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KERUSAKAN DINDING SEL Escherichia coli OLEH MINYAK ATSIRI TEMU KUNCI (Kaempferiapandurata) Miksusanti, Miksusanti; Jennie, Betty Sri Laksmi; Ponco, Bambang; Trimulyadi, Gatot
BERITA BIOLOGI Vol 9, No 1 (2008)
Publisher : Research Center for Biology-Indonesian Institute of Sciences

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Antibacterial activity of temu kunci (Kaempferiapandurata) essential oil against Escherichia coli Kl.l was analyzed. Activity of antibacterial essential oil was analyzed through its ability to leak the Escherichia coli Kl.l cell wall and altering it.Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of temu kunci essential oil is 0.11% (v/v). Further studies were conducted using the concentration of 1 MIC and 2 MIC.Leakage phenomena were monitored with atomic adsorption spectrometry (AAS), and ultraviolet spectrophotometry(UV).Alteration of cell wall was analyzed with scanning electron microscopy (SEM).The optical density values observed by UV spectrophotometer for protein and nucleic acid leakage were 0.3813-0.6573 at 280 nm and 0.2186-0.5603 at 260 nm.The result showed that K. pandurata essential oil could leak the inorganic ion Ca 17-53%, and K* 9-43% from the bacteria and alter the cell wall of the bacteria.
Pengaruh Iradiasi Sinar Gamma dan Konsentrasi Kitosan terhadap Pembentukan Hidrogel Polivinil Alkohol-Kitosan Aziz, Zuhelmi; Trimulyadi, Gatot; A, Trivena Fithriany
Publisher : Fakultas Farmasi Universitas Indonesia

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Chitosan is one of the product from the shrimp disposal. Its medicinal and pharmaceutics application are now developed by pharmaceutical industries, i.e as bioplastics and hydrogel. A research about the effect of gamma radiation and chitosan as a raw material for production of polyvinilalcohol has been carried out. PVA-chitosan hydrogel was made from a mixture of composition of 80% PVA in 10% solution and 20% of chitosan in 0, 1, 2 ,and 3% solution respectively. The mixture was heated in oven at 80°C for two hours and then irradiated with 0, 15, 25, and 35 kGy gamma radiation. The physical characteristic of the gel was determined, e.g. colour, swelling degree and gel fraction. The colour of hydrogel more yellow darker to raising of chitosan concentration and radiation dosage. Swelling degree PVA-chitosan hydrogel increased meanwhile chitosan concentration and radiation dosage decreased. In absolute ethanol medium (96%) PVA-chitosan hydrogel was deswelling. The swelling degree PVAchitosan hydrogel decreased with increased gel fraction.