Son, Aloisius Loka
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WACANA AKADEMIKA: Majalah Ilmiah Kependidikan Vol 2, No 1 (2018)
Publisher : Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa

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This study was created for the purpose to know that in gaple card game had used a mathematics knowledge and ability. Gaple card is a domino card which was usually played two pairs of player, sit in arranged circularly so the paired of player will be on the face. Each player will handle some card which was drawn randomly. The purpose player of the gaple game is to be a winner games by points collection which was accumulated from each games session where are collecting of points based on the rules of play that be known and agreed. This ethnomathematics study is the one of example that a tradition not only contained the community social aspect but also it would utilize the probability theory. Playing gaple card as a vehicle for training of counting ability to high order thinking actually. The integration of the probability theory and high order thinking ability have been utilized a pair player to directed and then created a game session for finished with resulting many of points where are the games pattern was done through a setting systematically
Penggunaan Etnomatematika Pada Batik Paoman Dalam Pembelajaran Geomteri Bidang di Sekolah Dasar Sudirman, Sudirman; Son, Aloisius Loka; Rosyadi, Rosyadi
IndoMath: Indonesia Mathematics Education Vol 1, No 1 (2018)
Publisher : Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa

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This study aims to explore the ethnomatematics contained in Batik Paoman Indramayu and apply it to the learning of geometry field in elementary school. This research is a qualitative research with ethnography approach, where the data collection technique is done by library study, observation, interview, field note, and documentation. Interviews were conducted on two batik entrepreneurs and an embroidered entrepreneur. Based on the results of research data collection obtained 7 namely Parang Teja, Obar Abir, Biskuit Sawat, Serujing, Matahari, Siled and Banji Tepak. The concept of elementary geometry in the primary school that is on the paoman batik motif is the concept of point, straight line, curve line, zigzag line, line height, parallel line, angle, triangle, rectangle, fold symmetry, rhombus.Paoman batik motif that has the concept of geometry for elementary school, of course can be used in the pursuit of geometry fields such as on line recognition, angle recognition, and simple flat wake recognition.