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Decision Tree to Determine Students’ Criteria Choosing a Study Program Jollyta, Deny
TELKOMNIKA (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control) List of ICW TELKOMNIKA 2018 accepted papers
Publisher : Universitas Ahmad Dahlan

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Appropriate information about the criteria of students who choose a study program at a college can facilitate the socialization of relevant study program in the community and help policy-making related to the development of study program in the future. In this research, database of Informatics students is needed as samples. Through the database of Informatics students at a college, several criteria were selected to support data training using C4.5 Algorithm of Decision Tree techniques in data mining, such as gender, school origin, major at school and total test scores. The data will be trained to produce a decision tree that describes the criteria of students who choose the Informatics study program in the form of rule. The training results showed that there were seven rules that have been simplified through independent tests using chi-square with an error rate of 9.19%.
Jurnal Mantik Penusa Vol 2, No 2 (2018): Computer Science
Publisher : Pelita Nusantara Medan

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Many smartphone entrepreneurs compete to promote various brands of smartphones. Conventional promotion systems become a mainstay for almost all smartphone entrepreneurs. As a result, sales turnover tends to decrease because it promotes the same goods in the same way. This research helps improve the promotion system peacefully using technology that can be run through the smartphone itself. Augmented Reality (AR) is technology that is the view of the physical world collaborated between reality and 3D virtual image. AR technology is designed on smartphone models to be an application running on the android platform and built on the Unity 3D program. The AR app will be tested on an android device with 3 different versions using Black Box testing. In addition, AR impact analysis is done on smartphone sales to see the response of potential customers to promotion system. The analysis is done by Sign Test method. Over all, the results of this study indicate that the application of AR is successfully tested on all versions of android and the analysis of this impact by Sign Test is good enough to smartphone entrepreneurs promotion system and get a pretty good response from prospective customers.
PARAMETER ASOSIASI UNTUK MENENTUKAN KORELASI JURUSAN DAN INDEKS PRESTASI KUMULATIF Buaton, Relita; Jollyta, Deny; Mawengkang, Herman; Zarlis, Muhammad; Effendi, Syahril
Jurnal Pilar Nusa Mandiri Vol 15 No 1 (2019): PILAR Periode Maret 2019
Publisher : PPPM Nusa Mandiri

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One of the problems in higher education is the mistake of prospective students in majors selection. This is caused by not paying attention to the suitability of the major in the original school with the chosen major in higher education so that it impacts not only non optimal processing and learning outcomes, such as the low GPA, but also on social life, such as increasing unemployment. The selection of the right major is very important and to help prospective students in choosing it requires an online system that can be accessed by everyone and select original school majors to see conformity with majors in higher education. This system uses association rules and parameters of support and confidence in data mining. The purpose of this research is to determine the correlation between majors in the original school, majors in higher education and the achievement of the GPA through the use of support and confidence parameters that process the knowledge base in the form of an alumni database on the online system created. Training or testing was conducted on 10,254 data in the database and produced new information and knowledge that between the majors of the original school, the choice of majors in higher education and GPA had a strong correlation with the value of confidence reaching 100%.