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The Seventh Grade Students’ Generalization Strategies of Patterns Fadiana, Mu'jizatin; Amin, Siti M; Lukito, Agung
Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn) Vol 12, No 3: August 2018
Publisher : Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science

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This article describes a generalization strategy on pictorial visual patterns. This explorative descriptive study involves 60 students of 7 Grade Student of private junior high school in Tuban East Java Indonesia. Data obtained through the pattern generalization task. The type of pattern used in this research is pictorial sequences with two non-consecutive terms. Selection of a pictorial sequences with two non-consecutive pattern to focus students' attention on visual stimuli. Based on the students answers of pattern generalization task, there are 33 students who answered correctly and 27 students answered wrong. From the correct answer, there are six different general formula representations. The visualization strategy used by the students begins by splitting the image into smaller elements. The way students break down into smaller elements is also diverse. Students divide the image in the form of V (2 matchsticks), U shape (3 matchsticks), square shape (4 matchsticks) and lastly divide in a unit additive consisting of 7 matchsticks.
Membangun Definisi Genetis Kubus Melalui Distorsi dan Manipulasi Objek Spasial Fiantika, Feny Rita; Budayasa, I Ketut; Lukito, Agung
Jurnal Elemen Vol 3, No 2 (2017): Jurnal Elemen
Publisher : Universitas Hamzanwadi

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Geometry is one of school material subject which close with our daily activities. They used geometry form concept to interior and exterior design. The closeness between geometry content and daily activities encourage author to explore how is spatial thinking elementary student. Two kinds of representations are internal representation and external representation. Representation internal include perception, distortion or abstraction and relationships between objects, external representation reveal the product of thought to image, words, table, concrete object, or mathematic symbols used to understand  yourself and others.Transformation is representation component. Transformation needs object to operate it, and representation needs transformation to create representation. Transformation is tool to descript representations.Subject of the research is elementary school students grade 5th, the researcher gives them a problem of geometry object 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions The research findings are the subject be able to construct a genetic definition of  the cube by using analogical thinking in the preparation of  the definition.