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Faktor Exacta Vol 6, No 1 (2013)
Publisher : LPPM

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Distribution electric power planning very is needed, with a purpose to full fill technical criterion, reliability aspect and efficiency. It’s his Optimum do not an electrics installation system very determined by its planning system, so that energy which is in supply really used as according to allotment, pursuant to burden assumption in this time and to come. Energy attached / PLN suplay is energy to be paid per kWh beside the expense of burden, where fixed burden paid is is same, though out of condition electricity entirely. SGU use electrics as source of especial energy. Existence of increase of Elementary Tariff of Electrics ( TDL), causing company require to be optimal of usage of its electrics energy, on the chance of can degrade expense which must in paying to the order of PLN party/ side. SGU (SWISS German University) is a university residing in Komplek Edu Town BSD, Serpong-Tangerang. Institution Swiss Germany University-Asia), founded in the year 2000, is effort with among/between Germany, Austrian, Swiss and Indonesia. If we can say as a industry, hence we will categorize this as a service industries. As us know with, input from a service industries specially SGU, that is grad student from SMA, or on an equal. Along existing activity, that is [at] activity process learn and teach, which using many electrics energy, expense of which in releasing very big, in seeing from expense which must in paying SGU party/ side to PT. PLN. Trouble-Shooting taken is with Pareto diagram, histogram and matter done/conducted for the minimization of the expense of usage of electrics energy, is to do/conduct some change of operational system and procedure operational standard from existing equipment Keywords: Optimation, electrics energy, white colars
Faktor Exacta Vol 4, No 3 (2011): Factor Exacta
Publisher : LPPM

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Laboratory Preparation and Analysis PLTR-BATAN to increase competitiveness to competitor hence have to upgrade service and made a pitch for sertifikasi from KAN party/ side ( Committee Accredit National) so that by pocketing certificate from given by school institute is the easiness, hence more interesting to cutomer/ client party/ side to use service from the laboratory. Problems faced by PLTR-BATAN party/ side ( Technological Center of Waste Radioactive - Body Nuclear Energy National) is in order goals laboratory service product marketing for the analysis of examination less / do not reach . Goals research into which is done/conducted by at PLTR-BATAN. laboratory is : to reach order goals by way of existence of laboratory accreditation from KAN party/ side ( Committee Accredit National) as according to ISO document / iec 17025:2005, giving proposal in management system quality. Keywords : Management system quality of control, management standard quality of ISO 9000, IEC 17025 : 2005
Faktor Exacta Vol 4, No 2 (2011): Faktor Exacta
Publisher : LPPM

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Usage of dangerous Materials in inseparable industry so that negative impact of risk to health of worker which in it become important attention. From breakdown of background above, hence problem of research shall be as follows : many operator which still disregard lead danger risk and also by dozens operator which do not know lead danger to environment. Target to know factors influencing operator perception produce to lead danger risk in battery storage acid lead manufaktur industry and to know dominant factor from factors influencing operator perception to lead danger risk. This research pass/through formulation of problem of, determining target, book study, research method desain, data collecting in the form of matrik so that easy to in data input, data-processing with SPSS release 17 and hereinafter conclude. From result of research can be concluded that factors having an effect on direct to worker perception to lead danger risk [is] ( 1) control systems operation of lead danger. ( 2) interaction with lead danger. ( 3) factor training of K3. ( 4) Climate K3 in company organization also give influence to worker perception. Suggested to increase control systems operation of lead danger and also training system mereview so that/ to be worker perception become attitude and goodness posed at in working to fulfill healthy and peaceful job/activity standard Keywords:
Faktor Exacta Vol 8, No 4 (2015)
Publisher : LPPM

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This research is intended to measure and analyze the company’s performance by four Balanced Scorecard perspectives, identifying and measuring the achievement of performance targets in each perspective. This study also measure and evaluate the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard that have done since 2004 using a questionnaire based on the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria. The results of performance measurement in the 5 years from 2010 to September 2014 shows that the average value of learning and growth perspective for workforce training 0,56%, labor productivity Rp.1,679.02 billion per person, labor turnover 3,59% and attendance rate of labor 2,11% . While the average value for the internal business process perspective with the benchmark yield production are 98.82%, 111.38% for total productivity, the value products are Rp 1,137 billion, 98.64% for product quality and 54.55% for employee suggestions. The average value of the customers perspective to the benchmark market share are 11.69%, 36.02% for customer retention, 64.87% for customer acquisition, 9:20% for customer complaints and On Time Delivery are 92.09%. For financial perspective results the average value of ROE are 15.72%, ATO 1:50 times, ROA 4:47%, current ratio 106.85%, quick ratio 59.66%, and Net Profit Margin Ratio is 1.91%. Keywords: Balanced Scorecard, SWOT, Performance Objective
Faktor Exacta Vol 4, No 4 (2011)
Publisher : LPPM

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This research comprise about procedure select and acceptance of employees and also procedure orient and training work applied by field is PT. TORAY ISTEM Tangerang. Rekrutmen is seeking effort a number of certain up to standard labour candidate in number to be done in and by an company. Procedure scope select and acceptance of PT employees. ‘TORAY’ ISTEM define responsibility and activity part of personnel since entry of request of labour from entire/all part of up to work agreement hand sign. In executing its activity of personnel will pursuant to at human resource planning which have been determined previously. From existing job/activity source of power categorized in two faction, that is: internal source and source of eksternal. Things influencing recruitment is employees status, opportunity of promotion, specification of work, recruitment method, regulation of labor, company solidarity, offer of labour. Selection is first effort which must be done/conducted by company to obtain;get employees which with quality and have competence to to take hold of and also partake share in doing all work at the company. Selection executed with a view to get coherence about efficiency, personality, boldness or data considered necessary to get reliable labour. While for the construction of employees in order to meningakatkan of[is quality of PT employees. ‘TORAY’ ISTEM orient and training work field to new employees and give some training type Keywords:recruitment, selection, labour.
OPTIMASI SISTEM PERSEDIAAN BAHAN BAKU PT. TC sembiring, daniel; andri, andri
Faktor Exacta Vol 11, No 1 (2018)
Publisher : LPPM

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In operation in PT TC has a control system in which the materials available material has significant costs each year so that researchers try to examine that it could not happen. In this study were discussed in detail is the A grade material for class A material has a high percentage is 94.29%. A class of materials is the PAC 8C which is one of the materials used every second and for 24 hours non-stop to produce water. Then the author forecasting material needs in coming years carried out by the method of forecasting the moving average (Moving Average) and results tracking signal is positive, it means the material needs of the coming year are greater than they are today. Tracking signal obtained still included within the limits of ± 4 means that the reliability of forecasting acceptable. Comparison inventory system that has been applied in the company with inventory system models Economic Order Quantity, P, and Min-Max do to make it look which system is better. From the comparison of the three models obtained EOQ method is the inventory control system that is the best because it can save the cost of Rp 162,085,358.Keywords: Economic Order Quantity, System P, Min - Max, ABC Classification
Penerapan Lean Manufacturing Dengan Metode Vsm (Value Sream Mapping) Untuk Mengurangi Waste Pada Proses Produksi Pt.Xyz andri, andri; sembiring, daniel
Faktor Exacta Vol 11, No 4 (2018)
Publisher : LPPM

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PT. XYZ is a company engaged in the sport shoe with the marketing areas inside and outside the country. One of the products produced by PT. XYZ is running shoes. The problems faced by the company is not achieving the production targets because many value-added activity not belonging to the waste (waste). For that use lean manufacturing approach to eliminate waste that occurs on in the production line at PT. XYZ. Lean manufacturing methods used is values stream mapping (VSM) to analyze the dominant waste in the manufacturing process. Based on the analysis we found three recommendations for improvement, namely the use of a forklift, the addition operator and addition of machine. Results of evaluation of recommendation is decreased production lead time equal to 8610.62 sec, increasing the value of Process Cycle Efficiency of 21.08%.