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Analisis Kualitas Minyak Nilam (Pogostemon cablin Benth) Produksi Kabupaten Buol Idris, Ahmad; Jura, Minarni Rama; Said, Irwan
Jurnal Akademika Kimia Vol 3, No 2 (2014)
Publisher : Universitas Tadulako

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Patchouli ( pogostemon cablin benth ) is one of the essential oil producing plants which are quite important, known as Oil Patchouly. This oil pick strategic potential in the world market which is used as a binder fragrance in perfumes, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry, and other industries. Buol which aims to determine the quality of patchouli oil. Samples is patchouli oil yield Buol. Parameters in meticulous ie specific gravity, refractive index, acid Numbers, Numbers Esther, and Solubility in Alcohol. The technique used is the technique of sampling area. The results showed that the Weighted Value Type 25oC / 25°C for samples A = 0.997 to 1.000, B = 0.962 to 0.965, C = 0.995 to 0.998 D = 0.980 to 0.983, and E = 0.968 - 0.971. To value Bias Index ( nD20 ) ie sample A = 1.45505 to 1.45705, B = 1.45506 to 1.45706, C = 1.45504 to 1.45704, D = 1.45503 to 1.45703, and E = 1.45523 to 1.45723. Numbers for acid sample value A = 2.805, B = 3.366, C = 2.5245, D = 3.0855 and E = 3.6465. For esther numbers are sample values A = 15.4275, B = 5.61, C = 12.6225, D = 4.2075 and E = 19.635. And last is the determination of solubility in alcohol that sample A = 1 : 2, B = 1 : 1.7, C = 1 : 0.9, D = 1 : 1, and E = 1 : 3. These data show patchouli oil production Buol area has good quality in terms of acid value, ester number and solubility in alcohol is the average Indonesian National Standards meet the standards and ISO. While the specific gravity and refractive index still does not meet the Indonesian National Standard and ISO.
Stability: Journal of Management and Business Vol 2, No 1 (2019): July
Publisher : Universitas PGRI Semarang

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AbstrakPenelitian ini tentang kebangkrutan perusahaan penerbangan penerbangan yang ada di Indonesia. Model Altman, Zwijewski, dan Springate dapat digunakan untuk memprediksi kebangkrutan perusahaan tersebut. Data yang digunakan adalah laporan keuangan tahun 2016 sampai 2018. Dari 15 perusahaan penerbangan di Indonesia terdapat 2 perusahaan penerbangan yang terdaftar pada bursa efek yaitu PT. Garuda Indonesia Tbk dan PT. Airasia Indonesia Tbk. Model Altman menjelaskan prediksi PT. Garuda Indonesia Tbk termasuk perusahaan sehat dan prediksi PT. Airasia Indonesia Tbk termasuk perusahaan bangkrut. Model Zwijewski memprediksi PT. Garuda Indonesia Tbk dan PT. Airasia Indonesia termasuk perusahaan bangkrut. Model Springate menjelaskan prediksi PT.Garuda Indonesia Tbk dan PT. Airasia Indonesia Tbk termasuk perusahaan bangkrut. Kata Kunci:Altman; bankruptcy; springate; zwijewskiAbstractThis research is about the bankruptcy of the airline aviation company in Indonesia. The Altman, Zwijewski, and Springate models can be used to predict the company's bankruptcy. The Data used is the financial statements from 2016 to 2018. Of the 15 airlines in Indonesia there are 2 airlines listed on the stock exchange, namely PT. Garuda Indonesia Tbk and PT. Airasia Indonesia TBK. Model Altman explained the prediction of PT. Garuda Indonesia TBK including healthy company and PT. Airasia Indonesia TBK's predictions include bankrupt companies. Model Zwijewski predicts PT. Garuda Indonesia Tbk and PT. Airasia Indonesia including bankrupt companies. Springate Model describes the prediction of PT. Garuda Indonesia TBK and PT. Airasia Indonesia TBK include bankrupt companies. Keywords:Altman; bankruptcy; springate;zwijewski.