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KEBERHASILAN REHABILITASI TERUMBU KARANG AKIBAT PERISTIWA BLEACHING TAHUN 2016 DENGAN TEKNIK TRANSPLANTASI Rani, Chair; Tahir, Akbar; Jompa, Jamaluddin; Faisal, Ahmad; Yusuf, Syafyudin; Werorilangi, Shinta; Arniati, Arniati
Jurnal Ilmu Kelautan SPERMONDE Vol 3, No 1 (2017)
Publisher : Jurnal Ilmu Kelautan SPERMONDE

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The purpose of this study was to analyze the succesfullnes use of two coral reef transplantation methods in the rehabilitation ofcoral reefs damaged by the phenomenon of bleaching in 2016 at the waters of Liukangloe Island, Bulukumba, South Sulawesi.In this study two methods were implemented, i.e. methods frame-spider and methods of nails-natural substrates, with 5 unitsas replication, respectively. A total of three kinds of branching corals weretransplanted, namely Acropora robusta, Poritescylindrica, and Pocillopora verrucosa. On each unit transplantation models, attached 6 coral fragments with branch length of5-12 cm for each kind of corals. A total of 3 fragments for each species of corals were labeled and coded for the survival rateand absolute growth monitoring. All five unit of experiments on each model are placed on two areas separately and placedrandomly with depths ranging from 3-4 m in the northern part of island. Observations survival rate and absolute growth of coraltransplant were conducted for every 2 weeks for 28 days by counting the dead coral fragment or missing and measure the lengthof transplant coral branch with a measuring ruler. The effectiveness of the two methods was analyzed based on the survival andgrowth of the absolute value of coral transplant. Survival rate were analyzed descriptively and the average values of absolutegrowth were analyzed by t-student. The use of frame-spider methods and methods of nails-natural substrates as effective inrehabilitating the coral reefs from bleaching phenomenon based on the parameters of survival and growth of Acropora robusta,Porites cylindrica, and Pocillopora verrucosaKeywords: Transplantation methods, coral reef, bleaching coral, Liukang Loe Island
A Study for Exploring Information Literacy of PhD Student Arniati, Arniati
Journal of Applied Accounting and Taxation Vol 2 No 2 (2017): Journal of Applied Accounting and Taxation (JAAT)
Publisher : Pusat P2M Polibatam

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The search process research topic is concerned for every doctoral student from all major colleges and all educational subjects. Previous studies indicate that the information literacy is a tool aids in the process of finding a research topic. This study aims to determine how the role of information literacy for doctoral students to find a thesis topic through interviews with doctoral students of engineering and non-engineering majors from several countries. The results showed that the use of information literacy required in the process of finding a research topic by using the channel information journal in websites and search engines is the most frequently used by students. Information literacy education in the form of short courses on material which is supporting the conduct of research, guides and self-learning module is a new discovery in this research.
AKMEN Jurnal Ilmiah Vol 6 No 2 (2009): AKMEN Jurnal Ilmiah
Publisher : AKMEN Jurnal Ilmiah

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Which wish reached performed  of this research to analyse the influence motivate the job to labour capacity employees at PT. Makassar Raya Motor Makassar,  and also to analyse the relation of between motivation work with the labour capacity of employees at PT. Makassar  Raya Motor Makassar. To solve the the problems hence analysis method used by : analysis of regresi and correlation and also analyse the validity and reliabilitas for instrument research. Result of analysis conducted  indicate that there are influence of between motivation to labour capacity of employees at PT. Makassar Raya Motor Makassar, this matter is knowable through/ passing analysis regresi of between motivation with the labour capacity employees, obtained by equation regresi that is Y = 0,957 + 0,730 ( X), indicating that with the existence of the make-up of job motivation of diiikuti with the make-up of labour capacity employees of equal to 0,730  and with the value prob < 0,05 can be said that by a motivation work to have an effect on by signifikan to make-up of labour capacity employees.
SINTASAN DAN PERTUMBUHAN TRANSPLANTASI KARANG HIAS ACROPORA SP DI DESA TONYAMAN, KECAMATAN BINUANG, KABUPATEN POLEWALI MANDAR Haris, Abdul; Rani, Chair; Tahir, Akbar; Burhanuddin, Andi Iqbal; Samawi, Muh. Farid; Tambaru, Rahmadi; Werorilangi, Shinta; Arniati, Arniati; Faizal, Ahmad
Jurnal Ilmu Kelautan SPERMONDE Vol 3, No 2 (2017)
Publisher : Hasanuddin University

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Culture of ornamental corals applying transplantation technique was aimed to know the successful of this transplantation technique in the ornamental coral culture based on its growth and survival rate of various coral fragments. The location of the medium settlement was in the western side of the waters of Tonyaman Village, Binuang Subdistrict, Polewali Mandar Regency with 3-4 meter depth during low tide. One of coral species i.e. Acropora  sp with 48 fragments was put on 4 transplantation tables. During the experiment, cleaning of fungi and biofouling at the transplant tables and the culture tables. Measurements of the absolute growth and survival rate were done at the 21st day using calliphers and numbers of dead and live fragments were counted directly. Coral transplantation workshop for ornamental coral culture was attended by 4 fisherman groups with total 23 participants. This event was understood by the training participants from the seed selection to the monitoring. Number of coral fragment cultured was 48 fragments obtained from one of stony corals (Scleractania), i.e. Acropora  sp. The range of survival rate that has been cultured for 21 days was adequately high i.e. 91.7 – 100 %. The highest survival rate was observed at the transplant table B, i.e. 100%, whereas, the table A, C, and D were 91.7 %. Average absolute growth of the coral Acropora  sp cultured during this study were ranged from 4.2 – 4.9 mm/month. Aaverage absolute growth was found at table transplant B and C, while the lowest value was observed at the transplant table D.Keywords: cultivation, ornamental coral, transplantation technique, Tonyaman