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Competitive Advantage of Broiler Production in District Mansehra Khan, Fida Muhammad; Ali, Ghaffar; Sadozai, Khuram Nawaz; Khan, Noor P
Indonesian Journal of Agricultural Research Vol 1 No 2 (2018): InJAR, Vol. 1, No. 2, July 2018
Publisher : Talenta Publisher

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Poultry is an important sub sector of livestock and is ahead of all other sub sectors in economic growth. Broilers production is a specialized branch of poultry farming. This research was conducted in Mansehra is the region where considerable amount of commercial broiler production takes place. The region of the study has a high concentration of commercial activities, infrastructural facilities like veterinary care as well as climate that favor the production and marketing of poultry meat products. This research was conducted in nine villages of district Mansehra namely Kotli Pain, KotliBala, Kheil, Tanda, Bafa, Chatar Plain, Ahl, Batal and Mongandawraha. The purpose of the research was to analyze the competitive advantage of broiler farming. There were 276 broiler farms in District Mansehra. Simple Random Sampling Technique was used for data collection from 70 respondents. Average total cost of production was found Rs. 738238.11 having average farm size of 3605 broilers. Feed and one day old chick costs constitute 90.01% of the total cost. Average expenditure on production per broiler was Rs. 220.20 having net profit per broiler of Rs. 24.11.Based on Porter study (1990), average variable cost (C) was used as a proxy for competitive advantage. Results of regression analysis show that the main factors that significantly affect competitive advantage of broiler farming in the study area was feed cost, day old chick cost, labor and medication cost while capacity utilization and extension service contacts negatively and significantly affect cost. It means that reducing the above mentioned costs and using installed capacity and extension service contacts will reduce production cost and will promote competitive advantage of broiler production. Broiler production should be encouraged through better feed management practices and also by feeding broilers with nutritious feed. Broiler farmers should be encouraged to fully use their installed capacity of their farm.
Economics of Wheat Production in Mohmand Agency, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan Gul, Hina; Sonia, Sonia; Khan, Munir; Sadozai, Khuram Nawaz
Indonesian Journal of Agricultural Research Vol 1 No 3 (2018): InJAR, Vol. 1, No. 3, November 2018
Publisher : Talenta Publisher

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The central theme of this research endeavour was to compute the cost and net returns of wheat crop. This study has also highlighted the significant variables contributing in wheat productivity. The study universe was two focused villages namely Malok-Korona and Peer-Qila of Ekaghund Tehsil, Mohmand Agency. The proportional allocation sampling technique was used to get the required sample size of 70 respondents. However, 26 respondents from Malok-Korona and 44 respondents from Peer-Qila were interviewed through face to face interview technique. The marked findings of this study divulge that vast majority of the farmers (61.43%) were using certified seed and the study area was predominantly dependent upon rainfall as reported by 60 % of the respondents. It is further revealed that the mean cost of production incurred by the sampled growers was estimated as Rs. 30,000 per acre. Income trend observed by 70 per cent of the respondent through wheat crop was found Rs.40000 per acre. The average income of farmers through wheat crop was Rs.35286 per acre. The estimated results of regression analysis corroborate the expected sign of the majority of coefficient of explanatory variables. Among explanatory variables seed, irrigation and labor days were significant while urea and FYM were found insignificant for crop yield. The study recommends that attempts for awareness, supply of loans, inputs like fertilizer, pesticide, apt agriculture approaches, demonstration plots and training programs should be made available to farmers for higher wheat production in Mohmand Agency.