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EFEK PENGGUNAAN KETAMIN-XILAZIN DAN PROPOFOL TERHADAP DENYUT JANTUNG DAN PERNAFASAN PADA ANJING JANTAN LOKAL (Canis familiaris) (Effect of Ketamine-Xylazine and Propofol on Heart Rate and Breathing Frequency of Local Male Dog (Canis familiaris)) Sayuti, Arman; Maulizar, Ria; Syafruddin, Syafruddin; Erwin, Erwin; Frengky, Frengky; Muttaqien, Muttaqien; Panjaitan, Budianto; Zuraidawati, Zuraidawati
Jurnal Medika Veterinaria Vol 10, No 1 (2016): J. Med. Vet.
Publisher : Universitas Syiah Kuala

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of using ketamine-xylazin and propofol on heart rate and breathing in local male dogs (Canis familiaris). Six male dogs with average body weight ±2-3 kg were divided into 2 treatment groups, each group was subcutaneously injected with of atropine sulfate at dose of 0.04 mg/kg as premedication prior to anesthetic administration. The first group (K1) was intravenously injected with anesthetic combination of ketamine-xylazine at dose of 5.5 mg/kg and 1 mg/kg, respectively. The second group (K2) was given propofol at dose of 6.6 mg/kg intravenously. The heart rate and breathing were directly calculated using stethoscope and stopwatch with 10 minutes interval. Data were analyzed statistically using analysis of variance (Anova) with split-splot design and if there is a difference between the two groups followed by least significant difference test (LSD). The administration of ketamine-xylazin (K I) significantly (P<0.05) increase the respiratory frequency compared to propofol administration (K2). The interaction between time and precise observation of K1 and K2 on 30 minute observation (W3) showed significant differences (P<0.05). While on other time observations did not reveal any differences in the interaction between time and observation (P>0.05). It can be concluded that there is no difference effects of given ketamine-xylazin and propofol against heart rate on local male dogs. But there was difference effect of administration ketamine-xylazin and propofol on respiratory frequency on local male dogs.
PENGARUH KEPUASAN DAN DISIPLIN KERJA TERHADAP KINERJA KARYAWAN MELALUI KOMITMEN (Study Kasus Pada Dinas Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Dan Desa Di Kabupaten Malang) frengky, frengky
JIMMU (Jurnal Ilmu Manajemen) Vol 2, No 2 (2017)

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This study examines the effect of satisfaction and work discipline on employee performance, as well as to know the effect of firm commitment to satisfaction and work discipline. In this research involving 57 respondents, all of whom are employees of community empowerment and village empowerment office in malang regency. Data analysis used is path analysis, and confirmatory factor analysis to confirm indicator that explain construct or variable. Confirmatory factor analysis results show that all indicators of each variable are able to explain the variable of job satisfaction and work discipline, employee performance through company commitment. From the analysis path (path analysis) found that there is influence of job satisfaction on commitment, The influence of work discipline on commitment, The influence of job satisfaction on employee performance, The influence of work discipline on employee performance, The influence of commitment to employee performance. The total influence between work discipline variables on positive employee performance can be interpreted that the higher the discipline of work hence the performance of employees will increase. Keywords: job satisfaction, work discipline, employee performance and commitment