri Malang. This study wasconducted on seven autistic students who had different types of autism. The data ofthis study are the elicitation of verbal data in the form of grammatical lingual units andlingual units of the interaction of oral speech of autistic students in the form of wordsand sentences accompanied by speech context. The results of the study show fourthings. First, the shift of speech between teachers and students does not occur wellbecause students are slow in responding to the stimulus from the teacher. Secondly,almost never occurs speech initiation from students. Third, there is inaccuracy andincompatibility of speech responses to stimulus speech. Fourth, the communication ofeach autistic student is different.