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Site and depth influence on coral reef structure and composition in Seribu Islands, Jakarta Fahlevy, Karizma; Khodijah, Siti; Nasrullah, Idham A.; Fathihatunnisa, Ridha; Subhan, Beginer; Madduppa, Hawis
Aceh Journal of Animal Science Vol 2, No 1: July 2017
Publisher : Syiah Kuala University

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The coral reefs structure and composition are influenced by environmental condition and depth. Therefore, this study was conducted to find and examine the influence of depth against coral reef structures in Pramuka Island regions, Seribu Islands, located in the northern of Jakarta. The study was carried out from November to December 2016.The data was taken by using Line Intercept Transect Method which is laid 20 meters x 3 replication parallels with shoreline at the depth of 3 and 10 meters. There was a dominant of higher hard coral (HC) coverage recorded at the depth of 3 m and the lowest percentage located in West of Pramuka. Coral mortality index varied and ranged from 0.39 to 0.98. West of Pramuka Island dominant have the lowest value of average number of families, genera, and life form. Percentage of hard coral cover, coral mortality index, average number of family, genera, and life form differed significantly between sites. The different of depth only influencing the percentage of coral cover and average number of life form.
Assessing fish community structure at two different coral reef depths around Seribu Islands, Jakarta Fahlevy, Karizma; Yudha, Firsta Kusuma; Andika, Wedi; Suprianto, Ahmad Eko; Irianda, Nadya Jeny; Irfanto, Mas; Subhan, Beginer; Madduppa, Hawis
Jurnal Ilmu Kelautan Kepulauan Vol 1, No 1 (2018)
Publisher : Jurnal Ilmu Kelautan Kepulauan

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ABSTRACTCoral reefs structure play important roles for reef fish assemblages. Coral coverage and reef fish abundance are associated with the positive relationship. However, the relationship between reef fish abundance and composition and depth variation around Pramuka Island is poorly known. This study was carried out to investigate the biodiversity and the trophic level of fish communities between two different depths (3 and 10 m) around Pramuka Island regions (Pramuka Island and Sekati Island). The hard coral at the depth of 10 m within both study sites in Pramuka island held significantly higher percent cover than the depth of 3 m except in Dock 2 A total of 2620 individual fishes were counted, belonging to 58 species and 13 families. The fish community in 3 and 10 depth was dominated by omnivorous fishes. The multivariate analysis of fish abundance using the Bray Curtis similarity index and non-metric multidimensional scaling (NMDS) clearly showed the clustering of two different depths. The NMDS results showed that at the depth of 10 m are more clustered than 3 m depth. The present study results showed that the biodiversity of reef fishes around Pramuka Island seemed to be linked to the hard coral condition and depth.Keywords: Coral, Depth, Reef fishes, Trophic level