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Pengaruh Penanganan Pascapanen Terhadap Mutu dan Keamanan Pangan Biji Kakao Munarso, S Joni; Miskiyah, Miskiyah; Thamrin, M
Jurnal Industri Hasil Perkebunan Vol 11, No 1 (2016)
Publisher : Balai Besar Industri Hasil Perkebunan

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Production of cocoa beans increasing significantly, but the quality of the seeds low and varied.The main problem is because of the cocoa farmers generally did not apply the recommended techniquefor cultivation and postharvest handling. The aims of this study was to observe the effect of GAP and GMPapplication to the quality and safety of cocoa beans produced by farmer groups. To achieve the aboveobjectives, a study has been conducted in Tinco, District Citta, Soppeng South Sulawesi Province. Thisactivity was done by involving farmer groups with different cultivation technology. The activity included: 1.Study to identify the performance of cocoa cultivation; 2. analysis of the effect of GAP and GMP application toquality and safety of cocoa beans produced by farmer groups. The results showed that the quality of cocoabeans produced by Bunga coklat farmer group better than Mattirodeceng farmer group; the application ofGAP and GMP increased the quality of cacao beans. Model application of GAP and GMP system at Bungacoklat farmer group can be used as a sample of cocoa farm production, quality and sustainability oriented.Keywords : postharvest handling, quality, food safety, cocoa
Pemilihan Starter Cair Unggul untuk Fermentasi Biji Kakao Misgiyarta, nFN; Fauzi, Anas Miftah; Syamsu, Khaswar; Munarso, S Joni
Jurnal Penelitian Pascapanen Pertanian Vol 16, No 1 (2019): Jurnal Penelitian Pascapanen Pertanian
Publisher : Balai Besar Penelitian dan Pengembangan Pascapanen Pertanian

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Kualitas biji kakao fermentasi rendah  karena kualitas starter mikroba untuk fermentasi biji kakao rendah. Seleksi starter mikroba diperlukan untuk mendapatkan starter yang unggul. Ada dua jenis starter, yaitu starter cair dan starter kering. Starter cair banyak digunakan untuk fermentasi biji kakao. Starter yang diuji adalah starter cair, yaitu starter Inoka, starter cair BB-Pasca, dan starter yoghurt. Seleksi starter mikroba dilakukan dengan memfermentasi pulp biji kakao selama 24 jam pada berbagai suhu fermentasi (20oC, 30oC, dan 40oC). Parameter yang diamati adalah jumlah total mikroba, laju pertumbuhan mikroba starter, tingkat konsumsi gula pereduksi oleh mikroba starter, total asam yang diproduksi, tingkat penurunan pH, dan peningkatan suhu fermentasi serta korelasi antara parameter pengamatan penelitian. Starter cair unggul yang terpilih adalah starter cair Inoka. Karakteristik starter Inoka adalah memiliki tingkat laju pertumbuhan μ = 0.470, konsumsi gula pereduksi oleh mikroba starter 12%, peningkatan asam total 7%, penurunan pH 5,2, dan peningkatan suhu fermentasi 1,56oC  serta korelasi antara parameter penelitian di atas 0,61.